false assumptions

Ben napping

By  this afternoon, I had not received one comment on my morning’s post. This is so usual that I started thinking, “That must have been a real dud, or just poorly written …maybe confusing?”  Then I wondered if it had been offensive in some way that I didn’t realize at the time. I tried to soothe myself by saying, “They can’t all be good.” But another voice said, I want them all to be good! I want them all to be really good, and helpful, or funny or uplifting. No reaction at all isn’t good. Then I checked the blog website and realized that I must have hit “Save Draft” instead of “Publish”. (I’ll post today’s tomorrow…maybe I’ll take a nap right now!)

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” Henry Winkler

42 thoughts on “false assumptions

  1. Ah, dear Mary. The only safe assumption you can ever make is that no responses can ONLY mean a technical glitch!
    Happy napping….

  2. Yes, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a post today! And I think you meant to say it is “unusual” to not get any responses…because I know you USUALLY get lots of responses 🙂 Can’t wait to see you next week!

  3. Mary,

    That’s really funny. I’m sure at one time or another, we’ve all gotten worked up over something that hasn’t even happened except in our head. As Emily Litella would say “Never mind!”

    • I didn’t know who Emily Litella was Mary Ann, so I just looked her up! (for those who do not know either she was one of Gilda Radner’s characters on Saturday Night Live) and I can remember her saying that! Thank you for this funny affirmation and memory.

  4. I, too, have radiators in my home. I also have three cats. This year I treated us all to more radiator covers – I put blankets and towels or rugs on them. I love watching them sleeping on the radiators. I did not know they would do that if they did not have covers. Might have saved a few dollars? Ben looks quite content.

    • We have some old soap stone foot warmers that we put on the radiators, so at least a part of the radiator is covered (still looks uncomfortable to me though!)

  5. Oh, I do love the termite observation! How very true that is for me. I always assume it’s “my fault” or “I missed something” or whatever… now I’ll think of termites before I assume the worst.

    Love the picture, and hope your nap was as satisfying as Ben’s seems to be. There’s nothing more cozy than a napping cat.

    PS After the nap you could try eating chocolate to ensure full recovery.

    From Fran

    • Thanks Fran,…I just got up from my nap (having eaten the chocolate before I went down!)

  6. Loved today’s unintended message…none of us are perfect, but that’s OK!!! Looking forward to reading today’s intended blog…tomorrow.

    Hope you got your nap! love, Marian

  7. Oh Mary! I was wondering where your post was today. I so enjoyed your posts earlier this week and had every intention of commenting but I found I just couldn’t turn on the flow of words for some reason. It was kind of alarming,as I usually overflow…but then I figured, just go with the flow, or the lack thereof. I look forward to tomorrows post and send blessings of the season to our White Feather Family.

    • Terri, I am reading the posts late tonight, – I am still holding you and Maverick in my heart, just one week, no matter you can’t turn on the flow just yet, – love and blessings

  8. So here is the other end of the continuum…you think you might have written something that didn’t resonate…and after no post, I begin to worry that perhaps Mary isn’t feeling well, hope she’s OK, sure hope all is well…and all because of a keystroke! I call those similar little “glitches” my wake up calls. Helps me to refocus and avoid something larger happening. You make me smile! So glad all is well! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

  9. No worries! I don’t often comment, but always appreciate your blogs and look forward to them in my email. We’re out here reading and supporting you always. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family…and to all your fur faces, too!

    • thank you, thank you for those beautiful words and thoughts Christy and sending the love right back your way too!

  10. Who knew the Fonz was so wise?? I, too, had been checking throughout the day, wondering if everything was OK with you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I wonder how cats can manage to be so relaxed while looking so uncomfortable!

  11. I have to go with Kathye…..I worry when you don’t post. Then the termites REALLY get going inside my brain.

    Rest assured, Mary, even if you wrote the world’s worst post, we would love you anyway and, at the very least, you’d get one comment that would say, “Interesting post……….. .”

    Love the pic of Ben! He fit himself right into all the right spots.

