I don’t know…anything is possible!

a miracle

I was driving into town yesterday and stopped at the end of our street because I spotted this dragonfly in the road. It wasn’t moving and as I got closer I realized that it was no longer alive but still looked perfect. I gently picked it up and put it on the seat of my car. Dragonflies always remind me that miracles are possible. I had been asking for a sign about something important in my life and “she” appeared. I said thank you!

Later in the afternoon, I opened my address book and a verse from the Qur’an fell out.  I don’t ever remember reading it, or even seeing it, before.

It says,

He’s like a pearl on the deep bottom, wondering inside his shell, Where is the ocean? His mental questionings form the barrier. His physical eyesight bandages his knowing. self-consciousness plugs his ears. Stay bewildered in God and only that.

Our conscious minds can grasp maybe 1/10th of one percent of “reality”, and yet if we don’t understand, or know how something could work out; when we think that we must figure it out before it can happen, we shrink our life experience down to fit our limited ideas. What if I didn’t need to understand? What if I could open up my mind to the idea that miracles are possible? What if I could start to believe that there are huge forces working for the good of all (me included!).

A good question might be, “What wonder will today bring? What opening? What ‘miracle’!?” …

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  1. I love dragon flies! They are a miracle of engineering with those delicate wings and large bodies. I think miracles happen all around us, we just don’t always recognize them. Here’s to letting them in!

  2. Early this morning my husband and I were having our breakfast on the back porch. The goldfinches are dressed in their brightest August gold, the cardinal in his powerful red, beautiful brown suedes of the sparrows, and the neon green on Mr. Hummer…and we commented on the “color” of our life. Color is indeed a miracle…it’s hard to imagine just a black and white world. Having been away, I just saw your turkey pic (so cool). So, a few days late, I am thankful for the miracle of everyday color. Happy August!

  3. Since Mary introduced Thoughts are Things by Prentice Mulford to me on the blog, I’ve been slowly reading and rereading it, trying to absorb the immensity of his amazing ideas written at the beginning of the 20th century. What if we thought miracles will happen? “But when we begin to see clearer, as now the more quickened and sensitive of our race do begin to see, we need no rod, anymore than you need a man with a club to prevail on you to go to a feast.”

  4. What you wrote is so true….and I find that if we leave ourselves open to messages and miracles, we will get both. And we will also get the joy that comes from realizing that all it takes is to open ourselves up to the wonder.

  5. A few weeks ago my favorite hat blew off while I was trimming some trees in my front yard. I looked for that silly hat for quite awhile but could never find it. Yesterday morning I was going out my driveway (after quite a windstorm the night before) and there in the driveway was my hat! In almost the same spot it blew off a few weeks before. I thanked Old Mother West Wind profusely for returning my hat — a fine miracle to start the day!

  6. There is so much in this post to think about Mary! And you always introduce your thought with a lovely ‘guest’, this time, the dragonfly. So back to my books, this time, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. He writes that the dragonfly is a symbol of metamorphosis, in their early life inhabiting water and then later on, air. They are expressions of the emotional and the mental together. Depicted in Japanese paintings, they represent joy and light. To some Native Americans, the souls of the dead. The dragonfly reflects and works with the light of the sun which changes throughout the day. If a dragonfly shows up in your life, look for change to occur. They remind us that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we so choose. Dragonfly brings the brightness of transformation and the wonder of colorful new vision. – I loved Kathye’s remark on the miracle of every day color. This morning walking the dogs at sunrise in the desert, the sky was full of fluffy, pale white-cotton puff- feathery clouds, reminding me of the down of my son’s many parakeets when he was a little boy. Every day God paints us a new sunrise and a new sunset, no two alike. What a miracle. Love to all.

    1. …And I love your information about dragonflies! Thanks Susan for taking the time to share it. I think I’ll look for the book you mention as I love to read about symbolism and expression. And just another tidbit about color, bringing everyday miracles to everyday life! I am one of those 60 year olds who still “highlight” their hair. I was hiking in Montana last year while my husband was fly fishing, and I walked past a beautiful field of wheat. The sun was shining on it and I marveled at the color of the wheat. That’s it!! I thought. That’s the color I want my highlights to be! When I returned home, I told my hairdresser that I wanted highlights the color of Montana wheat in August. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy but I had snipped a piece and brought it home it my suitcase! I’m not quite sure she matched the color, but I pretend she did! Hope you are enjoying your day!

      1. Thank you Kathye! I imagine those highlights are gorgeous and hope to see them at Jack’s show Sunday?! ….

      2. Kathye! We are sixties girls! I just became a fledgling member in May, haha, and the one concession I do make to aging is coloring my hair! I’ll smile away my wrinkles and keep on yoga’ing for muscle and agility, but color? Gotta have it! Love that you snipped a bit of wheat for your hairdresser.

    2. Oh thank you Susan, I always find myself on-line looking up the spiritual significance of birds and animals in Ted Andrew’s book, and finally thought, 2 days ago, that I needed to order a copy…which I did.

  7. Dearest Mary
    We so look forward to reading your writing. Each day, We find a moment and I read your stories to Mark. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
    Love Patty

  8. your comments made me think of something that I’d copied in a notebook a while ago – I didn’t credit it, so I dont’ remember where it’s from – but it helps me keep things in perspective when I re-read this:
    “Which of the favors of God will I refuse today?”
    If I allow that question to enter my being often enough,
    more space does open up. Where space is, grace can enter,
    and as it is written in the Quran, “Everywhere you turn,
    there is the face of God.” If I refuse less,
    perhaps I will see this face more often.

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