Time to fly

A great photo sent to me a few days ago by Susan A!

I recently started a new project. Something that I have never seriously attempted to do before, and I am watching my mind vacillate between huge doubt, and some confidence, in my ability to complete it. That is not quite true. I know that I can complete it. But can I do it well? Yesterday I met with a friend who has successfully gone through the door that I am facing. He has vast experience, information and knowledge in this area, but his biggest help is that he believes in me, and won’t commiserate with small thinking.

He knows the terror of self-doubt and basically said to me, “That is just a given. Everyone goes through it. You have to acknowledge it, get started, move forward.” I truly love people who won’t let me get away with whining about my life, will point out when I am off-track, and guide me back, by expecting more of me, in the moment, than I am expecting of myself.

Faith without works is like a bird without wings; though she may hop with her companions on earth, yet she will never fly with them to heaven“. Francis Beaumont

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  1. Good morning, Mary. I won’t commiserate with you, but understand the challenges of learning to do something completely new. The CD version of The Path of Remembering (with the addition of a beautiful tune by my son Stuart) is about to go off to the CD maker. I didn’t think I could do all the steps–from recording to finding help designing the package, but it’s ready now to fly, and I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received, from all places of being. It should arrive mid December, just in time for the holidays.

  2. Mary and Susan, such a wonderfully colourful and beautiful photograph. It almost doesn’t look real to someone like me in the northern hemisphere at the moment. After a hard frost overnight, to find such a refreshingly warm picture on this cold day in Canada is most welcome.

    As to stretching ourselves beyond our present capacity, life has a way of giving us these challenges at times if we’re open to them. This happened to me when I was 43 years of age. Someone suggested that I consider applying to Art College. I thought immediately of every reason why I shouldn’t. The list was long. He kept quiet. He was a school principal. But the next morning when I woke up, before my feet hit the floor, the thought that if I never tried, how would I know if I could have succeeded. I called the College to set an appt. for an interview (they occured only once a year…I happened to hit the month they were doing interviews…was that a coincidence ??). I graduated as a part-time mature student six years later. It was the best experience in my whole life. If we don’t try; we’ll never know if we are up to the challenge. But I hate putting on my big girl panties and acting like an adult.

    Thanks for sharing, Mary…and Susan, thank you too.

  3. We so often find ourselves making suggestions or giving advice to others, our children, our friends, our co-workers, but seldom do we really listen to what we are saying and take our own advice. Think, Mary, of what you would tell your sons in this situation and then tell the same thing to yourself and really listen.

    I am amazed each morning by your writing skills, your insight, your wisdom about things, about life…you, girl, can do anything you set your mind on, and do it well.
    Love and hugs to you today, hope you have a great one…Marian

  4. Perfect picture for our flock! Just beautiful!

    Hmmmm…yes, the terror of self-doubt. That ugly voice that can keep us from fulfilling our dreams and tries to keep our world small. Been there…but what a great feeling to silence that voice, step out of our comfort zones, and just do it! You have the wings of our white feather community beneath you…just reread your posts from the beginning and you will see! I echo Marian…YOU can do anything! Much love…

  5. Mary
    I can not wait to see what new project you are up to.
    This may sound strange, but knowing that even someone as spiritual as you goes thru doubt and hesitations, gives me some strength to follow thru on a major project myself. I just need to stamp on that nagging self doubt talk in my brain and get to it.
    Wonderful and uplifting responses from everyone this morning!
    Amazing photo. Had to do a double take.

  6. I just discovered your blog Mary and so appreciate your honest, uplifting writings. Very enlightening way to start my day….fresh out of bed with morning mouth, goofball hair and sleepy brain, your insights touch me deeply and remind me to follow my heart and soul. I look forward to more inspirations. Oh and by the way…..go for it….the new project. I too am just starting a new project and am a jumble of anticipation, worry and excitement. The universe offers us continual opportunities to share our divinity. I hope you share more about your new undertaking. Photo of mamma bird stunning.

  7. This post demonstrates effective use of photography/primary source/ & secondary source material. A+ from a former high school English teacher.

  8. Jump in, Mary! The door has opened to you for a reason. And with your feathered sisters behind you, what more could you ask?!

    Awesome photo, too!

  9. Great picture sent to you by Susan A. At first glance, I didn’t see the babies. I took a second look and there they were. So safe under mom’s wings. There will come a time when they will have to come out from under her wings and fly with their own. Big leap of faith. Take the leap, Mary. “You can’t soar with the eagles if you are a chicken” or something like that. 🙂

    1. I did not see the babies till you pointed them out. I just could not figure out the fullness. Shows how I need to pay better attention and not flit from thing to thing. I took a memory class and the instructor kept using the word “focus.”

  10. Hi Mary, What a sweet photo Susan A. sent. It almost brought me to tears.
    Best wishes and much strength to you with your new endeavor!(Remember the Helen Reddy song!)

  11. Oh dear flock! Does Anyone know who wrote these lines? They just haunt me, I’ve tried all the ‘first line poem sites’, – i have carried them in my memory since I was a young teen. . .

    “I hold my love but lightly, for I know that things with wings, held tightly!, want to go”

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