Friendly play

Noah and Bodhi playing

After we had Noah for about 3 months, the thought came to me that he needed a friend to play with. The next day, Jack and I took a ride to Second Chance shelter in Shaftsbury, VT and started looking. I noticed a beautiful grey, long-haired cat in one of the cages and asked if I could take him out. The name on his cage said, “Buster”.

As soon as I picked him up, he started purring. He looked petrified but didn’t stop purring. He had the feel of a very friendly being.

We adopted him and renamed him Bodhi. Within a week of getting him home, he and Noah were playing, like i’ve never seen adult cats do before. They are the only cats that we have, that we have ever had, that do actually play together, and they’ve done it for seven years.

When I think back on this, I am amazed by a couple of things. First,  I had never even had the thought before that a cat of mine needed a play-mate. Second, we found a cat (or he found us?) that actually played. Third, neither of these cats plays with any of the other cats in our home.

When I have doubts about being guided, think that I am generating all of my own “good ideas”, all I have to do is think about Noah and Bodhi. What a friendly Universe this is!

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with“.  Robert Brault

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  1. And you discovered his real name: Bodhi – illumined awakened enlightened – He seems to be all of those and Noah recognized that.

  2. Friends, playmates… how right you are! life is better if we have those in our lives.

    Thanks for a timely reminder, and thanks for adopting Noah and Bodhi. Fortunate for them and enriching for you.

    From Fran

  3. They are so sweet! My daughter lost one of her dogs six mo. ago. That left her with “Daisy”, a sweet mixed breed. My daughter thought also that Daisy needed a friend to play with. (the novelty with the kids had long since worn off.) She got bro. and sis. kittens from a shelter. “Bailey” and “Ziggy”. They integrated into her pack well and sweet Daisy the dog and Ziggy the cat are inseparable! They are playmates and bunkmates. The cutest is when the dog sleeps in/on(she’s a medium sized dog)Ziggy’s bed with him asleep between her. They look like a pretzel!
    I love the quote Mary. I’m lucky to have both!I feel blessed.
    Thank-you for your blog.

  4. My first dog Otter was a year old when we brought home a puppy for him. On the first day he claimed him as his own. He loved him immediately, nuzzled and nuzzled him and would scoop him with his paw, draw him in close for naps. It made complete sense to get that puppy for him I could somehow sense he needed that and they were completely devoted to each other. Can’t quite explain what prompted me or how I knew to do that, but the feeling was like fitting puzzle pieces together when I did.

    1. I love that Otter claimed the puppy…and that “sense” that we need to do something, what grace unfolds when we follow it.

  5. As you all know, I lost my sweet dog Chloe two months ago. Stll not over it, and not yet ready for another one, but I can “feel” tentative communications coming to me from wherever, and I know that either my next dog is here and is sending out the call, or is still in spirit and letting me know he/she will arrive when the Universe conspires with the whole scene.

    And so, with faith, I am letting it unfold as it will. Allowing for, and being open to guidance, is making the process relaxed and calm. And I thank YOU, Mary, for pointing out in your blog, just how to go about it.

    1. Suzy and Suzanne! Your messages side by side are so beautiful! I loved your words Suzy, that your promptings, from wherever they came, felt like pieces of a puzzle coming together. And then Suzanne, you wrote, maybe before you even read Suzy’s post, that maybe a new dog is already sending out the call – maybe that’s the little puzzle piece that will land some day (I hope soon for you!) that will make you smile and say, “yep, that’s the piece I was waiting for!” and then like Mary you will be drawn as if by instinct, to your next forever friend! What a joyous day that will be! Mary, I had no idea that cats played like Bodhi and Noah! They almost look like they are playing a game of patty cake! Also, love that quote – may the flock resolve to engage in one act of sheer silliness this weekend! Love to all!

      1. I didn’t know that cats played like this until these two either Susan! They are such fun to watch.

  6. Patty cake was the first thought that came to my mind, too, Susan. But then I realized it must be Catty Cake! Silly me :>)

  7. Much gratitude for the timely blog once again. This week I brought home a foster dog and she plays so well with my Hank dog. However, she seems so much more needy of attention, and is much more of a lap dog than mine. I like the lapdog, but do not know if I can handle two dogs as well as I would like. Bottom line, I think I want to keep her, but do not know if it is best for her or me. But I do not have to make a decision at this time, and will let it all play out, and let the universe work it out.

    1. Dear Joy, I hope you just let it play out, – listen to your bottom line, my second dog adopted me and my 8 year old male dog on our trail, she simply came up to Dobie and kissed him all over his face (she, without collar, no ID) and my boy with me, with his collar and leash on a rugged desert trail! – but she knew what she wanted, at least I think of it that way to this day. . Your foster dog already loves you and if you sense a connection with Hank, – wow, let it be Joy! I will never forget my husband looking in on me in our guest bedroom the day after we ‘rescued’ Little Lucky from the trail, – she was curled up with me napping and I was struck by her need and love already, and my 8 year old male snuggling nearby. If it’s meant to be, let it be. . . .

  8. I LOVE this blog so much – the wisdom, the photos, the tears, the LOL moments, the “flock.” And Noah and Bodhi, what a crackup that is. They are sparring, the ears go out to the side. My cats sometimes do that kind of playing too and it’s hilarious to watch how fast those paws move as they hit each other. And being able to be silly with a friend… that’s just the best therapy. A few wk-ends ago I went to a cabin with a couple sisters and we were silly as all get out. Went to Cambridge, OH, and there were life size Dickens characters everywhere and we posed with them imitating their postures, stuck our heads into plywood cutouts of ice skaters etc from the Dickensian era and took photos, talked to Jimmy and Carl, the very friendly camels on this farm where we stayed, played board games, and just plain had fun.

      1. It’s called Pine Lakes Lodge. Cambridge is a fun town to roam through, and this is a beautiful part of OH.

    1. Your weekend sounds like a blast Sally! I just spent the afternoon with 3 adult women friends, (and 2 teenagers) and we shopped, laughed and all felt so much energy by the end of the day! Wonderful

  9. Your cats are real smile makers, Mary! Love the photo and your reminder that we are surprised by divine guidance in our lives. I prayed for a community to share with and look what came my way, White Feather Farm. Love to the flock,

  10. Everything to love on this site! The stories, quotes and the “flock”. Thank you. Animals are amazing aren’t they? Years ago my dog “Fatty” adopted a little oprhaned kitten, “Foofer”, that I brought home and they were inseperable. Such fun to watch! Fatty took over Foofer’s care the minute she saw her, kept her clean, slept with her . . . they were friends for over 10 years. Also got into a bit of mischief together!

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