Sunday nap

A happy boy!

I just had to share this photograph of Wonder with you today! What a perfect lazy-summer image to ponder as I go off for a little nap myself! I will no longer be posting here about him because his new family has set up a Facebook page with updates and pictures!

I don’t seem to have much luck with putting links up here, I think that this will do it,

….but if not, I will get it to you.

Happy dreaming everyone!

7 thoughts on “Sunday nap”

  1. Your link worked perfectly Mary! What a cute cute little guy! I loved the picture ‘sharing a sardine’, making friends!

  2. Thank you so very much for “guiding” us to Wonder’s Facebook page. I had such a fabulous time looking at the photos and the great captions. Really made my day!

  3. Joy here, a shadow there.

    Wonder brings a smile; fills me with sweetness.

    My son and daughter-in-law live in Lancaster, PA where they raise many animals, all loved and cared for as their only “children.” This week they lost the matriarch eve after a long life. They forwared a lovely tribute slide-show to me which I viewed just prior to seeing the photo of Wonder.

    There it is, the belly full of emotion, gladness and tears. It is life. How glad that I love these companions that sweeten life.

  4. What a sweet pic of Wonder…one lucky little guy. Thanks for the direction to his site…will check it out…

    Happy napping to everyone…

  5. I wanted so to nap this afternoon. Sunday afternoons almost always feel that way. But, I had to many quarts of wild blueberries waiting to be made into jam and too many green beans to snap, blanch, and freeze. Maybe I can “watch” the baseball game with my eyes closed.

    So happy Wonder as a Facebook page so that we can watch him grow.

  6. Ah, Wonder has the right idea, a nice Sunday nap. Had one myself today, such a pleasant thing to do on a hot summer day. Glad Wonder is doing so well.

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