a treat for Luke

I like to treat myself at this time of year. One thing that I particularly like is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so I bought a pint of Cherry Garcia the other day, ate a bowl full (picked the chocolate and cherries out of the rest of the container) and then gave it to Luke. I figured that he could have a little treat over the next 3 nights. My plan was to let him lick the ice cream for 5 minutes, take it up and put it back in the freezer, and give it to him again the next night.

It seemed like a fun little plan to me. Last night, I went to get the carton out of the freezer and it was gone. Jack doesn’t like cherry anything, so I couldn’t figure out what happened to it until I asked him. He said, “I was having such an ice cream craving that I ate the Cherry Garcia, but it seemed strange, like it had been partially melted.”

Jack is a man who can laugh at himself. I love that about him….love that about people in general. We are supposed to be enjoying this trip called life. Maybe over the next few days, we can choose to laugh at something that in the past would have made us upset. The holidays give us lots of opportunities to practice this!

God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh“. Voltaire

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  1. Oh, I love that, Mary! Good for Jack. My husband used to share his evening bowl of ice-cream with a cat we had years ago – one spoonfull for him, one lick for Izzy.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours. Shelagh.

    1. Any man who can share their ice cream with a cat is a keeper! Thank you Shelagh!

  2. What popped into my mind was the part of a Charlie Brown Christmas where Snoopy gives Lucy a big doggy kiss and she runs around shouting, “Ewwww, dog germs….!!!!!”

  3. Cherry Garcia!!!!! My favorite temptation!! (no sharing w/ my beloved canines here!..the truth is out!) I hope you all receive a “new” carton of Cherry Garcia in your stocking..frozen of course!!

  4. Mary, That is too funny! Your story definitely made me laugh out loud. I actually had to read your blog twice to make sure what I thought happened really happened. Merry Christmas to you & your family 🙂

  5. Oh, that’s great, I love it! It feels good to laugh at yourself, and now you have a story to tell your family as you relax after a delicious Christmas feast!

  6. Ohmygosh! Thank you for that funny story, I just laughed out loud. That could easily happen in my house; I keep two jars of peanut butter, one labeled “Dog”, woe be to anyone that can’t read!

  7. Thanks for the morning laugh and for sharing your story, sounds like a good time was had by all…that could have happened at my house as well…

  8. Thanks for sharing that funny story Mary. I’m glad Jack has a sense of humor! Reminds me of when my Grandma quietly left a piece of lettuce on her plate (with a tiny worm on it) and Uncle Charlie grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth before she could say anything. We laughed about that for years! I don’t think anyone ever had the nerve to tell Uncle Charlie why that piece of lettuce was so juicy.

  9. I love it!! Seeing a carton of Cherry Garcia will always make me laugh, now! Merry Christmas to you, Luke, Jack, and ice cream lovers everywhere!

  10. Mary – I laughed out loud when I read this. Jack’s a good sport! Maybe you should treat yourself to another carton so Luke gets his fair share. He sure looked as if he was enjoying the first night’s treat!

  11. What a sweet picture of Luke enjoying his Ben and Jerry’s! He is certainly enjoying his Christmas treat! And then to learn that Dad ate the rest!!!! Such a great story! Two summers ago, my husband and I were spending a few days in Nantucket. We had been out and about and I was running short of time to get ready for dinner. I rushed into the bathroom, grabbed my toiletry bag, and began to brush my teeth. While the toothpaste seemed a bit different, it wasn’t until I put the cap back on that I realized I had grabbed the tube of Preparation H and had just brushed my teeth with it. I immediately rinsed my mouth out as best I could, while my husband ran to the drugstore to get me a new toothbrush! I called the phone number on the tube to see if there was anything special I should do. It didn’t help that my husband teased that my gum tissue would shrink and all my teeth would fall out! Embarrassingly, I went to the pharmacist, and quietly behind the counter, I told him what had happened. He just laughed and said I was the second person that day who had stopped in for a similar reason. The other was a man who had brushed with BenGay! I felt better!! My mouth did burn a bit for several more hours but it didn’t stop me from enjoying a great dinner…and the next day I was fine. I now keep certain medicinal creams separate when I travel! We still laugh about it! Thanks for the reminder to choose to laugh and to see the humor in things over the next few days! What a difference it will make!

  12. This is so funny Mary! and Luke looks so precious cradling his Christmas treat! Reminds me of the time our dog ate half a Subway sandwich, so I saved the rest for him in the refrigerator – husband ate it later not knowing dog had taken first dibs – our children howled with laughter that Dad ate the Dog Sandwich!

  13. This was definitely a day that started with out loud laughing. And Luke was probably so looking forward to another few licks. Such a sweet picture. Too bad you don’t have one of Jack getting his licks too! What a fun Christmas memory to share forever.

  14. Hi Mary I love this. I am so laughing with Jack. Our family has a story similar to this. My parents used to rinse one of our dogs mouth out with a turkey baster. We all new this and did not usse the turkey baster in the bottom drawer. While we all new this my grandmother did not. She was at our house and made a turkey and the whole time it cooked she basted it with the dog’s turkey baster. My parents and us kids thought this was very funny. My grandmother however did not see the humor!

  15. What a great sport Luke is to share his dessert!!
    [FYI: I get a frozen yogurt treat in small, kid-sized cups called Yoghund—made especially for pooches—but it’s good enough to share with humans…:p]

    1. I thought so too Cheryl (a much better sport than I am, when it comes to sharing my dessert!)

  16. Oh Jack is a kind soul, no doubt! I laughed quite hard and loud at your story – thank you Mary! My son helped himself to dog jerky treats about a month ago, gobbling several up and exclaiming how good they were. They were on our counter in a baggie without labels, a gift for our dogs from my in-laws. I stared at him, mouth open and when I explained they were not beef jerky for people, he giggled. It is so freeing to be able to laugh at ourselves.

  17. What a wonderfully funny little gem of a story. Just watch out for Jack chasing cars for the next week or so! Keep an eye on him as he is passing fire hydrants!
    You are right though, you gotta be able to laugh. As the old saying goes ” we’re here for a good time, not a long time”.
    Nollaig beannaithe agus athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh ( Blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year to you all. )
    From all in Ireland

    1. I just read your comment to Jack and he cracked up! Thank you Mark, and sending blessings and Christmas wishes your way too!

  18. Thanks for the wonderful-laugh-out-loud-story… …

    my Mom and I had a similiar tale…involving a half empty
    bottle of soda… enough said…

    you’ll be talking about this “ice cream” for years to come…

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