You hold the key to love and fear

Holding steady....waiting for the opening

I ran into an old friend at the post office on Monday and told him about our “plans” to move to Maine. He asked me when we were moving, and I said that I didnt’ know, but that we had found a house in Kittery Point, that was currently under contract, but seemed perfect for us with its old gardens and view of the ocean. My friend is a monk. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “That doesn’t sound very realistic Mary.” It’s not realistic. It’s way too big for us to figure out, and when we try to, we get overwhelmed so we’ve turned this idea over to something larger than ourselves.

I have wanted many “unrealistic” things in my life. Some I got, some I didn’t, some I gave up on because I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. I have never been this public with a big dream before, but the process of thinking beyond what our minds can handle, or figure out, is so important to growth and to living full lives.

My part is to hold my vision long enough, and with enough belief that the energy of the Universe, God, Spiritual forces, can start sending me the next step. I woke up on Monday with the thought that I have put the key of willingness, trust and vision into what I think is the right move for me. It is not my job to open the door, its my job to hold that key steady. After running into my friend at the post office, I took a ride and played one of my favorite little games. I ask the Universe to send me a sign, and then I turn on the radio and listen to the words of the song that is playing. When I did this on Monday, the song was, “Get Together” by the Youngbloods…..the goose bumps were back!

Love is but a song to sing
Fear’s the way we die
You can make the mountains ring
Or make the angels cry
Though the bird is on the wing
And you may not know why

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now

Some may come and some may go
We shall surely pass
When the one that left us here
Returns for us at last
We are but a moment’s sunlight
Fading in the grass…

If you hear the song I sing
You will understand (listen!)
You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand
Just one key unlocks them both
It’s there at you command

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now

(the video song link is below)

41 thoughts on “You hold the key to love and fear”

  1. Gotta love those signs! Thanks, Mary. I share that perspecitve as well and I like how you put it – that we hold the key steady. I have a couple of keys in place…I can’t wait to see what is behind those doors, for all of us! Have a great day!

  2. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen….With out faith, it is impossible to please God.

    It sounds like this is exactley what you are doing!

  3. Good Morning, Mary…..I have heard this song on the radio at least seven times this week, and I usually only hear the radio when I’m in the car. To see this in your post this morning is making me turn my attention to it and figure out what the message is for me. Yesterday, I had to put down my sweet dog, Chloe, after 14 years of a wonderful life together. To say that my pain is overwhelming is not even capturing what I feel. Perhaps knowing that my “holding the key” makes it my choice to move through this, is what it will mean to me. This is too much of a coincidence to be ignored.

    1. Thank you for writing this Suzanne….most of us here know what you are feeling…we are a community of animal lovers, that I know. I also agree with you that there are no coincidences in life. We hold you in our thoughts and love.

    2. Oh, Suzanne, wishing I had some words of comfort for you…. having been reading your insights here and on Jon Katz’s pages for months, I feel as if we are friends… my heart goes out to you today.

      The sense of you that comes from reading your posts says that you are a devoted, funny, conscientious, and compassionate steward of your animal partners. I pray that you will find peace in your heart soon.

      1. Thank you so much, Kelly, for wishing me peace in such a lovely way. And I am honored that you feel as if I am your friend….the feeling is returned. Your heartfelt words are helping to soothe the ache. Bless you for sending them.

    3. several years ago when i had to put my precious dog down, just like you have suzanne, a friend said these very comforting words to me; “it’s the last loving gesture that we will ever do for our dear friend.” i’ve never forgotten.

      1. Bless your heart, Virginia. What a wonderful thought that brings the whole hard process into perspective. I, too, will never forget these words you’ve shared with me, and I will ‘pay them forward’ as other friends experience this grief. Thank you.

    4. Words are so woefully inadequate when we feel the need to use them the most. I sent you and Chloe a silent prayer on my morning walk through the giant redwoods—my cathedral. Peace and warm memories to you both.

      1. I cannot think of a more beautiful place from which a prayer could be sent to me than those giant icons of the living earth. Thank you, Cheryl b., for such a gift.

  4. A monk, huh? I finally figured out that those of our fellow fallible mortals who have decided to call themselves monks, priests, rabbis, nuns, gurus, shamans, whatever, don’t have any more wisdom or any more answers than you and the rest of us. “Some may come and some may go.” So hang on to that key, Mary.

    Suzanne, my heart is aching for you. When I lost my first dog a few years ago, all I kept thinking was “I would not have missed having him in my life for anything on God’s green earth.”

