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The "Wonder"kitten now has his own Facebook page and an awesome story of love and hope.

Last summer, when the little  feral kitten “Wonder” found his way to us, I had to work really hard, in my mind, to not jump into the fear of who in the world would want a wild kitten? I took a picture of him and wrote about it on this blog. That same day was the first time my friend Patty ever read the blog. She had been looking for an orange kitten and called me up.

She asked for another picture (I think that the one I posted only showed his head peeking out of the bushes). Every time he saw me, he ran away, but finally I got a few pictures. As I looked at them I thought, “This is one tough little cat!” I tried to get pictures that were more friendly looking, but they all basically had that same look, and being feral, I had no idea what his temperament was. I email her the photo above with the thought, “This is who he is, and I can’t change that.” Within minutes she called and said, “I want him!” His look didn’t scare her at all, as a matter of fact, she fell in love with that face!

The theme of being who we really are, keeps coming up in my life. I cannot love someone who I don’t really know, and people cannot love me, if I am not being real. Not everyone is going to like the “real me”, but nobody can love an imitation. It can be scary to put our true face out there. The fear of rejection can keep us hiding beneath socially acceptable masks forever, but that is not really living the life that we were meant to live.

The Spirit of God is flowing through each one of us in a unique way. There is no other like you, or like me. We are all individual expressions of the Divine, and yet so many times we look at ourselves and see what is wrong; if we were only more patient, loving, kind, sweet, giving, energetic, creative, ….” the list of who we think we should be, and the idea that we are not good enough, keeps us wearing the masks….but you cannot love a mask.

I think that this is why we love animals so much. They are who they are without apology and we feel more ourselves around those beings who have no pretense. I really like the idea of 2012 being a year of discovering, and uncovering, our true selves. A year where we will bravely look right into the eyes of life and say, “This is who I am!”….I have a sneaking suspicion that if we listen closely, we will hear a still, small voice whisper back, “Welcome Home.”

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  1. Oh Mary,

    You are a true miracle worker in so many ways! I’ve been following Wonder on his Facebook page rejoicing in his life since he wandered into your loving embrace– a miracle for him! Noah’s story of finding you is another miracle. I hug these stories to me when I am faced with so many other less happy stories prevalent in the world today. Because of you I try each day to live a more connected life, a life connected to others, especially those in need, understanding that we never know when we are making a great difference in a life, especially in those lives that need a difference.

    Thank you for the miracles you bring us,
    Happy New Year,
    Love from Fran

  2. Thanks Mary for your daily pearls of wisdom …
    they always touch a chord with me…

    Out with the Old, In with the New, Out with the Old, In with the New,
    Out with the Old, In with the New…

    this mantra accompanied me on my brisk Maine walk yesterday…
    it felt so vital and real…an old friend …sending love and support…
    2012 is a great opportunity for me to “walk” my talk…and welcome
    the real Sue home…

    our orange feral lady …Miss Georgette Babette Nanette Morrisette…
    nicknamed (Judy)…she was the most special cat of my life…she lived
    with us 12 yrs…love hearing your “Wonder” news…

  3. A similar theme from the Cat (in the Hat), via Dr. Seuss:
    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss
    “Not everyone is going to like the “real me”, but nobody can love an imitation.”
    I’m going to copy this in my affirmation book as it is something that does not come naturally to me and I need the reminder.
    Mary, you and your blog are one of the new blessings I count for 2011. Happy New Year to you and those who post and inspire me every morning!
    Cynthia R

  4. I had just started following your blog when you found this precious kitten you named Wonder. What a kind heart you have for others, Mary, especially this wild little kitten you rescued. I now follow his story on facebook…what a loving and beautiful creature he has become and obviously brings much joy to his owners. His fate was in your hands and you gave him the gift of life…a safe life with warm, loving people!!
    I hope the New Year will be a good and happy year for all of us. Today and tomorrow as we see the old year come to an end, I hope we will all begin our adventure into 2012 with open hearts, open minds, a love for others and a love for ourselves…just the way we are. When we find ways we could do better, do it, just don’t think about it and wish it to happen.
    Happy New Year all…Marian

  5. “Welcome home”…just that phrase, brought tears to my eyes this morning. It always gives me such a warm feeling. So what a great reminder “welcome home” is to be our best self. There have been times when I’ve missed myself, trying to be someone or something I’m not. When my actions or thoughts didn’t really fit my soul, my heart, my spirit. Here’s to 2012 being a year of discovering…an exciting adventure…Mary’s upward spiral!

