a fun time!

A friend sent me this photograph last night. How can you not love that face? Have a wild evening all, and thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!

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  1. I know we are all happy that this is NOT one of our pets. Easier to laugh when it is someone else’s “fun.”

  2. Mary, I receive all of your posts via email to my email address. I have not been able to open the last four. Have you been receiving lots of comments so you know the posts are going out ok? I realize people can post (as I’m doing) here…but I’m spoiled and want your posts to come directly to me every morning! It may be my laptop…it seems to be functioning as always in all other ways (slowing down ’cause it’s got way too much stuff on it). Anyway…is there a way to check this? Is anyone else having the same experience? I honestly think it’s something with WordPress. Thank you, Kay

    1. Hi Kay, Yes, I think it is wordpress (the format of the posts changed, without me knowing either and then people started writing that they were not getting the posts). I have contacted them (wordpress) but have not heard back yet. Hopefully, they will get it straightened out soon. Thanks for writing!

    2. Hi Kay,
      I have had the very same problem. I also have been unable to open the last four posts. Hopefully, WordPress houses the problem, but I wish they would answer Mary. I can get in through the browser but not my email.

  3. Our Golden once shredded the entire Sunday paper. We couldn’t be mad at her, because we laughed imagining how much fun she had! The dog in this picture sure had a good time! lol

  4. What a fun time that puppy dog had! I love his/her smile! I had a chocolate lab named Hannah who loved doing that sort of re decorating. Her greatest moment was when she ate my bible…she was a very spiritual dog!

  5. Gotta love that face! You can’t look at him without smiling. Thanks for sharing a charming photo. That’s one fellow that knows how to have a wild time! Glad you had a lovely birthday Mary. We all enjoyed it with you.

  6. Jill, I think she was enlightened, she was a wonderful dog (after she got thru puppy mischief). She was with us for only 6 years but thinking of her still brings smiles.

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