Stepping out in faith

Fred checking out the new table

I stopped by a local thrift store the other day to search for old cashmere sweaters (for a patchwork blanket), saw this coffee table, (found out later that it is a Japanese Tea table) and fell in love with it. Since I posted on this blog that we were going to move to Maine, a lot of people have been asking me what I have been doing regarding that move, and my answer has been, “I’ve been imagining what it will be like to sit in our new home: fire glowing in the fireplace, writing in my upstairs room with its’ tiny view of the ocean, meeting new friends, finding favorite coffee places, …” All the “action” has been in my mind. When I saw this table, I felt like it was something for our new home, so I bought it.

It is way too big for our current home….that is one of the reasons that I felt I had to buy it. It is for me, an important step in saying to the universe, “I trust that we are going to be moved to a larger home where this will be a perfect fit.”

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

19 thoughts on “Stepping out in faith”

  1. Good Morning, Mary. I like it – the table & this post; keep the faith!
    Love, Mary Rita.

  2. i have one dog and plan on getting another at some point. to this end i have purchased another dog bed that sits in my living room waiting to be filled. looking at it every day helps me keep faith in my dreams.

    1. Love both Marys’ posts.A year and a half ago I had to say goodbye to a wonderful 17-year-old cat who had bone cancer. I just couldn’t let go of his bed. A year ago I met a terrific new friend. He has a Cain terrier who settles down in cat’s bed as though it was there just for her. My other cat has a bed next to it. In the winter they are often found snuggled up side by side.

      I’m off to Concord, NH to visit my mom this weekend. There is a great Goodwill store there (and no taxes). Will see what treasurers I might find!

      1. Your story brings a smile to my face Susan! (hope you got some wonderful stuff at Goodwill!)

  3. Beautiful table Mary.
    Fred looks like a big guy like my Fitz. He fills up your new table quite nicely.
    Love thrift shops also. I love it when I walk in and I find exactly what I was thinking I needed…like a heater or old wooden clothes drying rack. Boom, there it is.
    Even better when you find something for future use and slowly your dreams become reality.

    1. Fred is quite large (he weighs about 16 lbs and that is after we put him on a diet last year!)…love your words Barbara, “…and slowly your dreams become reality.”

  4. I love your new table! And it WILL be a perfect fit…”If you can see it, you can do it…”…from I Believe I Can Fly…always loved the words and music. Happy day!

  5. Lovely! Beautiful kitty, beautiful table, beautiful thought.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Feather Friends! 🙂

  6. Love the quote Mary! I also like to think that faith is not being able to see the next stair, but trusting someone is already on it, and will reach out a hand. There’s always someone on the stair behind us too, and we can be that hand.

    Have a wonderful weekend each and every dear one!

  7. What a beautiful table! Fred is a darling too. Keep the faith Mary, I can just see you in that wonderful new Maine home by the sea. Sounds cozy!

  8. Mary, be sure to add the auditory and olfactory sensations to your “action plan”. While the visual is certainly important, it’s the sound of waves undulating rhythmically and steadily combined with rich, briny ocean aromas that spells H-O-M-E for me.
    Wishfully collaborating along with you……:)

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