A mind opened?

Esther getting away from it all (napping inside my pack basket!)

I had a pretty irritable day last week. I could just feel that I was off. Every little thing seemed to bother me and while usually a good run, meditation, or nap will turn me around, nothing did. I also had an important meeting to attend, and couldn’t reschedule, so I grabbed a bunch of inspirational cd’s to take along on my drive and after trying to find a radio station with some good music (of course I didn’t; all of the songs that I generally liked, annoyed me) I reached down into my stack of cd’s, pulled one out and popped it into the player.

I had heard this particular workshop recording before and always felt uplifted by it, but that day, when I heard the woman’s voice say, “Now take a deep breath and breath out all of the negative energy…” I thought, “Yeah right! As if it is that easy!” and I fantasized throwing the cd out the window.  All the sudden I imagined that I had thrown the cd out, and that some person, who was having a rough time, found it and  felt like they got an answer from heaven. I imagined them listening and thinking that something/someone had heard their prayer for help. For one split second, I was that person and in that moment I thought, “I asked for help (which I did by taking the cd’s in the first place) and pulled this one out and now I’m going to discount it? Throw it out mentally? If I ask for help and then don’t even try it, I am, beyond help. I am going to listen to this and try to be open.” Within 5 minutes, a relaxing wave came over me and the ill-will and crappy feelings left.

There is an old expression, “familiarity breeds contempt” and that would have applied to me in that previous moment. All the help that I needed was there, waiting in that little 15 minute meditation cd but my mind “knew it”, had heard it before, so discounted it. Wisdom is all around me. Sometimes it come out of the mouth of my mother, the person ahead of me in line at the grocery store, Jack, the radio, a cd, book or movie. Whether I hear it, and take it in, or not, is up to me.

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” Gerry Spence

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  1. Good Morning Mary – thanks for opening my mind this fine monday morning here in beautiful Washington County in Upstate New York. What I have on my mind this morning is obsessing on upcoming holiday gifts. It is a tradition with me; more aptly put a bad habit. I love the gift giving. I love surprising people. But, I put way too much obsessive thinking into it and that spoils the joy for me. I suspect there are others in our White Feather Community who do, or have done the same. I invite a dialogue of Holiday Joy. Let us open our hearts to it!!!

    1. great idea…it will be coming (I have had the same gift thing for years and would like to do it differently this year too)

  2. Oh Mary, that’s a good one. It’s so much easier to shut down and close up during these times. It takes such strength to really open ourselves to help. Thank you

  3. Thank you, Mary. I can so relate. I never cease to be amazed at how quickly help arrives when I talk to Spirit, but it works really, really well when I slow down and listen/see what Spirit is giving me in regards to my request! Your post is a great reminder of that!! Love to you, my Dear, and have a lovely day!

  4. Sometimes we just have those days, don’t we Mary, when you can’t explain your off mood, things out of joint, your usual spirit out of sorts and eluding you. To receive almost anything requires a slowing down, a tuning in, an open awareness. On the days I feel the least grounded is when I appreciate my yoga practice the most because simply standing in tree for instance helps to reground me. Checking in here every morning is a touchstone you have given us where reconnection is made and words of wisdom help us to focus and center. Thank you. And Mary Rita, I think it would be a wonderful topic, the holidays, or as I sometimes call them, the holi-daze! as they are fast approaching.

  5. Good post, Mary. How many times have I disregarded a message of sorts because I had heard it before, only to find that it was just as applicable today as it was when I first heard it. Good reminder.

    I LOL’d, though, when I saw your comment about the old adage that ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ When I was a teenager (back in the mid- and late 50’s), my mom would always keep me in line when I was dating, by giving me her signature statement about how boys wouldn’t respect you if you got too intimate. “Remember,” she’d say, “familiarity breeds contempt.”

