You are more important than you know

Someone once said that "Universe" means "One Verse"....we are all connected, helping each other, in more ways than we can imagine.

When I first moved to this area, and didn’t know anyone, Jack would tell me stories about the people he knew in town, and introduce me around so I would feel at home. You don’t have to know Jack too long before you realize that he knows almost everyone, and he likes almost everyone too.

One day, he told me about a man he particularly liked named Ron. He went on and on about how helpful Ron had been to him, and the next week, I ran into him. As we talked, I said how much Jack thought of him and how helpful he had been over the years. The man looked really surprised and didn’t say much, but broke into a big smile. I forgot about this.

A week or so later, Jack came home and said, “I just had the strangest thing happen. I ran into Ron C. downtown and he was friendly; asked me how I was doing. It was so weird.” I then remembered my conversation with Ron and said, “Why is that weird?, You told me that you really liked him.” Jack looked confused and then he said, “That was a different Ron. Ron C. and I had a falling out a few years ago, and we haven’t spoken since. It was something so trivial, and I always wished that we could be on good terms again.”

If I had realized that I had the wrong Ron, I wouldn’t have said anything. We are the “instruments of God”, even when we are not aware of this. Never underestimate your importance here.

25 thoughts on “You are more important than you know”

  1. Oh, good heavens! What an outstandingly wonderful lesson. You saw someone as you believed they were, and so they were!!
    Once again, you you are showing us that we never know how much our words can mean. See someone the way you believe they are, and they will be that person. How powerful is that?

    Thank you Mary,
    Have a happy weekend,
    Love from Fran

    1. I never thought about it like that Fran! …”see someone the way you believe they are, and they will be that person.”….I love that!!!

    2. I interpreted the post the same way that Fran did. I remember the first time that I realized that there was more than one way to interpret things. Quite a lesson for me!

    3. Reminds me of the play Man of La Mancha when ? (can’t think of her name) became Dulcinea because Don Quitoxe saw the grace and goodness she was convinced she didn’t possess. Beautiful reminder, Mary, our thoughts and actions and words are powerful and can be life altering. Thank you.

  2. Mary…what a wonderful and uplifting story you have shared today. I love your words about us being the instruments of God… how very true! I’m so happy God used you in this way 🙂

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning as I begin my day…love and hugs, Marian

  3. Dear, dear Mary, just so you know, you are OUR instrument of God, bringing us wonderful messages and reminders through the most simple of stories. What a true light you are! So happy to be part of your flock.

    Love and blessings,

  4. Love that story Mary! What is isn’t important, what you THINK is is, is what’s important! We are indeed instruments of God.

  5. Dearest Mary…I just need to repeat Suzanne’s comment. You ARE our instrument of God…of all that is good and right with our world…opening our eyes and hearts, our souls and our minds to things we might not otherwise see…our connection. I love this story. Thank you.

    P.S. While driving home yesterday afternoon I heard two songs in a row. The first was “Angels Among Us” which brought happy tears to my eyes. The second was an old old little known Barry Manilow song called “One Voice”…I hadn’t heard it in years. I must look up all the lyrics but I remember how meaningful they were. “One voice, singing in the darkness…all it takes is one voice”….Universe, one verse, one voice…Peace.

  6. A few days ago, I found a necklace stuck behind a drawer in my jewelry box. It was a little medalion with the inscription ” Lord make me an instrument of your peace”. I left it laying on my dresser. Today, when I was getting dressed, I felt nudged to wear it. Then I open your blog and here is a post about being God’s instrument. Wow!

    1. Mary H…What a great medallion. I think everyone in society should wear its equivilent to remind them how their actions can affect other people’s lives.
      Mary M…It is wonderful what kind words can accomplish without one knowing the extent till later / or in most cases, never knowing. What a great story and memory for you.

  7. Oh what a beautiful message Mary, and everyone’s responses echo the same amazement at how powerful our words can be. I just had to get out my Dictionary of Word Origins and look up universe. “Universe denotes etymologically “turned into one”, hence ‘whole, indivisible’. It goes back ultimately to Latin ‘unniversus’, a compound adjective formed from “unus, one” and versus, the past participle of vertere, ‘to turn’.” The universe, turning, turning, as one. I immediately heard in my head that great old blast from the past song, “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds and offer the link below should you like to sing along. We are spread all over, this vast and mighty flock, but we turn as one, dear ones! Love to all!

    1. Mary Solomon, I thought of you sharing the Shaker Tree of Life in this video when they showed the four trees, and yesterday Betsy, you suggested imagining rocks and pebbles moving and flowing and I thought of you in the video when they showed the bed of rocks. Before settling in to this wonderful blog this morning, I had to contact my credit card company about some fraudulent charges – had to cancel the card and get a new one, and though the customer service rep. was polite and helpful, it was most unsettling. Then I read Mary’s message of the day and all of your comments and I feel ever so much better. Cheryl b by the beautiful sea, you put it so well yesterday, “Up until now…I never had glad tidings and positive reinforcement on a daily basis right at my fingertips.

      I am…energized and blessed with this life-changing force found each new morning at the White Feath-Fur family.”

      And so am I Cheryl!

    2. Susan,

      Let me tell you how your post influenced me today. When this song first came out, I was going through THE darkest time in my life. I was so at the bottom of a huge pit, there was no place for me to sink any further. This song took hold of me and its message carried me through and pulled me out of those depths. And from that was born a new and very individual form of spirituality that I carry to this day inside my soul. This song saved me.

      Today, you have given me a reminder of that painful/sweet memory….one of the biggest influences in how I have lived my life. See? One never knows when one will make an impact on another. Thank you for this gift today.

      1. Suzanne, thank you so much for sharing this! Now the song will have even more meaning knowing it was such an anchor for you in a tough time. Isn’t it odd how the brain works – thinking about the roots of the word universe, the ‘one turning’ – I immediately heard this song in my head – how does the brain do this for us? – find that one song in the whole catalog of everything we’ve ever heard in our lives, and with the turn of an inner unseen dial, The Byrds were singing in my head! silly me 🙂

  8. although i haven’t commented yet this week, i have been overwhelmed with delight from this week’s posts. today is the pinnacle which i will hopefully carry thru out this weekend.

    thank you mary and all for the contributions, daily. how blessed we are to have this community.

    last nite i dreamed of you mary and your house and walked into your kitchen and gardens. a seamlessly real dream of quietude and peace!

    1. Thank you for sharing that Virginia! I love the feel of that dream and so appreciate you letting me know about it and how you feel about the blog, love, Mary

      1. Mary, I checked out a big book at the library today titled The Shaker World, Art, Life, Belief by John T. Kirk. Thanks for piquing my interest – hope you had a great time at the Apple Store!

  9. What a funny story Mary! You are so real. I so enjoy your blog.Although I read my computer at night. Seems that most begin their days with it. I find it a calm and quiet way to wrap up my day and take a last spiritual inventory before bedtime.
    Thanks, Cindy Chambers

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