Saturday evening kiss

To all of you who were wondering about “Wonder” (the little feral kitten that we found in a field last July, and who was adopted by friends of ours), here is the most recent photograph of him snuggled up to his pal Yetti. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Saturday evening kiss

  1. Hi Mary – I have been following ‘Wonder’ on Facebook ever since you mentioned him awhile back. I just love following this cat and I have 5 cats of my own. Yetti is also another character cat and those 2 are perfect little partners. Thank you again for getting the word out about ‘Wonder’ and now ‘Yetti’.

    • Thank you Mona!(I love his facebook page and wasn’t able to link to it), but he certainly went to the right family!

  2. My husband is watching some (losing) team lose to some other (losing) team – and I can tune in and see two winners! locked in a Saturday night snuggle – does it get any better than this? Thank you Mary for tiding us over the weekend at the Farm! Love that lil’ Wonder!

  3. I’ve been checking out Wonder on Facebook too. He truly is a “wonder” and a great little smile enhancer. Thanks Mary for bringing Wonder into our lives, in more ways than one.

  4. Mary, you did a wonderful (!) thing when you helped that little angel find his forever home. Wish there were more people like you so there wouldn’t be so many homeless cats and dogs.

  5. What an adorable little cat. You can see from my email address why I am posting….Yeti was my beloved Himalayan that I was lucky enough to have for 17 years. She was soooo special. I still mourn for her after 7 years, not in an unhealthy way anymore, but I do miss her. I have many other cats (see my website and they are all special too, but they are all different. One is never intended to replace another that has gone before. Jon Katz’ new book about grieving is very profound. It’s a tough subject.

    • I love the work that you are doing with cats…anyone interested in adopting I hope will take a look at your website!

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