    • I was filled with emotion after reading Mary’s blog, and then I read your reply, Kathye, and all I can say is that you must have been reading my mind! I can’t add one other thing to what you have said….and so I won’t try.

      I wish you and all of us in Mary’s flock, an awesome 2012. May self-transformation abound!

      • Thank you Suzanne! And an awesome 2012 to you and all in our flock as well. One thing I know of 2012…we’ll get an entire year of Mary’s teachings! As Jon described, like a daily prayer…and I visualize and feel all of us virtually holding hands each day as Mary speaks to us. What a beautiful way to begin the year! What collective powerful positive loving energy!

  6. Today’s post made my heart soar. Shedding masks that others expect us to wear is painful business. But more painful is keeping those masks on. May 2012 be a year of meeting our own expectations, of taking off the masks. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Wonder’s face had my heart at first glimpse. So much personality there. And a wonder-ful post today, as always. Find myself wearing masks with certain people because I feel like I can’t be my authentic self with them. Actually, I feel myself becoming a non person, shut down. It’s time to reassess some “friendships.” I’m meeting a couple friends today for lunch and then will spend the afternoon here, and there are no masks worn by anyone. It’s energizing and I’m so grateful for them in my life, not sure what I’d do or where I’d be without friends like them. And for all of you in the “flock,” I feel like that about you as well. Happy New Year and may the friendships being created here, though through sight unseen, continue and grow. Love to you all.

  8. Ah, the masks!! So easy to slip into. I also will make 2012 the year to put them aside and speak my truth.

    What is Wonder’s Facebook page? I’d like to follow him, too.

  9. My cable provider offers a free on demand station called Shalom TV. They also have many of their shows archived online so you don’t have to be a subscriber to watch some of their shows. You certainly do NOT have to be Jewish to enjoy them. I recently saw a show that I feel offers more along today’s topic. It is approximately an hour long. I hope you can find the time to watch and/or listen to this presentation. The rabbi speaking is one who teaches kabalah (sp?).

    You can find their full archives here and go to “watch complete programs.” There are many fascinating interviews.

    • Mary! I can’t wait to check these links you have offered us. No matter it be a movie someone recommends, or a book (as you did the Shakers which I checked out and loved) this family of friends is growing more and more united, closer and loving every day. Thank you Mary Solomon!

      • I follow so many of your suggestions – saw/read Truman Capote’s book/movie. The Sun article by D. Patrick Miller about Needelman struck a chord for me also. I have many of Mr. Miller’s book as he has written about the Course in Miracles and about Forgiveness. I am a student of the Enneagram and have read things about Gurdjieff written by Mr. Needelman. The connections and threads continue on and on. I will be trying a free copy of The Sun in the near future. I guess, I’m saying thank you and telling you and the rest of our group how enriching ALL the comments are.

        Mary, your posts seem to be made for each and every one of us. We had thought that we were the only ones with insecurities or negative thoughts or what have you. You have provided the space to freely acknowledge these things and then have some techniques and community in which to do our personal and spiritual growth.

        How wonderful that we have another year coming up to learn about each other and about ourselves.

        I also want to add a comment relevant to your post. There was a comment that Oprah once made when people were “calling her names or telling her who she was.” She kept saying – “No, this is who I am.” This has been a mantra of mine. These negative descriptives of ourselves come from inside and outside – keep reminding ourselves – NO, THIS IS WHO I AM.

        In my Course in Miracles study group – our mantra is – “I am the perfect child of God.” (Guess what – that’s who we ALL are.)

        Happy New Year to all.

      • Thank you so much for this Mary! The people who have helped me the most on my spiritual journey, are those who have shared their struggles, and how they dealt with them and grew. I love this community more than you will ever know and feel blessed beyond words to be a part of it.

      • Mary Solomon! I am so happy that you liked the Capote book/movie and affirmed what I am finding here every day – this group is a treasure trove of love, wisdom – and when someone now says a movie or book is special, I can practically be assured it will be right up my alley too, because, we have all gathered here – a strong westerly wind blew us up on your doorstep, Mary Muncil, and we so look forward to growing together in 2012! In the company of very dear friends. . .