    I heard this for what seemed like a gazillion years until one day, when I had matured in my thinking a bit, I said to her, “Well Mom, nothing is more ‘familiar’ than being married. Do you and daddy have contempt for each other?”

    I never heard that argument from her again.

    I’ll have to share this memory with her. Thanks for this, Mary!

  6. I hate those days – feeling like I am “off” too Mary – I think the worst part for me the non acceptance of it all – the need to change it – to somehow snap out of it. You know how small children in a tired and cranky fit will arch their backs -making them impossible to hold and they kind of slide out of your arms?
    Admittedly, I have been quite irritable as of late – tired as I usually am at this time of year. It’s all I can do to stay in the moment…. Thanks for your honesty – it helps to hear that others out there are dealing with that cranky kid inside…. Sometimes the one thing that really helps – when all else fails, is to ask myself the question: “Who exactly is in charge in there?” That usually quiets things down and restores the peace…. oxox

    1. I read and loved reading about your day, Nancy! Thanks for giving us the link to your blog! More treasures found at White Feather Farm!

  7. Oh yes. I’ve had those days. A few years ago I received a Paula Best card that I loved. Her words were so calming, so inspirational, that I keep them on my desk and over the years have added a few more lines/thoughts that are meaningful and soothing to me. And I read it every morning. It reminds me what is important and it grounds me. My private meditation. So here it is (with Paula’s words from the card in CAPS, and my additions in lower case ). I share it with all the good intentions that Mary’s post inspires! Much love.

    Breathe deep the fresh air
    Feel the season
    Watch the lake’s changing theatre
    Whisper I love you and smile…

    Quiets the clutter in my head
    Soars my spirit
    Celebrates my faith
    Completes my heart

  8. Years ago, I had no idea that I would have a computer let alone place my thoughts on a blog and yet, it has happened (I’m still electronically challenged, however). So here goes: I was sent to Sunday School, always, as a small child growing up in the late 1940’s. In the mid-1950’s I taught Sunday School and of my own volition, attended church as well as we had a wonderful minister who gave inspiring sermons. I became the head of the Sunday School, became an usher in the church, became the head of the Christmas Pageant, the second largest at the time in our city. So, the church has been a very large part of my life. But something happened during the setting up of the staging for the Christmas Pageant. The minister (by then, three ministers on from the original one) called me and said that he could not preach from the staging that the fathers had set into his narthex. My response was: I would listen to you if you were standing on a soapbox on a street corner. During my time spent with this minister, I remarked that I neither believed or disbelieved in God and Christ. He then said; “you are an agnostic…a fence sitter. You need to believe as a small child believes” and at that, he lost me. That was the beginning of my crack in the wall with religion. In later life I went into art college, studied many of the old religions, beliefs, etc. in relation to old and ancient cultures and eventually came to the point where I could no longer place my fanny in the pew and repeat the Nicene Creed. You see, by then I felt that there was a god for everyone if they so chose, not to be proseletized, not to impose on another. My minister at the time agreed that I was likely going to be “okay” and I stopped going to church entirely. But, I believe that I became more spiritual in the process. Throughout my journey, after my first husband died at 39, I became quite situationally depressed and could not sleep at night. It was then that I made a pact with Christ. Sit in my rocking chair next to my bed and look after me through the night. And believe it or not, I slept. When I pray for peace in my mind, when I pray for a lessening of my anger towards someone, when I pray for strength; I am given it. From whatever source, whether from within or without, if I try to centre myself and ask for help, it is given me without fail.

    This is a long post and I hope it is not minded the space it took. I still consider myself non-religious…I don’t like formal religion…to me, it is man-made; but I do strongly believe in a spiritual source in my life.

    Sandy P.

    1. Thank you, Sandy, for this wonderful ‘share!’ I think you have lived my same life in a parallel universe.

    2. So glad I checked to see if there were any more posts added to Monday’s message. I really enjoyed reading yours, Sandy, and thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you have found your own peace with spirit in your life. Blessings to you.

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