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A wink from the universe! photograph of York beach

Ever since Jack and I started talking about moving to Maine, we’ve been wanting to take a ride over and explore the coast for a day. We decided yesterday that we would go sometime in September. As I looked at my calendar, and realized that Monday the 12th would be a full moon (and Mondays are the days that we take off to be together), I thought why not next week? The full moon over the ocean sounded so wonderful. I love spur of the moment trips but they also make me feel a little uneasy. I’m not sure what that is, but a voice seems to say “You need to give this more thought”.

A few minutes after this conversation with Jack, I opened my emails and there was one from a colleague of his. It was entitled, “Le Mer Magnifique” and it is a series of photographs of the ocean. The second picture is of the full moon over the ocean. I felt goose bumps and made our reservations. Later in the afternoon, Jack was looking for something and came across these photographs of York Maine; the town that we were going to.

I love these  “winks from the Universe”. They are small little signs telling me to go ahead, trust my desires, move forward in the direction of my dreams. I’ll let you know how the trip goes!

Obey your soul, have perfect faith in yourself. Never think of yourself with doubt or distrust, or as one who makes mistakes“. Wallace D. Wattles

If you would like to see the slide show of the ocean pictures, you can see it on you tube as “Belle Indomptable” (or send me an email and I will forward it as an attachment to you. My email is, also, there is a poem in French on the second photograph and I would love to know what it says!

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  1. Beauty untamed. How great is that! I was a little girl when I started going to York Beach with my Mother and Father every summer. My Dad was brought up in Nova Scotia. Dad taught me how to eat a lobster as he was brought up in Nova Scotia where my Grandfather was a minister.

    Mary, just let it all happen! My best thoughts.

  2. Mary,
    I have never commented, although I’ve been a reader since Jon Katz mentioned your blog. I’m piping up today because,
    1) I live just south of York, and I know you will enjoy the visit.
    2) I’m having a rough week with a lot of mistakes and confusion of mind, and your title today, I may have to take as a wink from the Universe!

  3. Wow, Mary. To quote yesterday’s post by a wise blogger I happen to know (wink, wink), it sounds like “everything is exactly how it is meant to be, and [your] life is perfectly on-track.”

  4. Yahoo!! Let there be winks for all! Have a wonderful trip. p.s. For me, a week’s notice is really planning ahead.

  5. Winks from the Universe sounds like a wonderful title to a book of inspirational quotes, photographs, Mary, and I bet you could put one together beautifully. You already mentioned having a slew of quotations, and you obviously have a talent for photography too. What a happy day post. We will all be looking at the full moon come Monday and imagining you and Jack exploring what may even be your future home! What a Happy Day Post. In the blink of an eye, – wink wink! makes me chuckle!

  6. You need to go further north. You arn’t really in Maone until you cross the Bath Bridge.
    Try the midcoast penninsulas.

  7. Hi Mary, my brother in law hosts a family run on York Beach every fourth of July. A four mile run on the road near the beach. Then family breakfast after. Fun idea if you move there. Of course, I’d miss running into you in the Food Co-op and Jack in the laundromat. And you’d have to call this blog White Feather Beach! Enjoy your trip.

  8. There was so much that resonated for me with today’s post.

    First of all I loved the new term “wink from the universe.” Really brought a smile to my face. I also think of those as responses from “Spirit.” I used to wait for an audible response and think I was doing something wrong when I could not “hear” God’s voice or Spirit’s voice or what have you.

    Next I loved the quote “Obey your soul, have perfect faith in yourself. Never think of yourself with doubt or distrust, or as one who makes mistakes“. Wallace D. Wattles

    What caught my eye was the part about faith in oneself and having trust. During my most recent meditation, I had been looking for an answer to what a troubling dream might have meant. The answer I got was – to trust myself. And then lo and behold along came your wink the very next morning.

    Another reason that faith and trust jumped out at me is that in the Enneagram, the type that I am lacks faith and trust – not just in themselves, but in those in authority. It is something I need to be aware of all the time. I need to have courage.

    The other thing about the post was the courage that Mary Muncil is demonstrating in looking into this change in her life. It is an excellent model for me to observe the willingness (and eagerness) to effect changes and not be fearful of them. She trusts herself and has faith in herself to make these various decisions.

    Of course the photos and music were lovely.

    Many thanks for a great way to start and end my day by reading this post.

  9. Thanks to google translate-“Belle Indomptable”/Beautiful and Indomitable
    Toutes les mers du monde Remontent le temps A grands coups de marées. Les vagues lapent le temps, L’éternité nous guette. La Terre se tait sous sa caresse Et le monde s’endort, Oubliant sa détresse .

    The oceans of the world back in time with great blows of tides. The waves lap time, eternity awaits us. The earth is silent under his caresses And the world sleeps, Forgetting his distress.

    Toutes les mers du monde Chantent leur mélodie Tous les voiliers du monde Dansent comme des notes frêles Sur leur portée de vagues Les oiseaux sont des croches Qui sautillent, solfège grêle De notre ciel.

    The oceans of the world sing their song All yachts in the world dance like notes on their scope of frail waves Birds are leaping eighth notes, music theory hail from our sky.

    Enjoy your Maine adventure….build a sand castle…catch a wave or two…
    and get some beach sand between your toes…

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