God’s “behind the scenes” workers

Fred sitting with fan running. All of our other cats hide from the fan. Fred doesn't care.

At what point in our lives, does something that we want to do, be, or have, become limited by what we have already done, been or had? If my future was destined to become only a reproduction of what I have earned, accomplished, experienced or even wanted  up until now, life would lose a lot of its luster. I want things today that did not even exist 10 years ago (like the Macbook air that a friend just told me about, my iPhone, or even Fred). I saw a commercial for a car, that is so smart, it will brake for you. Say you are backing up and don’t see the pole 10 feet behind you (like I didn’t on Monday!) the car will stop before you hit it. I am feeling that this is a good car to have. In the meantime, I’ll pay more attention and not eat a submarine sandwich while backing up my car…poor Luke and Jack (we are all fine!)

I have an idea for a home that I want, and am so aware of that voice that keeps popping up saying, “That type of home is way out of your price range.” What is a “price range” but what I  have already manifested? Dreams constellate energy around them. They are like shining a light on a path so the things that we are hoping to experience can more easily find us.

Many years ago, I worked for the Monks of New Skete. They raise german shepherds and their puppies are in high demand. People used to be on the waiting list for years. Part of my job involved calls to applicants, letting them know that we had a puppy for them. I never got tired of these calls. I felt like I was a part of making someone’s dream come true.

One day, an older couple drove up to the monastery and I happened to be walking on the road.  As we chatted, the woman said, “We have been on the list for a puppy for so long! It is just so discouraging…..” I gave her a little pep talk (about positive thinking and the power of words to create reality) and she said she would give it a try. I had taken her name, found their application, and brought it to the brother in charge of the puppy program. The puppy that they were looking for was temperamentally an exact match to a puppy that was still available. I then had the thought,

“This is how God works. Behind the scenes, rearranging circumstances, moving people to action, prompting us to take a drive, write that letter, …..working through others to make our dreams come true.” Because I knew something that this couple, at that moment, did not know; when they arrived back home, there would be a call on their answering machine saying that they had a puppy . I was, in this case, one of God’s behind the scenes workers.

There are invisible forces working for our good, bringing all sorts of people, resources, financial abundance, and opportunities to us. What is my part? To know what I want and to hold that dream. To talk with those who believe in me and to keep quiet around naysayers (including the biggest one who lives within my own head!). When I hear myself thinking about all of the impossibilities; I’m too old, it has never happened before, I can’t imagine how it could happen, I will get my hopes up and then be really disappointed so I better keep my dreams small, or the other million and one reasons why something won’t happen, I like to remind myself there are also countless numbers of “God’s behind the scenes” workers helping me too….and you too!

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  1. Fred is totally cool (…pun totally intended!)

    Mary, your words this morning are speaking to me very directly. Lately the most troublesome naysayers, the ones in my mind, have been thunderously loud and looking for a fight, right at the moment when some of the external naysayers are opening up to new possibilities and I could potentially have have the opportunity to do some things I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’ve been trying to stay quiet and ignore the clamor and I’m noticing that the noise really engages my fear. Whew! I am so my own worst enemy sometimes, so thanks for this very timely reminder about the hidden forces that bring abundance because that really makes sense to a deeper quieter part of me that can be patient and let things work themselves out.

    PS, I’d also really like an iPad2 🙂

  2. so often you write things I have been thinking about..
    the paths I took,when young, ofen the wrong one, often caused pain, unhappiness, hopefully I learned from them, abd the good choices, all led me to where and what I am today, so I guess I wouldnt want to change any of them. I am most lucky to be where I am,safe, confortable, loved by people I can love back…things do work out, and come together as they eventually should…I wanted ‘things’ I got things, now, I am giving them away….much less dusting that way….and my friends all have pieces of me…..
    Life is good
    Doggone Pole…how dare it get in your way……

  3. PS I wanted a Kindle, had to have a Kindle,,,yearned for one!
    a friend gave me one!
    as soon as I learn how to work it I bet I am gonna love it!!!

    Books are my friends, never have enough, but this is a fun thing to have…

  4. My friend Nancy just sent me this quote….I had to share it!

    Once you are able to achieve and consistently maintain your personal alignment, a great deal of money will flow into your experience (if that is your desire).

