A foolish consistency?

my new hair style (photo taken with my iphone of course!)

I have been secretly wanting short hair for a while. At Jack’s show, several weeks ago, I wore my hair down, because I wanted to look a little dressier.  It was boiling hot. I felt like I was wearing a fur collar and kept pulling it up and back to let the cooler air hit my neck. One of the artists at the show had really short hair and I wished that I was brave enough to have my hair cut like that but thought, “I have had long hair for most of my life. Why am I thinking of cutting it now that I am older? Isn’t that a sign of age…of letting things go? What if I don’t like it and then I’ll never have this long hair again?”

A few days later, I went to get my hair trimmed and arrived early.  As I sat in the waiting area, flipping through style magazines, just to pass the time, I was aware that most of the pages were filled with photographs of 20-year-olds with perfect dark or light, shiny, hair. The hair cuts looked like they could only be maintained by women who never turned their heads or went outside.  Then I saw a style that looked like it might work for me. Trying to imagine my face and hair with that style was a stretch. “Is it possible to insert a 55 year old face, with thick grey coarse hair into this picture? But maybe the biggest question, and the one that I don’t like admitting even to myself, is how much I base what I wear, how I look, on what others might be thinking of me.

A lot of people have been commenting about my changed looks lately. A friend said the other day, “You look different every time I see you!” I would have really disliked that in the past. I felt that there was something mature and stable about consistent appearance, but a little voice inside has been prompting me to try the new….take some small risks (that do not feel small) and trust that these changes will be good for me, that they will help me to grow….         p.s. I love short hair!

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I just have to tell you….you look 10 years younger! And I think it looks very “chic”!

  2. You look terrific Mary! Light, sassy…gorgeous! And most important, YOU love it! Congratulations on taking the leap!

  3. Good morning…take some small risks (that do not feel small) and trust that these changes will be good for me, that they will help me to grow…

    words of wisdom…and a very stylish haircut…thanks for posting the
    brave new you…

  4. I love the short hair too. I’m thinking of taking the leap too. It’s fun to be a new woman every once and while. Can’t wait till I take the plunge. Have a glorious day.

  5. mary i have had long hair all my life and a couple of years ago i had it cut very short. today my hair is long again. point being, hair always grows when we need it to.

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Your new hairstyle suits you beautifully! Very perky and upbeat indeed.

    Also I’d like to include a “thank you” for your salve which I am using to soothe a greivous wound one of my cats received. He is of course receiving care from our veterinarian, and several times a day I soothe the area with a bit of your skin balm. It is keeping the area soft, supple, and comfortable while it heals. So thank you from me and my kitty!

    From Fran

  7. Good for you Mary!New hairstyles always make you feel good. Been dealing with the same decision myself. Maybe I’ll go for it.

  8. Your cut is great!! Short hair lifts your face and your spirit!! Enjoy the “sassy” that comes along with it.

  9. You new haircut looks great! I am so glad you like it too. To all of us who wish to take small steps that in the end help us fee la little more couragous and better about ourselves.

  10. Mary I LOVE your new hair style! I am all about change in the last 2 years. I feel like even the smallest change can add a new energy into my life. I hope your hair brings new energy and makes you feel amazing. I also think that people see the changes they want to see. I often hear from people I always look different. I think thye are seeing more of the “inside” changes manifested on the outside. I know what people think should not make a difference but I also know it is nice to hear a compliment. It is good for the soul…

  11. Beautiful! You and the new haircut! Must feel lighter and more free! Enjoy! and congratulations on taking this new step!

  12. Your new “do” ROCKS, Mary! I expect to hear you’re out and about and showing it off.
    Best thing of all…YOU like it, too. Nothing like making a change that you’re happy with.

  13. Once again, an outpouring from your many friends, we love you new ‘do’ and your happy smile reaching out to us all. You look happy and radiant and good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone and sassing it up a bit! You seem to have such a pretty natural wave too, which will make it so fun and easy to care for. Hurray for fun changes.

  14. Both pics of you on the same page allow us a comparison. You, with your long hair, looks like short hair…the way it’s warn. With those eyes and that smile….does anyone even look at your hair?! :o) Lots of love, Kay

  15. Hi Mary, I agree with all of the above, and isn’t it great to have it in writing from people who appreciate you no matter what the length of your hair is! and that’s the long and the short of it!
    Ps, fellow fans of Mary Muncil, I saw Mary’s hair in person yesterday at our local food co-op, and it is adorable. Bravo to brave ladies everywhere who dare to do something differently.

  16. You go girl!!! So happy you were brave enough to give the shorter do a try – it looks great on you – hope you love it too!!

  17. who knew, right?

    a few days ago i woke up with a ‘brilliant’ idea. part my hair on the opposite side. no big deal except that i’d been with a right-sided part for more than four decades. the part seemed like it countered several errant cowlicks which i’ve never made peace with. fought with is more like it. image.

    it’s been such a simple game changer; not fighting my hair’s natural direction. more than a few friends tell me how much i’m smiling and they love my new hair cut. they still don’t know that it’s only a ‘part change’.

    “a foolish consistency” indeed

    you’re the best, mary, thanks again

  18. The new style is a match for your lovely smile. You are now one of us who likes short hair because we think it makes us look younger, is less maintenance, and is WAY cooler. Just get some ear muffs for winter!

  19. I love your new haircut and the triumphant smile you’re wearing in the picture. Thanks for your emotional honesty and your ongoing willingness to express the vulnerabilities we all feel.

  20. My last attempt at a stylish short cut after being a life-long-long-hair-lass was met with gasps of “What have you done to your HAIR??” and long pregnant pauses of “uh, gee it’s..it’s…different” and “don’t worry, it’ll grow back” even when I secretly was hoping everyone would like it. I haven’t mustered the courage to try it again.
    But seeing your new ‘do’ might give me the strength to just not care what other people might think!! You look positively RADIANT!

  21. I like it too! It’s fun to try new things, especially when they come out on such a positive side! I hope Jack likes it as much as we do.

  22. I love the short do. Looks darling on you. Have had mine short for several years and have it cut like it grows and just run my fingers through and go, have never liked to fuss or been good at fussing with hair. I do envy the thick part. Mine’s getting thinner and it’s distressing. Any suggestions from anyone out there. Have been using Biotin shampoo and conditioner which is supposed to help.

  23. Mary I love the new hair cut! I was forced to cut mine after a lot of it fell out when I was seriously ill a year ago. Mine is still growing back in – white and curly. After meeting you I was longing for my long bob again, but I love my hair short. I always wonder if the short hair and wearing purple are age related (have never worn either), but I feel more liberated now.

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