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I have been getting a strong message lately that I need to slow down mentally, and step into more and more relaxation in everything that I do. There is a lot of energy “in the air” right now and many people are feeling it, including me. The other day, I was sautéing onions in a rather unpeaceful state of mind. I didn’t catch myself until I “tasted” one of the hot onions and burned my lip. The little burn sort of snapped me back into myself, and I realized that I had been pondering a situation in my life that I didn’t like.

When I am rushing around, feeling “all worked up”, it just reveals to me that in the moment, I have  forgotten who I really am, and think that I am alone “out here”, afraid and struggling to make my life work well. This internal struggle will manifest in my outer world as unpleasant circumstances. James Allen said that circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him. We are much vaster beings than we realize. We are all “points of God consciousness”: deeply spiritual beings with the power to create.

Maybe we should join minds for the weekend and make a pact, to keep  focused on the good things in our lives and to refuse to worry, just for a couple of days,… to give  our over-worked brains a break, and to let the peace and calm of who we really are, bubble to the surface.

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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  1. I just discovered your blog (through Jon Katz’s Bedlam Farm blog) and couldn’t be more delighted with this initial (for me) post! One of my intentions for this year is to eliminate the words “I feel so rushed” from my vocabulary. Apparently, that intention led me to your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Ingrid! I’m so glad you found Mary’s blog- I too, discovered her through Jon’s blog. I just love it! It’s my daily ritual to read Mary and Jon before starting my day… and oh, what a positive difference they are making in my life. So glad you are now here too.

  2. I’m on board with all of you for the weekend (and hopefully longer than that). Sounds like a powerful focus for all of us to have. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Neville Goddard and to Susan Alcantara for sending the link. It really has loads of information. Here’s wishing us all a calm, focused and joined weekend.

  3. I have also been working on your experiment of seeing people differently. There is a woman where I exercise who does not smile or make eye contact even though one time we did have a conversation. She has been my focus of positive thinking and seeing her differently. Yesterday I started a conversation and we both smiled with other. I had been contemplating just ignoring her. A work in progress to be continued…..(with her and others – one at a time the experiment spreads and so does my contentment).

  4. I’m in. This week has been stressful for me and just this morning I made a promise to myself to do some reading to fill my soul. Will add this exercise to my weekend. Thank you.

  5. What a peace and calm came over me as I read your suggestion that we make a pact this weekend “to keep focused on the good things in our lives and to refuse to worry”…count me in! Thank you for making this happen xoxo

    1. Mary, thank you for that beautiful link! I recommend it as ‘required reading’ for our weekend of focus on peace and calm. Really lovely – especially like the last quotation: “Put away the measuring stick and punishing rod. Embrace yourself. Comfort yourself. And as you love yourself more easily and deeply, you will love Me and others more easily and deeply as well.”

  6. Your message couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m definitely joining the pact. I’ll have to carry a written copy around so I can look at it when I feel I’m straying. Thanks for all your positive thoughts.

  7. I saw a plaque in a doctor’s office once that said “Once upon a time, there was time,” and it really struck a chord. I have to remind myself that I’m choosing to be rushed, to be stressed and overwhelmed: thank you, Mary, for calling attention to the need to focus and to relax. I, too, came to your blog via Jon Katz’s blog (from his books) and now I can’t imagine starting a workday without it.

    1. I love the words on that plaque Charlotte…so happy that you are a part of this White Feather Farm community!

  8. I like that idea! My son is trying skiing for the first time tomorrow and it would have been a perfect time for Francis (my worry) to rear her ugly head. Now I know I have others getting themselves away from the worrying so I won’t be alone. Thanks Mary!

    I also really love the quote. It’s going up on my Facebook page.

    1. How much fun you will have, imagining your son having fun skiing!

  9. Got it!! Thanks! Certainly my choice for a way of being!! 😉 Thanks Mary
    My plans had to be altered already this am because of snow/poor road conditions…soooo I hit the sunroom rug w/ the vac, and will quilt..So very sweet to look out to the beauty while I am snug and creating! Walking in the afternoon! Yes! Enjoy!!

