Blessing our money…and a contest!

a cute little wallet

I had a love-hate relationship with money for much of my life. Money was a huge source of tension in my home growing up; the cause of endless arguments between my parents. And so without realizing it, I came to be suspicious of money; thinking that it was responsible for our unhappy home (so it must be bad), and yet wanting it (so I must be bad too).

When I started to change my attitude about money; when I began blessing it (instead of cursing it), more money flowed into my life. When I was afraid of money (afraid I wouldn’t have enough, afraid I wouldn’t look like a legitimate minister if I had wealth, afraid of what others would think of me….) it stayed away.

Money is neutral….until we put our judgements on it. It is a vital part our lives and our world, why not bless it? Why not enjoy it?

“Wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it“. Benjamin Franklin


If you would like the little wallet above (it is new…I got it at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago, but it is too small for my needs…it’s a Liz Claiborne),  just post a comment with some positive thought about money. I will choose a random winner on Saturday the 29th!

34 thoughts on “Blessing our money…and a contest!”

  1. What a fun way to start the morning!

    One of my favorite positive quotes about money came via Brad Yates. He attributed it to someone else, whose name escapes me.

    “Greed is bad. But rich is good.”

    Brad added that if one wants wealth because of greed, normally driven by insecurity or fear, then that is unhealthy. Desiring wealth out of a sense of deserving, and out of a sense of wanting to benefit self and others with that wealth, is healthy.

  2. I immediately thought of a phrase I read in my spiritual reading: Rama and Kama can’t live in the same house. Rama – of course- is God; Kama is $$$$ or strong desires for money or anything else to the extreme… When all you want is something else – something you can’t have – you are not free to live.

  3. I think money is a trading tool, whether we trade it for shelter, food, education (college tuition!), or other needs and wants. When we start viewing it as more than a tool that helps us to navigate our lives, we have replaced other, more important parts of our lives — family, friends, spirituality — and we have lost perspective.

  4. Thank you Mary, for this perspective! I too have battled with money through my life (both childhood & adulthood). Although I have never thought about “Blessing our Money” I have found that when I become so balled up inside regarding money; how will it work out-will I be able to make ends meet-will I ever work this out-blah blah blah; all relating to money…I have to simply turn it over & trust the Universe sees my needs and will always meet them…I have to let go of my fear!

  5. Mary – What a fun contest! I can’t wait to read all the comments at the end of the day.

    I like this quote attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
    “Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.”

  6. I have a couple of thoughts about money. I am grateful for the financial security I and my family enjoy. Having money, which came gradually through the years has allowed for a comfortable life. We share with others often, in our community in our extended family. I see this as a positive way to look at money rather than all the stories of greed we hear about today. Did I mention I’m grateful?

  7. Forgot to mention, I really loved yesterday’s post about kindness, I was traveling and didn’t get a chance to comment. The legacy of the man you spoke of may have been his brilliance, which is admirable, but I’d sure settle for “She was kind” as my epitaph.

  8. This isn’t really about money at all, but just one of the many weird flashbacks your posts (and the comments) always seem to create for me. I was six or seven, and I had a cute, fat ceramic piggy bank, very heavy by itself but also full of nickles and dimes from my allowance (which I never spent, just fed to my little pig). I really, really wanted a dog. So I tied a rope around my pig and tried to take him for a walk. He broke, and all the money spilled out. I was devastated.

    Not sure what the moral of that story was. Why am I remembering this now?

    1. that is such a cute/sad story Jill! How long after that did it take to get your dog?

  9. Money is a strange subject, as is religion, politics etc. The beautiful wallet reminds me that money can be a good thing, if used wisely. I am not wealthy, but sharing what I have keeps my circle of life going. Mary, thank you for your wonderful posts. They bring words of wisdom to us every day.

  10. Two quotes on true treasure:

    from Matthew 6: 19 – 21 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

    and from Barbara Kingsolver:

    “WANT is a thing that unfurls itself unbidden like fungus, opening large upon itself, stopless, filling the sky.

    But NEEDS, from one day to the next, are few enough to fit in a bucket, with room enough left to rattle like brittlebrush in a dry wind.”

