A funny thing happened…

Noah snuggling up with the sneakers

I went shopping with my mother a few weeks ago, and there was a box of shoes in the clearance dept. marked $1 per pair. Nothing fit me, but my mother found these camouflage sneakers (Keds) and bought them even though they were too big. She wore them for an hour, shuffling around (because every time she took a step, she stepped out of them), and  finally realized that she was going to have to give them away. She asked me to drop them off at the thrift store next time I went.

I took them home, to put in my donation basket, and later that day, we saw Noah in with them. I’m not sure what made me smile more, Noah in the basket, or my mother, at 84, shuffling around in what appear to be frayed, camouflage patterned, Keds.

It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.” Agatha Christie

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  1. While both are funny ~ the cat snuggling with the sneakers AND your Mom shuffling about…the fact that the sneakers she picked were camouflage patterned Keds is just hilarious. Maybe it was her inner child coming out!!!
    I love the saying at the end…it brought to mind many funny things I have seen those I love do…thanks for the early morning smile 🙂
    love, Marian

  2. Oh! I also love the notion of keeping a “donation basket” in the house. I stuff things to be donated into bags (usually garbage bags, which feels wrong) or set them on shelves in the wood shed then have to gather them all up once the piles have become too big. It turns into a big task. If I simply had a nice basket for this purpose, I could grab it whenever I go out and drop the items off at the Salvation Army etc. It would certainly make it all a more simple and pleasant experience. Love you Mary!

  3. Oh Mary,

    I am so thankful for you! I greatly appreciate the way you start my day with uplifting comments, suggestions, and wonderful pictures of your pets.

    Love from Fran

  4. Mary,
    Love the quote at the end. You always come up with just the right quotes, many that I have never heard before. Starting my day with you is always such a treat. Thanks so much for doing this blog.

  5. Perhaps the camouflage on the sneakers is so realistic that Noah began to fantasize about playing and taking a nap in the woods! Wonder what was going through his mind as he laid on them? So cute! And the fact that your mom picked them out is priceless!

    Moms can do the funniest things. Our 81 year old mom lives with my brother and tries to walk a mile in his back woods every day. She has the exact number of steps she needs to take figured out and knows exactly how far to go. A pedometer is too complicated! A few months ago she stumbled across a partial skeleton scattered among the leaves…some kind of wild animal for sure. She marked the closest tree so she could find it again. She is just enthralled by these bones…most likely from watching all of her favorite shows like Law and Order, CSI, Bones, etc…One day she brought a few of the bones back to the house and cleaned them with bleach and had them on the front porch. My brother came home to this pile of bones on the front steps and you can only imagine what he was thinking. And just the other night she told me that she continues to look for the skull now that all the underbrush is dying down in the cold weather. She is definitely on a mission. We only wonder what she will do with them. And of course we lovingly tease her…but I have no doubt she will give it a proper burial once she solves the mystery…because that is her heart.

  6. This evoked sad memories for me. In the last year of her life, when she was too frail and infirm to take shopping, I had to try and find shoes for my mother. It was an impossible task. I brought pair after pair after pair to her, and none were comfortable enough for her increasingly swollen feet. I was always the “fix-it” child in the family: “Got a problem? I’ll fix it!” But there comes a time when problems can’t be fixed. Hard to accept.

    1. Oh Jill, sending you a hug across the miles. . I can relate to your story with my own Mom who has passed on too. Maybe some of the stories shared today will lift your spirits.

    2. I had forgotten about selecting the sneakers for my mom – again as her feet were swelling etc. Finally got those with the velcro pull across. Felt very accomplished when that was done.

  7. Isn’t it something how a lighthearted post could also evoke a sad memory as it did for Jill, but what I love about those who gather here is the sense of acceptance and friendship – that it is ok to share our feelings, whatever they may be.

    Three years ago my son Rafa was moving into his new house. All the houses on the street had been constructed over the long hot summer in Phoenix. For days after moving in, he spotted a medium sized pitbull, obviously homeless. Smart little dog undoubtedly survived the summer camping out in the newly constructed house sites, living off of the workers’ handouts. Rafa knew his favorite night time hangout was on top of a pile of dirt, and his only toy, an old shoe he had found and dragged there. (Mary’s shoe story triggered this memory) Rafa was determined to rescue him and tried for days, – Like the Pied Piper, he’d walk ahead of Frankie, dropping treats along the way. Little dog followed but would spook if Rafa turned around and looked at him. This went on for days – until one evening, he had his girlfriend stationed in his backyard with the gate open – and he kept dropping treats, walking straight on into his own backyard. Frankie followed! What a miracle as Tara gently closed the gate. That’s all it took – believe it or not, Frankie just submitted – Rafa sat down on the ground – Frankie came over a bit tentatively, but within minutes he fell into his embrace as if so relieved to finally be rid of the need to live on the defensive. They’ve been inseparable ever since. He named him Frankie as his street address is Frank Avenue. Happy endings.

    1. Oh Susan, you will never know how this sweet, sweet story affected me. Sounds like your son took all the good lessons of life from his mom and is putting them into compassionate practice.

      Thanks for sharing this great story!

      1. Thank you, Suzanne! One other funny about Frankie – one of the construction workers shared this story with Rafa after they knew he had adopted him. The workers would return to a house under construction in the morning and they could not understand why big chunks of insulation would be torn from the open walls. Hardly an item (such as copper wire!) that vandals would want. You guessed it – lil’ Frankie was ripping out wads of insulation to make himself a cozy bed. These days he has his choice of king, queen, and all the soft throws, shoes, and lovin’! a dog could ever hope for.

    2. Oh what a wonderful heart-warming story Susan! Rafa sounds like a gem of a man.

  8. I love Noah in the basket with his sneaker friends close by and I love to read all the comments from the flock. I must say, I have fallen in love with each and every one and I am beginning to feel we’re close flock friends cuddled up in our basket to express our thoughts – thank you Mary.

    1. Thank you Myrna…I feel the same way, and am forever grateful for the community that has developed here.

  9. Not quite ‘Puss ‘n Boots’ but perhaps he’s just practicing as understudy!
    Mary, you must have a camera in every room to capture these sweet photos—thanks for another great start to a new week.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! ….I think that now (since I started writing this blog) I have more pictures of my animals than I do my children…. (there wasn’t digital back then either, so maybe i am off the hook a little!)

  10. Thank you Susan A and Mary M, once again for your input and wonderful stories, and pics! You are wise women that appear to be fabulous mothers, and mentors! Good way to start a playful week!

  11. The image of your mom in camo sneakers made me smile! (I’ve been looking for some sock monkey slippers to replace the ones I wore out.) Agatha Christie’s quote made me think that there must be a lot of people who love me. haha

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