    Do not let others set the standards about how much money you should have— or about what you should do with it— for you are the only one who could ever accurately define that. Come into alignment with who-you-really-are, and allow the things that life has helped you to know that you want to flow into your experience.

    — Abraham

  5. My house has been on the market for 3 months now and I have been feeling discouraged about it lately. Today’s post dovetails right into that, so I’m refocusing my energy to be positive and my goal will be attained! Thank you Mary, you’re the best!

  6. Mary, your post this morning made me think of so many times in the past when I have worried about something, was anxious about something, had committed to something that I really didn’t want to do…and somehow it always worked out. Somehow, money showed up when I needed it the most. A work trip I was totally dreading got canceled at the last minute, or all of a sudden my attitude was changed and strength overcame my fear. Someone once told me that there are 3 ways to handle anything. Do something now, don’t do anything at all, or sleep on it. Sometimes what might seem like temporary inaction on our part allows God’s behind the scene workers to do their thing! While we are dreaming, hoping, praying, having faith, believing, being patient, God is at work. Always…Thanks for the reminder and the reflection…

  7. Thank you again Mary. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this message today. You make me smile and remind me to refocus my energies more positively. Blessings to you.

  8. This speaks to an insight I had last week when I was presented with two opportunities that are delightful and unexpected. We need to be available to the dreams of others as well as to the visions we generate for ourselves. Co-creating with shared purpose is powerful stuff. Saying “Yes” invites more, more, more. I love being part of this Dreaming community and joyfully anticipate the 29th when our dreams will be blessed and released together.

  9. That is so true what you say about how God works, rearranging circumstances, bringing in people to your life for a reason, etc. And sometimes it is very obvious that is happening and it is so wonderful to realize it’s happening…like seeing God at work with the proof right there in front of you.

    I have to say I think it would be really neat to work with monks at a monastery. I’d love to hear more about that. How interesting.

    I enjoyed this post.


  10. Just wanted to add something else today, I love what you said about God’s invisible forces working for the good, I have faith in the truth of this.

  11. Ever since I can remember I have wished big – for trips, for relationships, for whatever I felt I wanted or needed. Some wishes have come true – maybe most of them. Oddly enough, it is when the few have not, I have felt deflated. And then I have had to re-flate again. I think (hope) I have moved into a different space of higher vibration,as my wishes really do seem to be coming true these days! And if they don’t, I have an understanding with Spirit that there must be a reason. (most of the time…) Thank you for this post, Mary. And for Fred and the fan – what a cutie he is. 🙂

  12. How timely this is for me today, Mary. A bit over a year ago, I had a lung CTscan that showed a few nodules. As I am a breast cancer survivor, the surgeon was convinced that it had returned and was manifesting in the lung. I went through all kinds of tests and major biopsies and it turned out to be some areas of inflammation. The whole time the doc was telling me it was cancer, I ‘knew’ in my gut that it wasn’t. And when I came out of it all, I realized that the lesson for me was that now I could recognize when my gut was right and the others were wrong.

    So last week I had the annual follow-up scan and they have found a new nodule. I am scheduled for a repeat scan on Sept. 21, after a course of antibiotics to see if the process is possibly infectious in origin. I am trying to re-feel the lesson from before and attune my head with my gut, so that I can bring about another clean result.

    And so you can see why today’s post is just what I need…and I thank you for it, along with all the responses that flesh it out in so many ways. Thank you all! 🙂

    1. Suzanne…I’m thinking back to one of Mary’s posts of a week or so ago where she spoke of affirmations. And how we should affirm for others. I send to you thoughts and prayers of love and health…I can tell you are already strong given what you have already overcome! Go with your gut girl! I love Susan’s thought of the feeling in your gut as God’s little workers tapping out a message to you! You are indeed not alone…Sending positive energy to you through a big warm virtual hug!

      1. Thanks, Kathye, for reminding me about the affirmations. Another great tool to help me tune in. And thanks, most of all, for the hug.

    2. Dear Suzanne,
      This community is behind you with love and light and prayers.
      Sending you out my good thoughts tonight.

      1. Thanks, Mary. Who knew that the blog-sisters would be such a network of support! Truly a blessing, and thanks to you for being the hub.

