The fire in our hearts

A friend recently sent me this card which reads:, "Each one of us has fire in our heart for something, It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit"

Last summer, my mother (who will be 84 in a few weeks), myself and my son Matt sat in a cafe in Glens Falls and played one of my favorite games. It involves talking like you are living the dream, that you envision for your life in the future, and not getting out of “character”. An important part of this “game” is to talk about your life, accomplishments, etc. from the perspective of one living it now (starting sentences with “I am”  instead of  “I will be” or “someday”) and to use very expressive language .

Matt had a big dream that involved film. As he spoke, I could see that people around us were listening. Then my turn came and I felt a little hesitant, which surprised me since the game is always my idea. I loved it when Matt talked, loved being in that supportive role, but had to stretch my comfort zone to allow them to “hold my dreams” for a little while. I remember fearing that they would think I was being grandiose…and that was the whole point of the game! This would not have been an issue for me when I was 30.

I finally jumped in and had a blast. My mother couldn’t think of anything. She enjoyed listening to us, but could not imagine a future different from the one she was living at the time, and she didn’t want to give it a try. A year has passed, and both Matt and I have stepped, pretty dramatically, into the lives that we talked about that day. When are we too old to have big dreams for our lives? When do we stop thinking about building and just try to “maintain”, or hold our ground, or not slip backwards.

I keep inspirational books by my bedside and right before I turn out the light, I like to open one of them to a random page and read the “message for the night”. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy,  was the one I picked up last night and I opened to the words,

The most productive years of your life can be from 65 to 95.”

P.S. My friend Maud Maynard (a truly gifted Reiki practitioner) and I, will be conducting  the “Releasing Ceremony”  for the dreams that you sent in over the past few weeks, today at 4pm EST. If you sent in a dream or if you didn’t but wish you had, you can, in your thought, join with our energy of intention, expansion and release. It is never too late!

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  1. My dream last night was that everyone on Whitefeather Farm and on Bedlam Farm would be safe from Hurricane Irene. It’s amazing how you can care so much about people you have never met but seem to realize that we are all truly one people…one family

  2. This made me think of our friend, Bill, whose funeral we went to last wk-end. He was 85 but acted and looked much younger, very hale and healthy “except for this cancer thing” as his son said. His children spoke and they talked about how, as he got older, he became even more seeking of knowledge, more open and expansive in his views, more accepting of diversity, started new projects…. It ran through my mind often that this was like a felling of a mighty oak. At the funeral the poem by Maya Angelou “When a Tree Dies” was read, so others must have thought this also.

    Your post this morning leaves me with much to ponder and it’s very encouraging.

  3. At 4p today I will be with you in spirit in support of all of the Big Dreams you have received and will be releasing.
    Thank you for your support of our dreams.

  4. Thank you so much, Mary, for taking our dreams into your loving arms and releasing them to God and the Universe this afternoon. May dreams imagined and dreams beyond our imagination manifest for all of us in the coming months and years!

  5. Oh no! I missed the dream deadline. Promise to do it again? Especially since one of my biggest dreams is to get my act together. . . ;-{

  6. Just lost work that was bringing in my main source of income. So at 52, starting over… again….2nd time in year plus.
    Time to start that line of photo inspiration cards I have been dreaming about, but have not had time to create.
    I can feel my dream out there hovering. I have felt that for a whille.
    So any great vibes anyone can send my way, I would greatly appreciate.

    1. Barbara, we all support you and your wonderful dream (soon to be reality!) of creating photo inspiration cards. Believe that this is your moment to do it, and feel our love and positive energy around you!

  7. I checked in with the Abraham Hicks message – its last line almost a prelude to your morning post Mary: “Everyone lives the reality of what they expect”. If you expect to get old and decline, than you will. If you dream big and expect it to really happen, as you and Matt did last summer, well then, watch out universe, here you come! Sometimes the AH messages are wordy, and even seem to go round and round – until I finally get it upon maybe the 3rd reading – but I really liked that last line. Here is the message in its entirety for anyone who would like to read it:

    The majority have been programmed from their past experience to expect physical decline. And while it is something they don’t want, they are programmed to expect it. And so, they’re going to get what they expect. It’s not that what they expect is the reality that everyone lives, but that everyone lives the reality of what they expect.

  8. Thanks soooo much for your positive energy and response. Truly appreciate it, Susan.

    i am planning on thinking very positive thoughts and dreams at 1pm, Pacific time here, 4pm Eastern, to join in with the dream release.

    Thanks so much Mary for creating this blog. So strange how your postings are just so relevant at just the right times.

    1. It’s five minutes to 1 p.m. in AZ. and I am so excited to think of our dreams being blessed and released in Mary and Maud’s ceremony in five minutes.

  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for honoring in ritual our Big Dreams, Mary!! Today was the perfect day to do that. xxx000

  10. I love what Deb Nayden said about being the caretaker of our dreams. It implies tenderness and I can just imagine the scene of you and Maud tenderly blessing and releasing all offerings. Thank you, Mary!

  11. If your mom was really at peace with where her life was, that could be OK — after all, sometimes the best and hardest thing is to be with what is so. I hope she is doing OK — you didn’t say — with where her life has taken her this year.

    As I move through my 50’s, I can see the virtue of both viewpoints; there are things I still want to do, try and achieve but I also am at peace that there are things I likely will not do in this lifetime. At the same time, I’m proud to work in a field that helps lots of people and also provides security for my future; that I mentor young adults in the caring professions, help my elderly father manage his affairs, and that I just adopted a dog that I think could be a therapy dog and am already working toward that with him. I am finding balance and pursuing a spiritual practice, and keeping alive the idea of writing a book or two, which is my current “big dream”. Oh yeah, and finding true love again in later life!

    My idea of aging gracefully is to face my fears, do what I can to change what I can, and be at peace with what I cannot. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy; in so many ways, I struggle with the balance of it all daily. I thank you for keeping the bigger picture in front of us and modeling the way you find your balance. Good to remember that one person can make a difference!

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