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We watched a really wonderful PBS documentary on the life of the Buddha the other night. It wasn’t so much the historical aspect that they were depicting, but the devotional and spiritual. We found it so uplifting. Jane Hirshfield, a Zen Buddhist and a poet, who was one of the commentators throughout the film said something like, “It’s fun to walk down the street and look at “others” and silently ask the question, “Buddha?”….helping us to remember that we are all, under the cover of flesh and bone, pure spirit, pure love, pure goodness. Sometimes it is very obvious. Most times we have to look for it.

This is easy for me to do with animals. Around St. Francis’ birthday, there are ceremonies, in many places called, The Blessing of the Animals. Every time I hear about this it makes me chuckle (just a little) because my first thought is, “They are the ones blessing us!”

I would look at a dog, and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all creatures are my family. They’re like you and me“. Ziggy Marley

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  1. Yes indeed! they are the ones blessing us, and we want the best of blessings for them!
    Wonderful picture of Luke! Just look at those eyes.
    From Fran

  2. Your post this morning made me smile: agreed, it’s human hauteur to think that *we* could bless the animals.

    Luke looks like a beatific soul, that photo makes me want to jump through the computer and give him a big smooch! 🙂

  3. Ahhhh Luke…through the eyes of love…so special…pure spirit, pure love, pure goodness. Missed the PBS documentary on the Buddha. Will have to look for it! I love the question she asked…hmmmm…I think I’ve encountered a few…and it’s been wonderful! Happy day!

    1. Good morning Kathye! We rented the film on Netflix after a friend had recommended it. Have a wonderful day! Mary

  4. When a priest came to bless the animals at a fundraiser last year, I said that they should be the ones blessing us. What is the purpose of blessings…to keep us healthy, safe,or pure of heart?

  5. Barbara’s question prompted me to look up ‘blessings’ – interesting little tidbits always on wikipedia. Animals are indeed a blessing to us and there are so many of us here who have beloved pets, furry and winged. But I love the idea of blessing them too, as we are asking God’s favor upon them. One of my favorite benedictions my pastor most frequently used before we left the morning service was also mentioned in wikipedia as the “priestly” blessing: I often felt I needed to hear no other words than these on a Sunday morning:

    Numbers 6:24-26:

    May the Lord bless you, and keep you;
    May the Lord make His countenance shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
    May the Lord be gracious unto you and grant you peace.


    Blessings to all who gather here. (and to your pets!)

    1. This is my favorite quote also. At temple they would end each service with this prayer – in Hebrew to a beautiful tune. I have cross stitched it a couple of times also. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  6. Great post, Mary. And just looking at Luke’s picture tells me that Luke knows where it’s at! In fact, I see more of the Buddha in him than I do in some people I know!

  7. Thanks for reminding me about the PBS Buddha show. I DVRd it quite some time ago. Now I will watch and listen and feel a connection to all of us who follow the blog. Thanks for mentioning it. Great reminder for me to set aside the time.

  8. Another wonderful documentary from PBS is entitled:
    Women, War and Peace: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

    About Liberian women, Christian and Muslin, united in prayer and focused action against the violence of Charles Taylor’s regime. It was hurtful to watch…and these women ignited a grateful heart within me and pride in that we women wield incredible power through humbling ourselves in prayer before a mighty and loving God…and because we know how to unite, holding no regard for race, creed and religion.

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