Keeping the door, for a better future, open

beautiful door lock at the great camp Sagamore

Jack and I were talking about an opportunity that came his way several years ago, one that was fun, exciting, profitable, and totally engrossing. We can both easily remember those feelings of working on the project, first him alone, and then us together. During the conversation I said, “That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” This statement led to a sigh on both of our parts, until we caught it.

To think that there will never be another______, implies that the best has already come and gone, and everything will pale in comparison from here on in.  Saying that something was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, insures that it will be.  It is a statement that closes off an expansive  future…just a little. That particular opportunity will not come again, but something with the same feeling quality is what I want to stay open to.

It is my intention to experience full connection, meaningful, rich relationships, work, and play for the entire time that I am alive. Remembering the feelings when things were really great, and then saying as my prayer, “Thank you for the incredible experience of _______I am looking forward to feeling this again”,  opens doors for more.

9 thoughts on “Keeping the door, for a better future, open”

  1. I never thought about those words/phrase in that way before…once in a lifetime, chance of a lifetime…you are so right Mary. What we tell ourselves and the words we use, and hear in our own heads, is so important. I will remember to be thankful for that trip, that experience, whatever it is, and looking forward to feeling that way again. Mary, you have such wisdom and a great way of putting it into words for the rest of us…love you!

  2. Mary, you’re in my head again! I do this all the time, looking wistfully at the past while forgetting the great things I have now and the things to look forward to. I should print out your message for today and tape it to my mirror to remind myself every day as we are preparing to move from Kentucky to Georgia that the best may be yet to come!

  3. I used to think of the idea of more, more , more as something bad. But when it comes to joy and sharing the positive, I think more is more. maybe it’s just a matter of not holding on to things or whatever it may be, maybe it’s about giving and sharing, but not the bad stuff please.

  4. Laura, you took the words out of my mouth – actually those words are a legacy to me and our sons from dear friends, now in their 80’s. When our boys were little and this couple was in their early 60’s with no grandchildren yet, – they ‘adopted’ our family and we did many fun outings together – the Grand Canyon, Disneyland in CA, camping in northern Michigan – but no matter how glorious the day, no matter how exciting the adventure, “Uncle Chuck” would tuck them in at night and always say, “Remember, boys, the best is yet to come”. And he’d always say that in parting to my husband and me, no matter where we were in the world, and this dear couple traveled all over to attend concerts my husband was conducting. So now I think of them, in their true ‘golden’ years, and I will always hear his most important words to us all, “The best is yet to come”. May it be so for all of us – love to all!

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