Holy…….Is anyone watching the road?!!

I took this photograph while Jack was driving and Luke had put his head up front. I didn’t see at the time, that Jack had his eyes closed. Jack is a “relaxed” driver. He looks around, fiddles with things (obviously he closes his eyes too, but I didn’t realize this until yesterday!). In the past, we’ve gotten into quite a few arguments over this (me trying to tell him how to drive). Yesterday, I had just come from an incredible massage, had a magical morning with a friend, and we were headed to Northshire bookstore to buy Christmas cards and coffee. I was feeling so mellow and happy that when I saw this shot (on my iphone), the look on Luke’s face cracked me up, like he was thinking, “Oh my god, she is taking pictures and he is sleeping! Who is watching the road?!”

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”  Henry Ward Beecher

23 thoughts on “Holy…….Is anyone watching the road?!!”

  1. Oh what a great shot! Perhaps Luke should begin riding “shotgun” just in case he needs to pounce on the brake! Luke gives new meaning to “watch dog”! Good boy!

  2. This picture really gave me a chuckle! You got your husband in print now, it’s great. I love Luke!!! Have a great day, you’ve made mine!

  3. My first thought was “priceless” but then I glanced up and saw that Kelly T already used that word!!!

    As always, thanks for sharing and getting my day off to a happy start…
    love, Marian

  4. Time for Luke to have driving lessons so he can take over. This was such fun to see…although I would think Jack might feel it isn’t funny. Thanks for the huge grin!

  5. like someone said, god is my co-pilot, i mean of course, dog is my co-pilot! good that luke was at the helm. one of your dear felines may not have been so astute. fetching photo, and it just brought me to smiling.

    may we all have the best day we can, minute by minute.

  6. I hope Luke got an extra doggie treat yesterday! Can’t you imagine a cartoon balloon over his head, – “someone’s gotta keep an eye on things in this family!” Jack is a good sport too!

  7. That is quite funny – a very vigilant Luke, sweet boy – you can just imagine him taking the wheel.

  8. YIKES!! I’m almost afraid to ask how long it took for Jack to open his eyes again??! If he’s musically inclined, tell him there is a great western swing band called Asleep At The Wheel….;>)
    Thank goodness for watch dogs.

  9. I also was going to comment “priceless”. But I see it has been voluminously used prior to this.
    I felt great that today I was actually able to put the mundane aside and do some “living”as you often speak of. Jon K. speaks this too. My dau. asked me this am to go on a spontanious kayak trip down our river here in Eastern MA. I hemmed and hawed.Thought of the bills I was going to pay,the planned trip to the bank and errands.Then I thought “Live your life, make your own stories.” So I said yes and had a lovely few hours on the river with 68degree temp,nature and my daughter. It doesn’t get much better than this.
    I really am enjoying your great blog Mary.Thanks, Cindy Chambers

    1. I am so happy to read about your day, Cindy! So Sweet, seize the moment with your daughter! flow with the rapids. lovely!

  10. I just love it when you post photos of the four legged members of your family, they always make me laugh. And it looks exactly like Luke is thinking, “holy…..”

  11. “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” Henry Ward Beecher

    This is what caught my attention, Mary. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at. Some people don’t find it as easy as others. Even though I was an only child, I grew up with my mother’s four brothers ribbing the heck out of me. From English parentage, my uncles soon taught me not to take myself too seriously. I also drive with two co-pilots, my Aussies. Wouldn’t be without them. I suspect you caught your husband in a ‘blink’. It’s a fun picture with Luke intently riding shotgun.


  12. No kayaking today but I gave myself the nudge to get out and “live”. It was 65 degrees here so I did the bare essentials; dishwasher,bed and brought in firewood period. Then I brought my bike out and enjoyed more time with nature. I am so out of shape, the ride was difficult coming up the long,gradually steep hill on the way back. I had to walk the bike for a bit. But I kept thinking.”No shame. No shame.” Got back on and rewarded myself by stopping at the Alpaca Farm a few doors down from me. I love the Alpacas. They exude such peace and comfort. The endorphins were flowing!
    Thanks for your blog Mary, Cindy

  13. FUNNY! I’m still smiling….
    Mary, your post in which you mention “a relaxing wave”…you should copyright that term. (ha!) Perhaps it’s “out there,”…but I’ve been trying to explain it to friends recently. When discussing a problem with a friend and I’m sad, anxious, stressed, etc. and they give me feedback…make a point that resonates…I can feel my body relax. I’ve been trying to explain the sensation…your term is perfect. Love those waves!

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