  10. Hi Mary

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time ( Thanks to Jon Katz – of whom I am a huge fan ) but have never posted
    I wanted to thank you ….every day the 1st thing I look forward to is reading your posts and everyones comments
    You are such a delight and I can so relate to all your wonderful wff friends here

    I had a LONG post about our cat story and I haven’t mastered how to post yet 🙂 so if this takes I will be back to share it shortly

    Happy New year and Thank you for making my days so much brighter


  11. Another marvelous post, Mary! I like your motifs for the new year.

    Wonder’s story inspires me when I am feeling trapped, defeated, or worthless; I remember his living outdoors at the mercy of the elements. The inspiration comes from knowing that while Wonder was still outside, Mary and her digital battalion of loving folks were working on creating a sumptuous life for him. Could Wonder have imagined more food than he could possibly eat, a family who adores him, friends for play, his own Facebook page with hundreds of followers… and possessing the world’s most luxuriant, fluff-tastic tail?

    I picture Wonder crouched under some shrubbery, wondering what was going to happen next, then a little nature spirit whispered in his ear, “Hang on just a bit longer… amazing things are in store for you!”

    May it be that way for all of us in the coming year: joy beyond our ability to imagine. Be well, WFF friends! 🙂

    • That is a beautiful blessing/thought Kelly! Thank you and a wonderful 2012 to you too!!

  12. Ahhhhhhhh my post worked 🙂

    We are hugs dog lovers…I have 2 big boys right now
    Never had cats and my only experience with any of our friends cats was that they were aloof and if I ever tried to pick one up I got scratched
    2 years ago we aquired our 1st cat……we now have 2 🙂
    Every ngt at the end of his work day my husband would fill up his work truck at the gas stn and this little cat would come running out of the oil dispensing machine…..it is like a big soda/pop machine…she was living up inside this metal thing and it was Jan…..we are in the south so it doesn’t get that cold but it does get below freezing at ngt
    She would come running up to him and meow and rub around his legs
    He and a co worker started feeding her…as I say we have NEVER had a cat
    Finally I said Oh bring her home…we wil find her a forever home
    yea right !!!!!!!! 🙂 She and my daughter ( who is in her twenties) are inseperable……..she follows her everywhere…sleeps with her…she LOVES sleeping on my head when my daughter isn’t home…she sits for treats..comes when you call her and if there is a lap to be sat on she is there……..

    • That is a fantastic story CC! Thank you for sharing it with us here (where you know it will be very appreciated!)

    • CC! I can’t help it! I always hear music in my head, and I keep hearing CC Rider! from the 60’s but I want to substitute, CC Wonder! after reading tonight again about Mary’s Summer Wonder! xoxo

      Welcome CC!

  13. Kelly, that’s a beautiful picture of Wonder hanging on just a bit longer! I hope to be available to some who are hanging on just a bit longer, because we can all create comfort for a creature who needs it.
    From Fran

    • Reminds me of May’s quote by Emerson about being brave ‘just five minutes longer’ – If I had to mention the one new thing that has utterly graced my life, on a daily basis this year, it would be to have found Mary and all of you here on the Farm last February. Thank you Jon Katz for ‘herding’ us in her direction, – can’t help but think of Rose and her recalcitrant lambs! We have come from all over, and Mary, you truly welcome us home here, each and every day. Love to everyone and may the best be yet to come in 2012! xoxo

      • I too have been shepherded over from Jon Katz’s blog site to Mary and the women of White Feather Farm blog. I’m happy to join in from PA.

      • Thank you Maya, and I believe that all you have to do is put in “Wonder” in the Facebook search and he will come up, but I’ll check on that,…we are happy that you are here too!

  14. OMG! What a FACE! I’d like to smother “Wonder” with hugs and kisses – (you too, for rescuing him and finding him a forever home). Through the years I was privileged to “place” MANY homeless cats in loving and responsible homes (several dogs also). A quest I continue today.

    Regarding your “mask” commentary – – – Shakespeare’s thoughts on the topic:
    “All the world is a stage and the people its actors . . .” The challenge for self
    authenticity rests within US.

    May 2012 shower you and yours with BLESSINGS GALORE!

  15. Ah, the world of kitties! I, too, volunteer 5-6 days at our local shelter and we have a Wonder-look alike in Zion, a tame and frisky ready-to-adopt fellow. (Richard and Tobias already got their forever homes.) I hope Spirit whispers in all our ears just when we need it. I realize with joy that I’m happier than I’ve ever been–retired six years, stuck on a small pension, but free to give, make new friends & deepen my friendship with myself, after 30 years out there in the academic trenches. Isn’t life amazing? Best wishes for a grand and opening 2012!

      • Thanks, Mary! I mentioned your blog on another one I follow, and you and others may want to check it out. It’s called Time Goes By, by Ronni Bennett, and focuses on getting older. She uses something other than WordPress. I may not have mentioned I have a blog: http://mysisterwasastbernard.blogspot.com, though I have to admit my Facebook page gets much more traffic. What fun technology is, esp. for those of us in very rural spots! Best wishes to all, ~Kathi

    • I thought a lot about you today Anne as I wrote. You are an inspiration to us all!

