No blame

Bodhi caught in the act

I’d been wondering lately why the toilet seat had been wet (I had my theories but happily didn’t accuse anyone). Then, a few days ago, I heard a lapping sound, coming from the bathroom. I didn’t realize that Bodhi was drinking out of the toilet.

To accuse others for one’s own misfortunes is a sign of want of education. To accuse oneself shows that one’s education has begun. To accuse neither oneself nor others shows that one’s education is complete”. Epictetus

13 thoughts on “No blame”

  1. That picture of Bodhi came with a big smile this morning, Mary, but the quote even more so. On my printer I have a few quotes taped to the top: “put your words on a diet”, “Take foot, place in mouth” (this was a direct quote about the Australian PM in relation to women being not so good looking further up north, etc); “We have a choice about where we focus our minds”…and now, your quote shall be added.
    Blame can get to the level of a national sport with some folks.

  2. What a funny picture Mary! You have your own Tidy Bowl Bodhi doing inspection! – loved Sally’s comment – he does have that busted look!

  3. Dear Mary,

    Where do you find the perfect quotes to pair with perfect pictures? You’ve hit another nail on its head and given me more words to live up to while sharing your adorable pets!

    While I’m here I want to thank you for Wonder, for rescuing him, and for finding him a loving family. Your patience and kindness have made the world more delightful place for all of us who are following his progress on Facebook. He is one gorgeous, happy fellow thanks to you and his adoptive family.

    From Fran

    1. Thank you for that Fran! I find a lot of quotes on-line, and others I have collected over the years. It is wonderful about Wonder isn’t it?! He could not be in a more perfect home and I too love it that he is on Facebook so I can watch him grow.

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