A little help from our friends

I was just about to walk out the door on Saturday morning, for an overnight trip to Burlington, and decided to blow dry the ends of my hair (so it would flip up). This sounds pretty mundane…I mean, who cares if I took a few extra minutes to fiddle with my hair? But it wasn’t a usual thing for me.  I was ready to leave the house; overnight bag packed, car warmed up and running, and suddenly I thought that I needed just a bit of curl? I cannot tell you how unusual this is. I am a pretty focused person when I’m going somewhere. If I say I’m going to leave the house at 10:00 a.m., 99% of the time I follow through.

But the feeling was strong, so I decided to do it. As I picked up the blow dryer, I saw a little mouse clinging to the cord (who then, suddenly jumped to the back of the sink!). Jack was still home so I yelled for him to bring the “mouse catcher” (he knew that I meant the cheese-keeper) and within a minute we had her/him under the glass and ready to be set free outside. I guess that many people would think that this was just a random coincidence: me suddenly needing to style, and a little mouse hanging onto a blow dryer cord for dear life (If I had gone away for 24 hrs, it is a pretty safe bet that the little guy would not have made it out alive with our 6 cats all inside for the day too)…but I know better. I know that beneath the level of our reasoning conscious mind, beneath the “pros and cons” way of thinking, the figuring out, the compartmentalization of life, and everything in it, that we are all here in a vast, mysterious, loving sea of connection; each tiny, seemingly insignificant piece, moving and affecting all others.

This song “Friends” from Elton John just came to mind when I was writing so the link to it is below. Have a wonder-filled day friends!

22 thoughts on “Connection”

  1. Yesterday morning a bird flew in the house. It immediately panicked, flying from window to window. trying to get out. My little terrier caught it in her mouth. My heart sank, but knowing from experience that trying to take it away from her would only make things worse, I said “Outside!” and she trotted outside with the bird still in her mouth. She wandered around the yard for a while, bird in mouth, then set it down and came back in the house. A little while later, the bird should itself off and flew away – to the sounds of much barking. A catch-and-release program of a different sort, but same happy ending.

  2. Meaningful story, sweet, sweet picture, and a song from Elton John….all in the same post.

    Ahhhhh…my day has been made, no matter what happens going forward.
    Thank you, Mary, once again.

  3. The phrase “all creatures great and small” pops to mind -but what is the rest of the line? I guess just that we have no say whether we were created great or small in size or stature, but the good Lord made us all, and every creation is of great value in His eyes. Lil’ Mouse was calling you Mary, and you heard the summons. Happy endings!

  4. Dear Universe,
    My biggest prayer is that I (and we) could begin each day with a story like this one of the little mouse. My heart swells and compassion grows enough to last me through the entire day (and longer!) May all beings be so blessed; may our days be filled with such joy and gratitude. Amen, namaste, peace.

    [And on a similar note, may I plug a delightful, heartwarming book for all the feathered flock (a great holiday gift): Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer Holland. Remember the video Mary shared with us of Tarra, the elephant, and Bella, the dog? Their story as well as 46 others are included in this book. Enjoy.]

    1. Thank you for this Cheryl and for the book recommendation. It sounds like my kind of book!

  5. I love that you heard the mouse, Mary! That is just too precious. And that Jill’s dog saved the bird. What a wonderful world we live in 🙂

  6. Great story Mary to save that little gray mouse and Cheryl you’re right about the book “Unlikely Friendships”. I love to read and see the pictures of the most unlikely animals together. It’s a wonderful little book and I too recommend it to our flock. Have a good evening all.

  7. I love it! You and the little mousie where both in the right place at the right time to save him/her. Perhaps she needed to return to her babies outside and was looking for food for them. Hope you have a great day and trip today!

  8. Just another example of all things happening for a reason…guess the reason you needed a curl was that the little mouse needed to be saved by you…great story! BTW, I have your little friend’s long lost cousin living in my pantry down here in Watkinsville. Every night I try my method of trap so I can release outside and every night he is smarter than me, eats the “bait” and is gone again…maybe tonight will be the night I am successful. He is so cute I’d keep him if I could!!!

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