  16. Ah, the wonder of Wonder! He was in the right place at the right time with you, Mary. I love Kelly T.’s visual of the little nature spirit whispering to Wonder. Glad he listened to it, and glad you were there to give him an amazing life.

    Your “Welcome Home” brought a great flood of tears. We are all looking to be validated for who we are…..especially by ourselves.

    Happy New Year to one and all here at the “flocksite.” Aren’t we blessed by this connection, and blessed by having Mary in our lives!

  17. Come home to your skin
    Embrace what’s within
    It’s a one-way mirror called love.
    So smile at the best
    Let go all of the rest
    And you’ll find it fits like a glove.

    Wishing everyone here a New Year filled with welcome surprises, healthy choices and Wonder-ous growth. Namaste.
    (And please light a candle for peace for all those less fortunate.)

    • I love all of your poems Cheryl! All of them! But I especially like this one! Thank you for adding such cool messages with rhythm and rhyme…and for making us smile…all of the time! Happy Happy New Year!

    • Cheryl, I simply have to turn off the computer now for tonight – I’ve read the best: “Smile at the best, and let go of all the rest”, thank you Cheryl, for that sweet permission we need to give ourselves.

      Cheryl b., by the beautiful sea! Love, Susan

  18. Kathi Williams, you’ve captured my feelings exactly! After teaching for many years, (loving my students and the challenges they offered ), I’m also retired six years to be with grandchildren, free to give my time to others who need it, find new friends, and yes, yes, yes, deepen my friendship with myself!
    Thank you for articulating that so well!
    From Fran

    • You’re most welcome, Fran. I’ve found aerobic swimming class and being with the shelter are very rewarding, but I did flail around for a few years. I was at the community college level & loved my very diverse students, I was the international student advisor for some 25 years, and now Facebook brings me notes every day from alumni. Are you in an urban or rural setting now, Fran?

  19. Love today’s post and comments. Mary, in your post the other day you talked about being at the door and today you welcome us to come home to our true selves, thank you for showing us the path.

  20. I have loved following Wonder’s story on FB.Wonder is the perfect name for this lucky cat.
    Your post today moved me to tears, Mary.
    Happy New Year to you and your pack,

  21. What a delightful post, Mary, and comments! So hard to let others see the “real” me… you helped to open that door.

    Thanks again, Mary and happy new year!

  22. Growing up in a dysfunctional family and being estranged from most of my family, your post is so nuturing. Mary, you are the mother I wish I could have had. When I am facing a challenge, I sometimes feel as if your posts are written specifically for me. The advise you offer has helped me grow this past year. When I read the comments from Susan A. and Cheryl by the sea and many others, I see that indeed this is a wonderful world and there are many kind and caring people on the same journey as me. While I may not have met any of your readers, I feel connected on a level that brings me much comfort and love. May 2012 continue to bring us spiritual growth. Thank-you for touching my life.

  23. As we enter another year (a clean slate to write on), I am thankful for you, Mary, and the lovely people who meet here. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! With love, Deb

  24. At the risk of being a ‘space hog’…. (oink, oink!)
    Perhaps it’s the natural inclination of taking personal inventory on the brink of a new year; or maybe just re-reading all these posts, silently saying each of your names, surrounded with light. I am in awe–pure and simple.

    We may not have met face-to-face
    Yet we gather in one remarkable place.
    We can’t change the past
    Nor know what’s to come
    But here in this moment
    We share everything as one.

    Boot up in a hurry—ahhhh
    The connection is slow.
    But there’s no need to worry
    I have nowhere to go.
    I welcome each morning;
    Hitch my hopes on a star
    It’s a daily homecoming
    Where all of you are.

    • Cheryl! Even though it’s a Saturday and usually a ‘day off’ for our Mary, I keep checking in because surprises keep appearing! I love your poem! In our paper today there was this little quote from Louisa May Alcott – it reminded me of your phrase “hitch my hopes on a star” – Love to everyone.

      “Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead”. Louisa May Alcott

      Wish upon a star tonight, dear friends.

    • Ah…Cheryl and Susan…likely my final two readings of 2011! And both touching my heart and making me smile…I’m headed to the front door to wish on that star! So happy I checked here and so happy you were “home”! Sending a big warm New Year’s hug from Vermont filled with love and all of our hopes for the BEST year ever!

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