    1. Jill…your comment inspired a thought in me…as in any calling or vocation, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. With that I agree! In my life, while I have found that those from whom I seek spiritual guidance have not always had the answers, what they have done is asked the right questions of me. And sometimes, it is the friend speaking to me as opposed to the spiritual leader speaking to me…and sometimes I can’t figure out if it is the friend or the spiritual leader and then I wonder if it really matters…I just ask myself, how does this help? Separating guidance and wisdom from judgement is what I struggle with. I’ll take all the guidance and wisdom one has to offer! One of the reasons I love all the experiences shared on this blog! Enjoy your day!

      1. Kathye, my revelation came when the priest at my father’s funeral chastised me for crying. “Are you crying? You should not be crying.” Really? I’m not allowed to cry for the loss of my father?

      2. Hi Jill…

        Although I am not catholic, I, too, have lost my Dad. So I totally understand your loss and sentiment. Perhaps our Dads are both smiling at this post that brought US together! I so appreciate the connections.

    2. How right you are, Jill. I was truly blessed by this little gal I rescued 14 years ago. She was a winner from the get-go. Thank you for your good counsel.

  5. Music is and always has been like a sixth sense for me. Like a wonderful scent, or savory taste, or soft blanket, music soothes, encourages, comforts, rejoices in a very special and unique way. It can make me smile or cry or dance or ponder after just a few notes! And there have been times, just like you on Monday Mary, when a song, at a certain time, has sent me a message way too powerful to ignore. No stronger message or sign than that! And sometimes, when I am so filled with emotion and having trouble releasing it, I turn to a few old favorites to begin the flow. Other than the love of family and friends, I’m not sure if there is anything that ‘touches’ me more…

    Suzanne…the words in the above song “We shall surely pass, when the one that left us here, returns for us at last” certainly apply to Chloe’s passing. God gave Chloe to you 14 years ago and He returned for Chloe yesterday. That is my belief. I wish for you sweet music…

    1. Ah Kathye….many thanks for your simple and yet profound words. I know in time this pain will pass and I’ll only remember the good parts of our lives together. Thank you.

  6. Mary, what a wonderful post! We all need to have that big dream that we hold sacred: “Here’s my idea, will You come and play with me, God? Or is there something You think would be more fun? ”

    Now (thanks to you, Mary), delays in dream manifestation remind me of the day or so between when you first wrote about Wonder, and when he actually “came in” to your care… during that time, he was still outside, perhaps hungry, but meanwhile you and your online community were sending him loving energy, making plans for him to have not just one meal, but a full tummy and a loving home for life. And that is what happened!

    If not *that* house in Maine, then something better and even more amazing for you, Mary!

    1. I really love that line Kelly, “Here’s my idea, will You come and play with me, God? Or is there something You think would be more fun? ” thank you!

  7. Suzanne, I was concerned when we didn’t hear from you for a while, and am relieved to know you’re ok. I’m weeping with you over the loss of dear Chloe. Saying good bye to our animals is wrenching. We console ourselves by knowing we gave them a good life, and they blessed us with their precious presence and made us better people for their gift of unconditional love. I love this community where we can share our hurts and know that others truly care and understand.

    1. Thank you so much, Sally, for knowing when I’ve been out of the loop! And thank you for you kind words about my dear Chloe. She was in my arms throughout the departure yesterday and just before they gave her the inital sedative, she fixed her blind old eyes right on mine and I KNEW she was thanking me for easing her pain. I will carry that with me forever. And yes…this is a wonderful community that has come together, thanks to Mary, and it is a blessing for all of us to share life and its varied paths here.

  8. I always liked the song “Let’s Get Together” but I never really got all the words until I saw them in print. Thank you Mary. Perfect timing I would say.
    Suzanne, I am hurting for your loss. I lost my dear Murphy last December and I still cry on my walk to the mailbox (he always went with me). Our little furry friends are such an important part of our lives and when they leave us a huge part is missing. Sending you thoughts of peace and comfort.

    1. Ah JoAnne, how very poignant your post is. I just stopped at the mailbox a bit ago and realized that Chloe would not make these rounds with me again. I started bawling right out in the street. Many years ago, the mailman would leave a cookie in the mailbox for her. When a new mailman came on, he never did, so I used to have to sneak a cookie into my pocket and, when we got to the mailbox, pretend to take it out of there. I never disappointed her. I sincerely hope that you are starting to find some peace and comfort with the loss of your Murphy. That’s all any of us can do….persevere through it all.

