Changing the world, one smile at a time

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our good friends yesterday. We were welcomed with open-arms and hearts, and we could feel it. When someone truly wants to be doing what they are doing, everyone around them benefits. It radiates out like a beacon of love, with the power to change the world, one soft touch, smile, or hug, at a time.

Another friend sent me this video yesterday. A lot of times, when a video is more than a couple of minutes long, I don’t take the time to watch it. This one I did, and then this morning (it is 5:30 a.m. here in upstate NY) I watched it again. It is about 8 minutes long and I loved every minute of it. When Jack gets up and pours his cup of coffee, the first thing that I will do, is say, “Sit over here. You have to see this video.” It is about a man and his dog…. but so much more.

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  1. Good morning Mary, I loved this video! I think it’s a great reminder of so many things that are important life. Animals have so much to teach us if we let them and that video reflects that. I am enjoying your blog…read it every morning while i have my coffee!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment today Renee, and so happy that you are enjoying the blog!

  2. Wow, Mary. I don’t usually watch these, either, but I did today. It’s a good thing I had a tissue. What an amazing story of Love and open-hearted communication. Thank you for sharing. xx00

  3. Still can’t stop the tears. What a wonderful video to share with us. Goes to show you that God also uses animals as angels when it will make a bigger impact. I think Skidboot is one of those.

    Thank you, Mary.

  4. I think the collective flock is going through a box of kleenex watching this today – wow, Mary, Skidboot and his master are such an inspiration. He has shared his own personal joy with Skidboot with so many. What a special day after Thanksgiving gift to us all. Thank you.

  5. What a story! And to think the previous owners of that dog were getting rid of him because he caused too much mischief! Thank you for sharing this story Mary. I love animals and the miracles they bring. Skidboot and his master were brought together by a higher power. Yes, pass the tissues please!

    1. JoAnne, that’s exactly what hit me about this — how many things are missed, or never come to fruition, because someone wasn’t paying attention, or didn’t invest the time, or wasn’t open to the possibilities? Are there miracles-in-waiting all around us? And we’re too busy, too preoccupied, too lazy to find them?

  6. Usually we read your blog (and Jon K.’s) at breakfast drinking tea and enjoying pictures of your pets. This video of Skidboots was fabulous – but it begs the question, why do you have this rule of not watching a youtube video if is more than a couple of minutes long? This is truly interesting to me – would you not pick up a book that has more than a certain number of pages? I am wondering why you need this rule, when did it start and why did you not follow it this time?
    Sorry to be so pesky, but l am really puzzled by this…have a lovely weekend, snowy greetings from northern BC – Sabina

    1. I wonder, Sabina, if we just live in a ‘sound bite’ world – not those of us who love to read a book that takes us days to read, but let’s face it, a lot of “youtube” stuff is for frivolous enjoyment, fun, to be had under two minutes (think tv news clips) – As much as I loved Skidboots himself, the real true hero of the story was his master who asked, “why me, just a regular ol’ cowboy?” But, HE did recognize the opportunity (loved him doing those rolls, stays, etc. on the ground with the pup in the beginning) – He is everything we all have inside, just waiting to awaken the seize the moment.

  7. Happy Plaid Friday…

    Mary, your words…”We were welcomed with open-arms and hearts,
    and we could feel it”…

    brought such a smile to my heart …it seems that we human
    folks spend too many hours not being plugged into what really matters…

    Thanks again for your opened- armed WELCOMING blog…real issues, amazing quotes and heartfelt stories …all bringing a smile to my life …

  8. Mary, I’m like you, I have little patience for downloading stuff especially since we are in the country and while we have finally got high speed, it’s still so slow coming in. I’m glad that I watched the video. I still have a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing it.


  9. My husband and I had the good fortune of meeting Skidboot and his owner several years ago. We share the love of the Australian Cattle Dog breed. Truly a humble, down to earth man who had a wonderful relationship with his dog.

  10. Truly amazing,Skidboot is!!! I’ve never loved a sweet, Texas drawl so much in along time. And changing the world one smile at a time is my idea of perfect anarchy!
    I, too. made my dear husband sit down and watch this video. He grabbed it and sent it all over cyber space. One heart at a time.

  11. I used to watch “Pet Star”+ and saw these two wonderful cowpokes win the show! The connection and sweetness of them both is God sent. And such wisdom in this man from Texas.
    Thanks for the memory Mary!

  12. Incredible dog. Though the end of the story was a bit disheartening (reminiscent of the Old Yellar kind) with respect to the dog going blind. However, it also reminded me of a little Britany I once had that was blinded in a hunting accident.

    But it didn’t stop her from retreiving birds, from swimming for ducks to crusing the cliffside edges for chukars. She even tracked me for over two miles, one time, when I left her tied up at home (tipi living) to go elk hunting, and she got loose. it may have helped that I was hunting barefoot, and left a good scent. And I had mixed emotions at the time. Mad at her because I had to hike back to take her home. But made me love her all the more, knowing how she had tracked me down in the thick forest cover in terribly mountainous terrain.

    She was not as smart as the dog in this video, but like any animal, we had a special bond that words cannot properly convey.

    Thank you for posting this video. It aroused great memories for my dog of long ago, and another level of appreciation for my new ones of today.

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