I just had to let it grow…

the studio window

I didn’t notice the growth around this window until the other day. Jack had planted geraniums in the window box, but neither of us know what the vine is. I did a post a few months back about a man who had a small tree growing out of his porch roof and someone commented (humorously) that it could be getting dangerously close to a “Grey Gardens” situation. I noticed grapes growing on our hedgerow a few weeks ago.  A friend said that they were probably Concord grapes.

Jack had always done all of the gardening, planting and weeding but over the past few years, he hasn’t wanted to do it anymore. He’s been putting his energy into creating sculptures, many of which he had designed, in his mind, decades ago. I look at his work in amazement.

We talked about getting someone in to help us sort our gardens out, but truthfully, I don’t mind the way things look, and I am very grateful that Jack has put his energy into his deeper calling. I’m not going to weed today. I am going to appreciate the wild, the unpredictable things that are happening right outside my window.

Jack's "Color My World" sculpture (with a friend in the background!)

(the video link below is “Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon…enjoy your perfectly wild day)

13 thoughts on “I just had to let it grow…”

  1. I spent 6 hours outdoors yesterday working in the yard…until my face was blood red from the heat, my hair a sticky sweaty mess, and my 60 year old back telling me to please stop. Like you Mary, I go back and forth between the wild and natural and the manicured and pristine! Depends on my mood at the time…yesterday I tackled a large shrub outside of the living room window that I swear has grown 2 feet higher in the last month. I cut it down to 12 inch ‘sticks’. Thinking that if it grows back, fine. If not, we will pull out the roots. It looked a bit bare out there at first. But better and it was great therapy! But the surprise was when I came indoors and walked past the living room. Oh my goodness…the light…the view…I had given absolutely no thought to how what I was doing outside would impact the inside.. More proof that “the view depends on where you stand”.

    P.S…love Jack’s sculpture along with Lennon’s music…mmmmm…

  2. The bees will love it if you do. They are as you know in a critical and dangerous time for them. The more wild flowers left for them, the more hope we have that they can adapt to the many new challenges they are facing. Enjoy your honey today Mary, and know that your inaction has helped create it.

  3. I live in a condo apartment. My windows face a very tiny wooded area that, in the winter, is a bare bones skeleton of a forest……a few bare, tall trees standing sentry over leafless vines, all twisted around each other and around part of the tree trunks as well as the varied sleeping ferns and other plants.

    In the summer, these skeletons flesh out and explode into growing green life, giving me the needed shade until the Fall, and then going into their sleep with a glorious burst of color. When the color dims and the leaves fall, there is now room for the light to come in to make the winter days less dark and solemn.

    Everything does have its season, and every season is wild in its own way. How lucky we are to be part of this little blue planet! And how lucky we are to have connected with you, who so easily points out to us these almost-missed miracles.

    P.S. Love Jack’s work! And the Beatles…oh, the Beatles!

  4. Just last night I was tidying up a new “edge of the woods” garden area and having a difficult time deciding what to pull and what to leave. I want it to be soft and natural, but the crazy grapevine and woodbine have tentacles everywhere. Some went , some stayed. The wild will win at the end of the day, but in the meantime I love working with the plants that want to grow. I use so many “weeds” in oils and tinctures that it becomes more and more difficult to cull things that are happily growing. It certainly has deepened the conversation between me and the greens and heightened the creative process of gardening.

  5. This is a definite Happy Day Post, Miss Mary! And we thank you for giving us permission to make the slogan of the day,” Weeds Can Wait”! Because we all know they’ll be there tomorrow, as will the laundry hamper, the dusty glass surfaces- who cares? Today will be a day to play hookey. In Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion today there was a quote: Frank Herbert wrote: “Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” Isn’t it neat that Jack’s visions for his sculptures were in gestation for quite a while, that creative spark nestled inside him as he went about doing his business, but then like the quote, the sleeper awakened. It was just time to make that gorgeous sculpture! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Mary. Have fun today, everyone!

  6. Hi Mary, I agree. Those leaves look like concord grape leaves, which I have in my yard. I love the way they look, and the grapes taste wonderful.

  7. Going GREEN, Mary. You are just providing more oxygen in exchange for the carbon dioxide we all exhale; our dear planet can use all the help it can get!

    Thanks for the John Lennon memory—a spirit gone far too soon but as relevant as ever. Peace.

  8. I’ve looked at photos you sent of your yard with Jack’s sculptures and thought, ooh, I love the meadowy look. Was just a small segment, but I love the natural habitat sanctuary look in a yard rather than manicured and pristine. Let ‘er grow is what I say. I’m striving for more of that with just an increasingly smaller amount that needs mowed.

  9. A neighbor told me years ago my garden was a willy nilly “country garden” –
    and these days it has certainly had its way with me… and these days I too am less manicured …opening the door for new callings… Jack certainly found his…
    this morning the chickens clucking and Simon braying on Jon Katz’s farm and dear John Lennon …I am at peace as I gaze at my assorted gentle hued tall phlox waving freely from their backyard home..

  10. Kudos to Jack for ordering his priorities!

    I’ve had the same issues myself. My goal this year was to write and write and write. Doing a blog has helped that goal a lot. My husband’s taken over the cooking, I’ve skipped food preservation for this year, and the garden might go next, especially with all the problems it’s having.

    I love it all, but simply do not have time for it without sacrificing my deeper callings.

    Here’s my posts on what it going wrong in the garden and it doesn’t even mention the squash bugs!


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