Are we there yet?

(another fun photograph sent by a friend)

Over the past week, a number of people have emailed me, that they haven’t been getting these posts. Something changed with WordPress and the posts that are coming through, are a different page format also. This has given me pause. When I started writing my blog, I knew nothing about blogs or sites that hosted blogs. I read somewhere that WordPress hosted blogs for free and thought “Great. I’ll sign up with them!” …and I started writing. No one could have been more surprised than me at how this blog, White Feather Farm, has grown, and the community that has developed around it.

I also never dreamed how important it would become to me, never knew, that morning in February, that I would be entering into what I have come to see as my true work (or at least a very big part of it). 25 years ago, I was a graduate student, studying theology and was assigned to Harvey Cox as my first year advisor. In my end of the year evaluation, he wrote, “You should consider a ministry of the pen.” I did consider it, and that was about all, until this past February, when, after being encouraged by my friend Jon, I decided to start.

So here I am, possibly needing to make a financial investment; hiring someone to help me craft a blog website that, when there is a problem, I can call, someone who can help me navigate the technical aspects of working on-line.  I am not blaming WordPress, after all, it is free (and I think staffed by many volunteers). Maybe they have taken me as far as I can go with them, and I must now take a more serious step.

It’s a curious thing, this belief that I will “arrive” at a place where I have all of my ducks in a row, where I understand the task in front of me and can perform it well, everyday, like clock-work, that I will live a predictable life someday with no challenges. I have never sought out this kind of existence, and yet sometimes I still want it. I don’t want to feel lost, even for a minute and yet I know, to live the kind of life that my soul craves, I must.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Oh thank heaven, your posts are back!!! I didn’t email you but I did post a long comment re. the problem on your website. Anyway…welcome back….you were sorely missed! And, of course, your post and Emerson’s quote are right on target…something I needed to hear this morning…spooky how often that happens! xo Kay

  2. I echo Kay’s comment! Whatever route you decide to take you have me among your many followers. Hoping to see you on Saturday. Shelagh.

  3. Today’s theme is speaking directly to me and giving me some fortitude to brave some unknowns I know I’ll be facing this week. You definitely have a ministry of the pen, Mary, and an uncanny way of saying things that resonate so well. I’m very grateful that you started the blog and that I happened to find it and this community. I know that their’s work going into and hope that writing it as a good experience for you as checking in and reading each day is for me.

  4. I did notice a change in format, but didn’t make the connection.

    With the speed at which technology not only progresses, but demands that you keep up with it or be left behind, I’m not surprised that you ran into a glitch.

    I have enjoyed following your experiences and will follow you where ever you decide to go, if you make a change, but if you decide that you cannot continue, I will hold the lessons I have learned from you with me.


    1. Thank you Jo!….the one thing, that I do know, is that this blog is a vital part of my life, and that making it the best that it can be is my goal, stopping it isn’t even on the radar screen for me!

      1. Yes! Mary, we cannot let this wonderful technology — so awesome when it works! so overwhelmingly frustrating and daunting when it doesn’t! — defeat us.

        I just came off a week when I thought things had blessedly slowed to a peaceful crawl, only to discover that the voice mail and messaging system had gone kerplooey (that’s the technical term) and I had a rampaging army of folks demanding to know why I hadn’t gotten back to them. (“I’ve left you six messages!!!!”) Oops.

        And, like Barbara C-M, I marvel at the synchronicity of your posts with my mental state. When I woke up this morning my very first thought about the upcoming week was that the reason I was dreading dealing with a certain matter was that I was afraid I lacked the technical know-how to do it well. I made (1) a resolution to conquer that fear and acquire the expertise and (2) a cup of coffee, then (3) opened your blog. Hmmmmmm. . . .

        And the International Balloon Fiesta is underway here in NM, and hundreds of incredibly beautiful hot air balloons are aloft and headed my way, so I am off with the dog for a walk and to marvel at this once-a-year spectacle. Always an uplifting experience. ;-}

  5. Thank you Mary. What a wonderful community Whitefeather has become. It’s such a beautiful way to start the morning and the week. I’ll look forward to many more posts, no matter what form they take. Have a wild week.

  6. Isn’t it interesting how our beliefs expand and contract and morph into something else over the course of our lives? I, too, used to feel the need to “arrive” and be certain about how things “ought” to be, but have slowly (sometimes painfully slowly) come to embrace the ever-changing, never-static world we temporarily inhabit. Scary? Yes, it is sometimes. But it’s also relaxing to be able to release control of results to God. That’s what faith is for … “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” ~ Julian of Norwich

  7. First off, that picture is awesome. I love the fact that your friend paused to photograph the moment. Very cool.

    Next, had a feeling WordPress was jumping on the tech bandwagon and changing things up. Seems to be happening everywhere. Must be that time of year. Had no doubt you would be looking into it. Thank you.

    And finally, dang that Emerson. Was thinking of chilling for a bit. Haha. But of course boredom will prevail. And he, of course, is so right. Thank you for the reminder, your blog and your genuine kind and loving way. You give me a sense of goodwill towards mankind!

    We’re on the road home from visiting my sister who is enjoying her new remission state from ovarian cancer so it’s a good day!

    1. Dear Susan, Loved your comments…thank you for sharing about your visit with your sister… We will be sending her blessings for continued healing. Love, Mary

  8. For some reason I never did have a problem getting your site in my email Mary, it aways came through! I have felt a bit guilty though about this site. It seems you put so much into it and we get so much out of it . . . doesn’t seem fair that it should cost you to do it! I would be perfectly willing to pay a small fee to get into your site. I don’t know how folks would feel about that or how that would work but now I feel like I am taking advantage of your amazing expertise.
    Susan L — so glad to hear about your sister! Prayers for her continued healing!