    Years ago I copied Barbara K’s quote on an index card and it is always in my checkbook!

    All of you here count as some of my greatest treasures stored sweetly in the heart where thieves cannot break in or steal. Happy day to all.

  11. Money by itself is actually quite benign, neither good nor bad. It’s only our perception that makes it either the holy grail or pure evil. You’re so right Mary – our attitudes about money can have a major impact on whether we have a lot or a little. After years and years of being fearful of it (covering my ears when people talked about financial planning), I’m finally beginning to see it as a tool to help me get to where I want to be in life. I know that if I focus on what makes me happy (while not entirely ignoring money), I’ll be all right. It’s a mantra I have to repeat every day! Thank you Mary for raising this topic!

  12. It says it all right on every piece of currency, “In God we trust.” I think I’ll trust God/Spirit/Universe to give me enough of it to sustain a healthy life. PEACE…

  13. The older I get, the less things and money matter to me and the more I can let things go. What’s most important is time and spending it with those you love.

  14. A point to Penni’s thought: For my longtime boyfriend’s birthday this past July, we drove downstate to take his terminally ill dad to lunch. That luncheon was my gift to my sweetheart.

    I couldn’t tell you today how much the meal cost … but both my boyfriend Brad and I treasure the memory of those hours laughing, eating, and chatting with his dad, who died less than a month later.

    Money was simply the tool that bought the gasoline, paid for the hotel, and paid for the meal. The time was the thing with immeasurable value.

  15. When we think of being good stewards of our money, it takes away all the negative thoughts about it!

  16. I just want to say that i get something so valuable out of your everyday thoughts. I love the comments about money because it helps me keep putting it into perspective. I have the old me and the new me- but some of the old me comes creeping back once in a while. Thank you for all of your insights and the sharing that you do every day. I hope you are aware that it feeds souls.

    Happy Happy day to you!

  17. I loved reading each and every one of these posts! What a gift to read this at the end of a day. I, too, often find myself closing my ears when people talk about financial planning. And I add some kind of negative thought as well, thinking that I have nothing to plan with. But I am also grateful for what I have. I just ordered a book from the local bookstore about Women and Money. So, taking steps to be more friendly with it and even more grateful…

  18. I heard someone say once that you never know your relatives until the will is read. Money can bring out the best and worst in us. We do need it though, it helps with survival and as long as it is used as a tool in the way so many of you expressed it is good! I think it is bad when we are obsessed with it and it becomes too important. The most content folks I know are not the richest money-wise.
    “Wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it“ Well said Benjamin!

  19. The safest way to double your money is to double it over and put it in your pocket. Not sure who said that but I wish I had done that with my little retirement savings. Night all!

  20. In the immortal words of the Beatles,”I don’t care too much for money. Money can’t buy me love.”
    Amen to this. 🙂
    Cindy Chambers

  21. Thank you for your posts and comments on kindness and money. It is interesting to read all the different perspectives that people have about money, I’ve been checking out all kinds of quotes on-line and it has been fun seeing the varied opinions. Sometimes I don’t know where the money is going to come from to cover expenses, but somehow things always seem to work out, for which I am very grateful.

  22. I was afraid to retire. My mind was filled with “what ifs” and “if I retire, we can’ts”. I put my doubts on a little shelf in my mind and took the step. Instead of money, I have the time for a morning walk. Sometimes there’s a beautiful mist with the sun shining through and a little group of toadstools ( we called them as kids) which grew overnight. And always, always there are the birds at the feeder and in the trees above singing a good morning to me. No amount of money can buy this.

  23. Whether you’re rich or you’re poor, it’s nice to have money.

    (attributed to my Uncle Max, who knows where he picked it up)

  24. Let me first say that i so enjoy your blog – thanks to Bedlam Farms for introducing me – money is a funny thing – having it takes pressure off of some aspects of life – but being overly concerned about it takes away from the pleasure of some aspects of life.

  25. I am finally figuring out how to “control” my money vs. it controlling me My dh and I have really really struggled with money with much of the struggle rsulting from poos decisions on our part. But, we’re finally making peace with each other, and I’m giving it the respect it deserves.

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