Talking it “up”!

Thoughts of fear, dread, and worry are all around us. It takes some resolve and focus not to be drawn in and down into that negative way of looking at life. Sometimes, when I am feeling like I cannot get away from my own negative thoughts, I get in my car with the singular intention of “talking it up”. I think of a bunch of affirmations (like the ones below) and start talking out loud in my car. I tell myself how wonderful I am, how my life is working so well, how opportunities are all opening to me now, how healthy, wealthy and happy I am. I talk this way until I feel the shift in my emotions and energy, and always go back home feeling better (sometimes I even get my car washed just to remind myself that I am now also cleaner on the inside!).

I know that affirmations work, and I love stories of how people have overcome seemingly impossible situations to live fuller, richer lives. In  The Master Key System, (written in 1912) the author tells the story of a little boy who did this for himself. The set of affirmations that he came up with are truly wonderful. He looked at the areas of his life that were not working and affirmed what he wanted, instead of what he feared.

“A letter from Frederick Andrews offers the following insight:
I was about thirteen years old when Dr. T. W. Marsee, since passed over, said to my mother: “There is no possible chance, Mrs. Andrews. I have made a special study of these cases, and I know there is no possible chance for (your little boy) to get well.”

My mother turned to him and said: “Doctor, what would you do if he were your boy?” and he answered, “I would fight, fight, as long as there is a breath of life to fight for.”

That was the beginning of a long drawn-out battle, with many ups and downs, the doctors all agreeing that there was no chance for a cure, though they encouraged and cheered us the best they could. But at last the victory came, and I have grown from a little, crooked, twisted, cripple, going about on my hands and knees, to a strong, straight, well-formed man.

Now, I know you want the formula, and I will give it to you as briefly and quickly as I can.

I built up an affirmation for myself, taking the qualities I most needed, and affirming for myself over and over again, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” I kept up this affirmation, always the same, never varying, till I could wake up in the night and find myself repeating, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” It was the last thing on my lips at night and the first thing in the morning.

Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it. I want to emphasize this point. Whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help you both. We reap what we sow. If we send out thoughts of love and health, they return to us like bread cast upon the waters; but if we send out thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our own lives”. From The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

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  1. one thing about meditation is that we send out good wishes for everyone, including those who have done us harm or just made us mad! at first I couldnt do it. the thoughts wouldnt form, but lately its easier…and it does make one feel better….and i am grateful for so many thngs in my life….and I do try to remember to say thank you…..every day when I wake…..
    and I have to say, what would we do without being able to get into the car, and yell, and tell people off out loud…tho we may never say it to them! and of course to sing….with the advent of cell phones you also dont get funny looks from the driver of the car next to you so much…..
    its always good to see it in front of you, thanks for writing this today

    • The idea that it gets easier to practice thinking positive thoughts is a good one to be reminded of…thanks Hope!

  2. There are days where this is near to impossible to accomplish this frame of mind. But when you ARE earnestly working on it, I think it’s important to be sure that you are also putting the full force of your feelings behind the affirmation you’re saying. I think it works as a package.

    And don’t beat yourself up if you have a day or two where you fall out of the groove. Accept it as part of being a human being who is trying one’s best to improve one’s life. Forgive yourself, and climb back on the train.

    Thanks for this post, Mary.

  3. I just love this! I’ve been using positive affirmation more and more since I started reading your blog Mary, it works, it truly does. Put it together with prayer and we’ve really got something!

    • Thanks for your comments Terri! When i first started trying affirmations and found that they worked I felt amazed…like “this is too good to be true”…and yet I could see and feel the changes..the power of our words is really huge.

  4. Anything we want to do that doesn’t just come naturally, playing the piano, doing a handstand, baking a perfect cake, it all takes practice, over and over again repetition, sometimes not even exciting or fun, but we come back to the mat so to speak. I loved the excerpt from The Master Key, Mary. I glance at the morning newspaper, but I savor the news from White Feather Farm! Our morning’s newspaper’s headline here in Phoenix, in big bold scary black letters was “STOCK FALL REIGNITES DIRE ECONOMIC FEARS!!” – probably your morning papers had something similarly gloomy – and guess what? Every day we hear it, and that kind of repetition gets into our minds and mindset and before you know it we really believe we are living in THIS ECONOMY and not under the beautiful blue sky that emerges every morning with a sunrise incomparable to the day before. It takes as much determination to stay away from the negative as it does to affirm the positive. This will be a beautiful day, just you wait and see!

  5. Fill me full of “Mary news”
    Not the icky ‘newsy blues’
    Just when I think I’ve had enough,
    Boot up the White Feather fluff.
    ‘Cuz who’s choice really holds my sway?
    This loving family ALWAYS makes my day!
    XOXO to all.

  6. Yay Cheryl! Our Poet in Residence on the Farm! Love it! – Mary, you’re the only late breaking news we hanker for!

    Have a happy wacky weekend all!

  7. Growing up I was told I was ill, weak, defective and wouldn’t live to a very old age. I believed that most of my life. I know now that it isn’t true (and never was) but I still feel “defective” at times, even in my “senior years.” I have printed out these words “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” I am going to say them every day! Thank you again Mary for a wonderful message.

  8. So many sincere responses to your wonderful message today, Mary. As I shut down my computer for the night, I, too, am going to copy down these most powerful words, print them out and tuck them into my purse along with Barbara Kingsolver’s gem about needs and wants, wow….

    whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy

    may we all envision ourselves in this way –

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