    1. I, too would happily contribute to help defray any expenses, Mary. This has become a must read start to my day. I loved the Julian of Norwich quote, Laurie – what a wonderful mantra to keep in mind in any moment when feeling unsure. Susan L, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister. I am glad she is in remission. And if you feel that need to chill, then you just go ahead and take the time. Ralph Waldo won’t mind – you are going through a lot of emotion along with your sister. I know this as my older sister also fought ovarian cancer for nine years. You, too, deserve to be easy on yourself and rejoice in her time of remission. Love to you.

  9. Oh, how happy I was to click on your email and find the post back to normal! And once again, you are right on with your subject. Yesterday, for the first time in a full month, I spent the day doing something totally for me. And I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to know how every minute was going to pan out, to be able to plan everything with nothing going awry. Well, by the end of the day, I was restless and all twitchy, and I realized that life without sidepaths to conquer would be pretty bland. I would, however, settle for a day or two, once in awhile, to do nothing but veg out. That would be a nice balance.

    And Mary, if you need help to keep this post going, I would be glad to contribute as well. your daily “bon mots” keep me going more than you can know, and I don’t want to give up the connection we have ALL found in this community.

  10. Interesting… as blogs grow with all the companys, there are issues. Also issues with compatability on Windows 7. Blogger people are still having comment issues. And I doubt these companies are run by voluteers, they make money in other ways. I click on your blog every morning and its always been there in the same format so the issue is in the email subscription links. Dont pay for something that is free and most likely will remain so for a good while. Do educate yourself on how to back up and or transfer your blog to another carrier before you spend $ on it. Plus you need to save for your new house!
    Loved yesterdays dog pic, he looks so pleased withhim self!

  11. I was so happy when your blog opened without a problem this morning, always starts the day out peacefully to read your “pen ministry” words of wisdom. And I would also be more than happy to help with any expenses incurred with setting up a new format.

    Sue L, safe travels coming home. I’m so happy for this time of joy an celebration. I’ll see you at work and want to hear all about it!

  12. Mary, why don’t you talk to Jon Katz, he’s had tremdous successs with his web site and he has some great contacts in the designing a web site area, I’m sure he could point you in the right direction.

  13. Hi Mary!
    I so totally understand this idea of needing to know about the tech world and yet it’s such a different process to learn. I was once venting my frustrations to a friend who is extremely computer literate. He told me that even he just “stumbles forward”.
    That’s now how I view something more that I need to learn on the computer…..leave frustration behind and stumble forward.

  14. Okay, Mary, I’m heading out to the shed to start hammering up a rustic booth (think Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts cartoon—Psychiatric Help 5 cents). Bake sale, fresh lemonade, whatever it takes to keep your blog up and running; count me in!! Otherwise, you’ll need to create a 12 step program for all of us going through WFF withdrawals. We’re hopelessly—and happily— hooked!

    1. Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your funny, loving and “supportive” vision! Our White Feather Farm community is a part of my soul now and I am looking forward to our future! …I imagine it as a blog that is free to all (but I love the booth idea!)…thanks and smiles to you, Mary

  15. As a dedicated follower of the WFF blog community, I, too, am willing to pay for the privilege of thoughtful, charming, often-funny daily inspiration. Those qualities can be hard to find in the mass media, it is a blessing to have them all rolled into one forum here! You’re the best, Mary.

    Thanks for the adorable picture, I sure needed the laugh today.

    Susan L, congratulations and all good wishes to your family!

  16. The blog came right up from my e-mail today! Thanks Mary. Wonderful thoughts for today. The shared photo was sweet. We’ll be traveling up Sat. for Maria’s show. Seems like you may be there too. My man loved your husband’s art.(I had shown him it from here a while back.) I see he’s not in the show.Does he have his own shop anywhere near Salem,NY? Thanks, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for writing…I will be stopping by the show about 2pm on Sat. (I’ll pass your compliments on to Jack too). His shop is called Jack’s Outback Antiques and it is located at 30 West Main St. in Cambridge NY (about 15 miles from Salem)

  17. Ok! Third times a charm! I have tried to comment twice before today and was interrupted (crazy day). I along with the other followers of Mary’s blog am happily dependent on my daily dose of this wonderful pen ministry. I too would pay a fee, but it sounds like that won’t be necessary. Love and blessings to all my friends here and thank you Mary for bringing us together.

  18. Your blog has become one of my daily readings, along with Jon Katz’s posts (I get his on FaceBook). In fact, it was Jon Katz who led me to your blog…I in turn have passed it on to a friend or two. You certainly have a gift for words. Thank you!

  19. Just checking in before bed in AZ, – Cheryl b- by the sea! You had me laughing out loud with your Cheryl’s Shed, whatever it takes, lemonade, WWF bumper stickers! whatever! Or yes, we may truly all need a 12 step program to un-tether ourselves from each other! Mary, friends of a feather stick together in all kinds of weather, and that includes minor (or even semi-major) tech glitches, blog bogs, stormy weather. Like it or not, Mary, you are stuck with us, and we will all find a way to prevail! WWF rules and rocks, Goodnight from AZ! Love, Susan

    1. Being “stuck” with you all is about the biggest blessing that I have ever received! thank you Susan!

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