  10. Count me in too! I’m envisioning us all flying off to roost at Mary’s Farm this weekend, leaving our worries and cares behind, “being kind to our minds” – Love that, boodely! Before reading Mary’s post today, I read my yoga teacher’s invitation to attend a Restorative Yoga class – all poses intended for deep relaxation. She wrote: “Learn how to deeply relax and restore vital energy necessary to living a whole and balanced life. Research has shown that deep relaxation affects us on a genetic level and can have profound and lasting benefits such as switching off disease-causing genes while turning on genes that actively protect against illness. Through deep relaxation practices, your system comes back into balance, relaxing your muscles, reducing stress hormones, slowing down heart rate, deepening breath and lowering blood pressure. Deep relaxation also boosts the immune system and relieves fatigue, anxiety and insomnia without the use of medication.” – Sounds like we’re in for a weekend of restoration and being kind to our minds. Thank you Mary!

    1. just reading your yoga teacher’s invitation is a calming thing! Glad that you are here Susan!

  11. I am another new reader coming via Jon Katz, who is also new to me today. What a great time to find both of you. I will do my best at not worrying all weekend. Sometimes I have convinced myself to take a whole day off from the cares of the world…but now comes a whole weekend? What a lovely vacation that will be for me and all those around me. Now, let’s see if I can do it 🙂 Going to spend some time catching up on previous posts from you and from Jon. I love that winter allows me to slow down enough to do some thinking and reading. Have a great weekend.

  12. i’ll be with all the flock today and beyond. yesterday i spent most of my afternoon with neville goddard. “the whole vast world is only yourself pushed out.” we can all breathe in and out together—connected in spirit because we are spirit————-love to all, thank you mary for your gift to us

    1. Those words of Neville’s are some of my all time favorites Virginia! Thank you

      1. What book or source would you recommend for his writings. He was most prolific. Many books on Amazon and many things to read online at the link that Susan had added – hard to choose a starting place.

        Hope you had a nice evening out – getting ready for quiet/calm weekend together.

    2. In which reading did you find that quote? There was so much of his writing that I found profound.

      1. This is one of Neville Goddard’s “big concepts”…that the world is ourselves pushed out. He talks about it throughout most of his writing and much of that (or maybe all) is now in the public domain so can be downloaded for free, but I have most of his books because I still like to hold a book in my hands when I read. Also, their are some Youtube videos that are recordings of his lectures. One called, “Live in the End” is great!

  13. I’m also in. Thanks for this reminder Mary…..to not only choose positive thoughts and loving consciousness, but to do it as a whole. I too have had racing mind lately….I have an upcoming One-woman art show with Artist’s Reception and thoughts of anxiety, fear, excitement and feeling rushed have all been coming at me in a jumble of tension. I look forward to a weekend of trust, hope,quiet mind and open heart…knowing that The Flock is also holding similar thoughts. The power of many is a wonderful thing!

    1. WE are a powerful force for Good aren’t we?! Love to you Debra

  14. I loved this post, Mary. This is right on for me too. It’s been a long road the past 1 1/2 years as I have felt a transition happening inside me- once I finally decided to let go, new things are opening in front of me… and it feels good and right. One thing I’ve decided too for the year is too is to slow down. This is a going to be a year for delving deeper into me. Part of that is that I’m studying to become a Reiki Master with a focus on animals… I want more of what they teach us and think this is such a perfect fit for me to learn and then share with others.

  15. PS: Mary, I “stole” the saying at the bottom and shared on Facebook. The best thing we can do to create peace in this world is to share it… and let it ripple out, right? 🙂

  16. I am imagining a cork in my head and removing it to let all the worry, anxiety, frustration and negative thoughts escape! I am inviting peace, love and acceptance to replace it! May peace be our companion this weekend and beyond! Thank you Mary and all the wonderful Feathered Flock!

  17. Count me in. Mary, I like this idea of yours to “join our minds” and collectively focus on the good things in our life.

  18. I’m in. I really need to be in on this one. I spent much of the week feeling not only “alone out there” but “alone in here” as well. So stressed I missed a monthly dinner with close friends – who immediately began sending emails and cards and photos to bring me back to reality. I am not alone – out there or in here – and I need to remember that.

    1. Feel the loving embrace of this group gathered here, Jill, if you have those ‘alone’ feelings any time soon. Hugs to you.