    3. Suzanne—I just jumped into the virtual hug of arms encircling you with love, strength, peace, and healing. Be well. Really, really well.

  13. Suzanne tate, – please think of your intuitive knowing, your feeling in the gut, as God’s little worker behind the scenes. I cannot imagine why a doctor would almost brace a patient for the worst of news instead of the best. Focus on its being benign, a mere nodule, and not cancer. And I know I will be praying for you too. I had a tiny stage one breast cancer last summer – less than 1/2 a centimeter in size – was removed, did some radiation, and take a daily pill that suppresses the production of estrogen, which evidently my type of tumor thrives on. (estrogen receptor positive) I feel so grateful that this was caught so early on, but it is so true! the follow up oncology visits to monitor this that and the other thing, always seem to be focusing on the potential ill and not the good. I wondered if I would ever share this here on White Feather Farm, but I have the feeling many have these upheavals in physical well being, and I just want you to know you are not alone – I will see you as pure and strong and with no recurrence, – Love, Susan I do believe our spirit’s health plays an enormous part influencing the bag of bones in which we presently dwell. Be well dear Suzanne.

    1. Thank you, Susan, for being willing to open up your story in order to bring me some comfort. I appreciate your willingness to share this, and I so appreciate your prayers. I am a firm believer that prayer is a wonderous form of energy that can wrap itself around the recipient, staying with him/her to feed thier spirit as needed…sort of a spiritual IV, prn!

      I am happy to hear that your own experience was an early one and that you are now well. Blessings to you.

  14. Mary,

    You’ve created such a supportive network of friends here. Blessings to you Suzanne, know the healing power of the Whitefeather farm blog is behind you.
    I have a neighbor Jenny who has been very ill, and she has 7 young children. Anyone out there who prays, she could use your prayers.
    Then, there is this beautiful little black lab puppy. His name is Edgar. He needs a home. Getting him a home is important, shelters around here don’t keep dogs long, especially black dogs. I need some of God’s little helpers so I can bring him home with me. But the most important thing is that he gets a home. More prayers!
    And finally, there is a home I’ve been dreaming about…..
    Thanks to all!


  15. Jeannie, thank you for your blessings and support. My heart goes out to your neighbor, Jenny, and I will add her name to a prayer group I belong to. This group is all-encompassing and prays for animals as well, so I will add Edgar’s name with the goal of a ‘forever home’ for him. And last but not least, I will place your name there for your dream home. Just watch for the signs……

  16. Suzanne, I know you can feel the caring that is surrounding you. As well as Jennie and Edgar. This community that has formed is amazing and is in itself an answer to prayer. Thank you, thank you to Mary, to Jon for introducing her, and to all of you who are so loving and just genuinely good people.

    My dear friend Bill died this morning. Like his daughter said, there is devasation and thankfulness felt at the same time. I am so grateful to be able to share this and for the caring responses back. We do bear each other’s griefs and joys.

    1. Sally, what a good friend YOU are. I hope to surround myself with such caring far into my life. This space has elevated and honored the community it reaches. I am humbled by the responses of everyone here; and in constant awe of Mary’s intuitive knack for hitting all the right notes.

      It always’ makes me look forward to each new post with anticipation for not only the ‘bon mot’ of Mary but of the conversation that it engenders. May your friend’s passing bring only wonderful memories of the important things of life.

    2. Sally, thank you for taking the time to send me support, especially when you have just had your own heartache this day. Your caring means a lot.

  17. Suzanne, I will keep you in my prayers. Such kind outpouring from everyone is very moving. Years ago my Mom gave me a refrigerator magnet that says “I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. God gave me life that I might enjoy all things.” The more I think on this, the more I think long.

  18. Wow…..what an outpouring of support from you guys! Thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts and wishes, and all so very personalized. We are all truly blessed to have such a ‘virtual’ network with which to share both gladness and grief, and I am so warmed by your hanging in with me.

  19. Sally, I am so sorry for your loss, the words of your friend’s daughter so resonate with me. As a hospice nurse for 10 years I was privileged to witness this over and over, there is great sorrow at the passing of a loved one but also great gladness. For the life they lived, the end to suffering…peace to you.

  20. So love that behind the scenes God working thought process.
    Thanks for bringing it up again to renew my faith in dreams…

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