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Several years ago, I was visiting a friend in her home and I noticed some pennies on the floor, in different locations. She saw that I noticed this and said, “When I drop a penny, I leave it there. Pennies remind me that I am always surrounded by angels.” After that, I started leaving pennies on the floor also. I opened a card the other day and a bunch of tiny gold angel figures flew out all over the place. I decided to leave them too.

So when I sweep, I pick them out of the pile and put them back on the clean floor. Because they don’t really “belong” on the floor, they always catch my eye …they remind me that this life really is a miracle and it is up to me, to see it through fresh eyes.

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.” Paulo Coelho

P.S….The Big Dream “Project”!

On August 6th,  I invited everyone/anyone who liked the idea, to send in their big dreams and I would collect these and have a blessing and releasing ceremony later (I did not specify a date). Well, the little bird container was way too small to hold all of your dreams and the wonderful pile is now building under my large Buddha statue. They are such a pleasure to receive (if you wanted me to read them, I did, if not, I am holding them all with the energy of love until the ceremony which will be on August 29th). So there is still time to send yours in if you would like to. My address is at the bottom of that day’s post called,

“I can see that! Dreaming Big”

10 thoughts on “Reminders”

  1. I always pick up coins and say, “In God I trust.” I feel that my Higher Power has put the coins in my path to remind me to trust in my Higher Power’s guidance

  2. I love this quote…and I love turning a simple penny on the floor into a reminder of all things powerful and mighty and special. I love Tish’s reaction too when she picks up her coins. I was hoping for a sign once and lo and behold a penny showed up on the floor of the shower! No way we could figure out how it got there…but now I know.

  3. Each day is a different one . . I am so fortunate to be sitting this morning in my son’s home with his two dogs – until I have a grandchild, I settle for babysitting the four legged! It is so sweet to be sitting in his big Lazy Boy, big enough for Frankie and Pippi, his pit bulls. to be snuggled smack unto each side like an appendage of my body – to watch the sun come up, to have this two day respite from the usual routine at home. . Nothing spectacular but after reading this morning’s post, it is spectacular to me in a quiet beautiful way to start this new day, sandwiched between the love of two dogs, absolute quiet, and the companionship of all of you who share here. Welcome to the new day.

  4. How wonderful to have golden angels flying out to you! What a beautiful reminder of who you really are, Mary. Who we all are. And I am leaving my big dream in your mailbox later…. 🙂

  5. What a way to start my day!
    Golden angels and copper pennies lying at our feet…
    A big, bountiful Buddha belly binding our belief in blessings…
    I hope you capture a photo before you send them soaring into the divine!

  6. I will absolutely think differently now when I pick up a penny – thanks Mary for your great post. I am picturing Susan in her big chair with the two pits at her side – nothing could be better than that. Have a good Tuesday evening; the moon is amazing this evening, I want to curl up outside and watch it until my eyes close.

  7. Long, busy day at work yesterday, so I am reading this post this morning and I just have to share my lucky/blessed penny story. My son, Michael was born nearly 3 months premature at 27 weeks gestation. It was difficult and wonderful at the same time. There were times when we weren’t sure if our little guy(2.3 lbs) would make it. We remain friends with one of the nurses that cared for Michael to this day. our prayers were constant during that time. one day as I went to get into my car to drive to see my son, I saw a penny in the seat. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but I didn’t pick it up, instead I sat down and went on my way. Each time I got in the car after that, there the penny would be and I would say a little prayer about Michael coming home. It became my little talisman. Michael came home 3 months later and despite a rocky and scary start to life he has flourished and is a delightful 20 year old today. I guess the penny really had nothing to do with his doing well but it helped me through a difficult time and I have always been partial to pennies since then. The lowly penny made me very rich indeed!

  8. Just checking in from Arizona, and most of my White Feather friends are already in bed, but this is yesterday’s post, and I am so happy to read what you shared Terri about your son’s arrival into this world. Bless you for sharing. We will never know why as mothers, we are asked to bring the little ones into this earth, sometimes not to even live for so long, but we do bring them for a moment, here. My second son just lived for four months, but I know he is my little angel.

  9. Susan, thank you so much for your response, I knew when sharing this memory, there may not be any readers as I was a day late, but you read it and I am so glad! I’m so sorry your little angel left this earth but I know as do you he will always remain in your heart. Blessings, always.

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