  9. It’s not realistic in the way we are taught to perceive reality. But isn’t that the point. It is about a different way of thinking. I think you are brave to be so public with all of this. Sometimes the concept is difficult for me to grasp but we learn by doing and talking about it.

  10. Suzanne, you surely must be feeling the arms of our community tight around you. Sweet Chloe’s spirit will forever be a part of you; it’s just so hard to part with the physical presence and be content with spirit and memory. The depth of one’s sadness while grieving can be startling. We never imagined we could feel such an ache, such a loss. But did we ever imagine we could feel such love either? Such unconditional, constant, sweet, joyous love. The eyes that speak better than any tongue. The wag of a tail. You gave her your very heart sitting with her at the end. May you be comforted by all your memories and may the love of friends here lift that heavy cloud, someday, when you’re ready.

    1. Thank you, Susan. The outpouring of love and support from all friends here has amazed me! So gratifying to feel all this honest energy surrounding me. Blessings to you all.

  11. What I find most interesting is your monk friend’s choice of words: “doesn’t sound realistic”. Huh?? From someone who’s dedicated his entire life to living his beliefs based purely on faith??!
    Okay, so call me crazy, but without the dreams and vision to live LARGER than our daily lives usually allow, we’d miss most of the creative, beautiful joyousness that takes flight in our imaginations.
    Hold the faith, Mary—I like living in your world!

  12. Listen to your heart! Enjoy your move to beautiful Maine and jump in with both feet and not look back! God bless you both!!!

  13. I’ve noticed that whenever anyone begins a sentence saying, “The reality is” – – I’m immediately on guard, because it’s a subtle way of introducing one’s opinion as FACT, AS R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. And that’s sort of a turn-off isn’t it? We form our perceptions of the world by our experiences, by the way we were brought up, inheriting almost without realizing it, our parents’ small prejudices for example. Our view of the world is not necessarily any more or less real than anyone else’s. And we change, and ‘it’, our reality changes. It changes as we dare to craft our life from the dreams we dream, and the hopes we harbor. But to really take form they must leave the safe port of the harbor and become real, – alive and breathing. Mary, I loved the song you shared today. This afternoon I took time off to watch the movie Miss Potter which someone suggested a few weeks back when we were sharing favorite books and movies. Beatrix Potter is such a shining example of a woman who listened to her heart, refusing to marry ‘appropriately’ by age 20 – she drew her reality into the books we all treasured as children and years later, read to our own. Her ‘reality’ seemed like nonsense to her mother – a woman drawing silly little animals? Thank heavens she gave herself the permission to honor her truest gifts. Thank you whoever suggested the film!

  14. Love the key photo and the Youngblood’s amazing song…Mary,
    the correct door will open for you…less efforting and more flow,
    words I have to repeat to myself A LOT… most days I forget…

  15. Mary, don’t be detracted by the nay sayers, monk or regular guy he doesn’t know your truth. I love that song, I sang it to my dogs this afternoon and they approved! Suzanne, let me join the others here in saying I am so very sorry for the passing of Chloe, I love my two silly labs with all my heart, I feel richer in love because they are a part of my life. May you find comfort in your memories.

  16. Thank you for another great song to go through my head today, Mary. I didn’t know all the words such as “all in your trembling hand,” so I appreciate seeing the lyrics. A beautiful song and a beautiful dream for you. Suzanne, I am so sorry about Chloe and offer my deepest sympathy.

  17. May I just take a moment to say that I love you all? Especially Mary, for bringing this about and us together. What a daily blessing all of you, and this gathering place, have become.

    1. I too love being a part of this Jill! Thank you…it has dawned on my lately that this is a “moveable community” of sorts…that no matter where any of us go (travel, move..) there is a powerful connection here that will remain unbroken. Always welcoming, always here.

  18. Wow, what a sign! That makes you feel good I know!
    I pray God’s Will be done in this move of yours.
    I don’t know what it means but when I have prayed for things(some really big things) for my husband, they have come to pass in our lives. I prayed not for myself but for him. In every instance, what I prayed for materialized , even when it was not seemingly possible .

    I have been meaning to write and let you know how much I like the Mary’s Ointment. Wonderful stuff! Thank you for making it available to us.

    Pray for Penny, knee worse. May have to have another surgery on it. Poor baby.

    Gwen Coker
    Natchitoches, La.

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