I can see that! Dreaming big.

Holding our dreams

I was talking with a friend yesterday about a dream of mine. When I had finished, she said, “Oh, I can see that!” A flood of energy: gratitude, hope, love… wafted through me.  I wrote my dream down on a little piece of paper and gave it to her to hold for me. I felt like I could better let it go, knowing that I was releasing it to the loving presence of another. Releasing our desires is sometimes the hardest part of manifestation. We always hear, “Let it go!” and usually think, “How?”

I have, over the years, also offered this “holding of dreams” to others, and I would like to do that here. If this is something that speaks to you, simply write down your intention/dream/desire on a piece of paper and mail it to me. I will not read these unless you ask me to, and they will not be shared. I will put them into my little container, with the bird on top, and when they are all gathered, they will be released though a simple prayer ceremony involving the sacred elements of fire, earth, water and air.

OK, some “rules” here:

1. only do this if it seems like a fun thing to do

2. Have fun doing it, be creative

3. Think BIG

4. Smile while you are writing

5. Play at it…you can pretend that this is a “secret club” like we had when we were kids

6. Trust that it is OK to want something great for yourself

Send these off (by snail mail) to:

Mary Muncil, 148 Dunbar Rd., White Feather Farm, Cambridge, NY 12816

23 thoughts on “I can see that! Dreaming big.

  1. You’re a very generous person, Mary. I’ve started reading your blog through a recommendation from Jon Katz, an old friend of mine. I feel lucky to read them.

  2. When I first read this post, I thought of a different type of dream. The kind I have during the night that are upsetting, that I don’t understand and that trouble me. I had had one last night so my mind went to that type of dream. I will now be rethinking and looking at this other type of dream. This will be the focus as I take a meandering morning walk. I look forward to sharing my dream with you in this unique way. At one point I purchased a large urn type thing with butterflies on it. It was into this I was going to place things I might want to let go of. You have reminded me of a long ago intention. Thank you for the opportunity to see things differently. As I’ve said before, you are truly our guide.

  3. Mary, you are such a blessing! What a lovely thought this is. Dreams do have power, so why not give the big ones our (and our friends’) best energy. I appreciate your generous offer, and plan to take you up on it.

    This is the last Feather post I will be able to read for a while, am heading to a two-week family vacation with my mother,siblings, son, niece, and nephews… it is a beautiful getaway on Lake Michigan without internet access. We treasure our family time but I will miss your posts, Mary, and all of the thoughtful responses, too.

    Sending everyone well wishes for an idyllic late summer. Take care, all!

    • Kelly, have a wonderful time! I grew up in Michigan and loved summer camping trips to Lake Michigan – Ludington State Park one I especially remember. You may experience an internet disconnect at first, but soon you’ll be soaking in all the beautiful sights and sounds and you’ll come back so refreshed. And we’ll all still be here to welcome you back. Wow, Mary, your offer to us is so generous! You are weaving together friends and soulmates all across the country. Soon our dreams will nestle together in your beautiful silver pot. What a lovely thought. Your mailman will chuckle, OLD FASHIONED LETTERS from all over the country?

  4. I love this idea, Mary, and I will be sending you my dream (or maybe two)!

    Before the internet found its home in almost every household, a prayer group that I belong to used to operate via a phone chain. A request would come in to one person and they would forward it to the next by phone, and so on. When the requests would reach me, I would write them down, and after passing them on to the next person, I would put that slip of paper in a small “prayer basket” that I keep on a small shelf in my “sacred space” at home. I would pray for the intentions of those requesting prayer and then try to picture good energy surrounding the papers in that little basket.

    This post today reminds me of that “work.”

    You continuously bring us all good stuff, Mary. Thanks again.

    • Thank you Suzanne! feel free to send one, two, or as many “big dreams” as you wish!

  5. While following some recent work of mentor and teacher, Carolyn Myss, I followed her prompting to align myself with a network of “soul companions.” For the last few years I had nearly decided that these “soul companions” were not, alas, going to become the reality that I had prayed for…………until your post today! The manifestation of our hoped-for-dreams often do not materialize as we had invisioned.

    So, here, I offer gratitude and love to all of you who have offered your hearts to join Mary in this network of “soul companions.” How blessed I/we are to have seredipitiously come together to mingle our energies for all that is good.

    I will be mailing my scripting of the “holding of dreams” to be offered at the prayer ceremony. How sweet to be a ‘part of’.

    From Theresa of Avila—-Carmelite Nun
    Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you.
    All things pass away.
    God never changes,
    Patience obtains all things.
    He/she who has God, finds she lacks for nothing.
    God alone suffices.

    • This is really lovely Virginia…and I so appreciate the thought of “soul companions”…thank you

    • Virginia, thank you so much for posting the prayer of Theresa of Avila, – centuries and centuries have passed since she lived upon this earth, but her poem rings with eternal truth and comfort. It’s going in my White Feather Farm folder. What a beautiful note card it could make too – put it somewhere where one could see it many times a day.

    • It’s been one of my favorites for a long time. I had not thought of it in awhile. Thanks for the reminder. This is the version I have used:

      Let nothing upset you;
      Let nothing frighten you.
      Everything is changing;
      God alone is changeless.
      Patience attains the goal.
      Who has God lacks nothing;
      God alone fills every need.

    • This is lovely, Virginia…such serenity flows from these words.
      Thanks for giving us this gift.

  6. I got goosebumps while I read today’s installment of love and generosity; this is truly something BIG, I can feel it in my bones! May all our dreams come to fruition—-WE DESERVE IT!
    Thank you, Mary: our soul companion counselor.
    May the letter carrier share in the bounty!
    Safe and splendid vacation, Kelly T.

  7. Thank you Mary for this beautiful gesture. I mailed mine this morning and know that it will among all the other dreams in your little container and then on its way to your prayer ceremony. The whole idea of it is a prefect dream.

  8. Wow! Mary…your post today stopped me in my tracks. It has taken me all day to respond. I am happy. Very happy. I love my life. Our life. My husband and I are living our retirement dream. I’ve felt that so many times over the past year even as we dealt with illness and family issues. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Sometimes it seems too good to be true. I feel truly blessed. But…I think I have been so immersed in the now, enjoying what we have, that I temporarily stopped dreaming…how can that be? How, why, would I stop dreaming? I didn’t even realize that I had! Mike and I used to sit by our pond and dream about this life. And now it is here. I am so grateful…so very grateful…but I stopped dreaming…and that is not me…that’s what I am missing…I am so grateful for the open roads ahead of me… thanks for the shock therapy! I really needed it! I think it is time for a glass of wine out by the pond…xoxo

  9. Thank you Mary, your blog is very special on many levels…very happy to be one of the soul companion members…I love the image of the mail carrier
    FILLING your mailbox with all our dreams, snail mail lives on… finding your blog via Jon Katz has been such a gift …a dream come true…

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