  12. Oh thank goodness! I was wondering why I hadn’t rcv’d today’s post. There was a void in my morning without WFF! Glad you’re back and can’t wait for tomorrow morning’s post! Lots of love.

  13. You are soooo funny! They ARE all good; no correct that to excellent! They ALWAYS speak to me but I hardly ever comment… 🙂

  14. The whole assumption thing is pretty funny, but I’m genuinely touched to know that all of us out in cyberland are important to you, Mary. I know you are important to me!

    • This White Feather Farm community is more important to me than you could imagine Barbara, and I am deeply touched to think that it is important to you too. Thank you

  15. Mary, your posts always enliven my mornings and I, too, wondered why the WFF flock didn’t see one today… thought perhaps the holiday rush had you busy.

    Know that you are appreciated, as Barbara says, and you make a daily difference in so many happy ways! 🙂 Hope your nap was lovely!

    • I am certainly feeling appreciated this evening Kelly! Thank you so much (and the nap was perfect!)

  16. Hi Mary, I to was wondering late this afternoon if you were ok because I hadn’t received my morning email from white feather farm! My morning routine is to get my teenager off to school then sit with my coffee and read your blog along with Jon Katz’s. I read your blog everyday and it ALWAYS makes me smile or inspires me in some way. In fact, just looking at the picture of the huge dog in the little dog’s bed and vice versa the other day put me in a good mood immediately…that’s the power of your blog! I’m going to make sure I comment more:)

    • I never would have realized what good feeling comments would flow my way from this funny afternoon blog! Thank you Renee (and everyone) and I will look forward to more comments too!

  17. Now, I’m about to make a sexist remark: Why is it that women feel more automoatic rejection than men? A man might have shrugged his shoulders, figured it was the computer’s fault and blamed it not themselves. I’m constantly having to remind myself not to take things personally and in fact, a sign of growing up at 70 plus is that I’m able to say, as I did yesterday after getting a dressing down for not doing something properly with Victim’s Services for which I volunteer: “I’m sorry, I won’t do that again; you’re right, I made a mistake”. I got off the phone and gave myself a pat on the back. Not long ago I would have been defending my position and looking for excuses. You sure made me laugh, Mary and your quote is going up on my overly burdened with paper, printer in my studio. I don’t know how you manage to hit the nail on the head so often. Maybe it’s being human. A female human.

    SandyP in Canada

  18. Hi Mary, Every morning I look for your email and missed not seeing it today. I did wonder if everything was okay. Glad all is well. Looking forward to your post tomorrow. We’re out here, your faithful readers.

  19. You are such a special lady Mary Muncil! I love every post (even the one that didn’t make it on time)! Can’t wait to read it tomorrow. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. The White Feather Flock rocks!

  20. guess i’m on another page altogether. i thought today’s post of wff was the free-earring-give-away. oh dear???

    came in to turn off my computer and saw the new post—-pleasant surprise, like waiting a few hours in the morning before that first sip of coffee; it totally tastes more awesome!

    thanks mary and all, much love

  21. Hey Sandy P., Re;your question: Lest We forget that women and men are two different species. We are emotion driven. Men are action driven.
    Keep on feeling your feelings! We are the stronger species!
    Cindy Chambers

  22. It is already 10 p.m. in Arizona and I am just checking in, also had wondered throughout the day, “Where’s Mary?” But then I figured too, how can a gal like Mary come up with day after day brilliant gems, 5 days a week! going on now for a year, and maybe just maybe once in awhile, not feel the Muse touch her shoulder early in the a.m., or more down to earth, maybe our Mary has a cold? See how much you were missed today Mary – there is a mile high reply of loving comments rolling above my little reply!

  23. Well,today I learned that you can leave a comment. I never realized I could leave one on your site before. 🙂

  24. Great quote today about assumptions. I read every one of your posts, but seldom send comments. You are heard, even if you don’t always know about it. I also enjoy your photos, especially the ones of animal companions.
    Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season.
    Christa and critters

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