  19. ” We Can Do It ! ” says Rosie the Riveter on a plaque I have on my kitchen wall. My daughter, Katharine, gave me this plaque (1950’s style – tin – nail on the wall). Katharine gave me this as a present to mark a spiritual achievement I had accomplished. I had just emailed a picture of this “Rosie the Riveter” plaque to Mary Muncil……so when I next read Mary’s Post today ……after some reflection, and reading the flock’s responses…. I thought, yes…let this be our motto, flock. NOT as in “we can do it all” as most of us try to everyday and in everyway. BUT, “We Can Do It” – as in connect with Mary and each other this weekend and take up the challenge “to keep focused on the good things in our lives and to refuse to worry, just for a couple of days…” WE CAN DO IT!!!

  20. I loved this post and am new to Mary’s blog this week….thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom..I enjoyed reading all of your responses as well…I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..”WE CAN DO IT”….

  21. Count me in! I like that pact – no worrying this weekend! Mary, I also received your skin balm and it is NICE! My hands are a smooth as a baby’s beehind 🙂 Thanks again for sending! Candy

    1. thank you so much for saying that Candy and we are so happy that you are here!

  22. Wow! This sounds really hard. Worries have an insidious way of creeping into my consciousness. Right now I’m worried about one of our dogs who didn’t eat this morning. I realize that me worrying will not help whatever is wrong with him, but still…Anyway, I’m going to join the flock for this weekend challenge. I have many good things in my life that I can focus on. Happy weekend to all:)

  23. I’ve read that mass conciousness toward a certain purpose can be a powerful thing. I’m going to take Caryl’s suggestion and post a written copy on my kitchen cupboard. Maybe Marjorie G. could share how she put a photo into the little geometric square.(not too handy on the computer-even have trouble figuring out Facebook) I’m going to send out good energy also this weekend to all the wonderful people on this blog. They make my day!!!

  24. I
    Count me in for the Mental Retreat Weekend. It is nice to know that I will be part of a peaceful current seperate from the chaos that we can take for granted as being normal.

  25. A timely and marvelous idea;
    imagine how our lives may change, as well as the lives of those we encounter.

    Mary, if I may share with the Flock: a big lesson in “state-of-mind control” came to me forcibly yesterday when we rushed our beloved 9 year old dog to the vet because she began to cough up blood…. lots of it. The vet asserted that she had somehow eaten poison. (Rest assured we have NONE of that at my house; we still don’t know where she got it.. but the symptoms are inarguable.)

    Our trusted vet gave the odds of saving her at 50/50. Skeeter’s hematocrit number should have been around 40; it was at 16. Chest X-rays showed her internal hemorrhaging was profound.

    My son, age 12, and I turned Skeeter over to the experts. We left the office in tears, praying for help, unable to imagine losing our beloved companion this way. Skeeter has been with us since my son – my only child- was four and she is his sibling, plain and simple.

    I called our immediate family and asked them to pray for Skeeter. They were horrified when they heard the news.

    I called the woman from whom we bought Skeeter to tell her what had happened, and broke down into terrified, despairing sobs, telling her how sorry I was if it ended this way, that I tried to always take very good care of Skeeter. (To her credit, the woman, a friend who knows Skeeter’s lifestyle, said, ‘Don’t you ever say that to me again, she has wanted for nothing, no other dog of mine has her own cup-holder in the car’.)

    I emailed our dear Mary, who responded in her always-amazing fashion with superb advice.

    “Zane,” I said to my son, “Mary says we have to hold in our minds that Skeeter is getting better every hour. Tell God ‘thank You for her life’. Bless everything in her body. See the medicine going through her body and making her stronger. We have lots of people praying for her. We know the vets will do all they can, she has gone to them for her whole life. Concentrate on the 50% chance that she *will* make it.”

    Even so, I had a wretched night, alternating between prayers, positive visualizations, self-blame (I should have known she might have gotten into something… Through my ignorance my son will lose his childhood companion…What if… If only…), and crying jags. I may have slept for two hours. It is hard to think positively when you are in fear for a life.

    This morning, the vet called and let me know that Skeeter had made it through the night: not only that, but her hematocrit numbers improved from 16 to 24, thank God! (I am sure the prayers and healing light helped.) Dr. Z is “cautiously optimistic”. She is not out of the woods, by far, but we will do her the most good by keeping her in light, by envisioning her well, by seeing her getting better every hour.

    When I start to slide back into the grief-and-terror panic state, I make myself see Skeeter bouncing happily out of the vet’s front door, dancing with my son through the parking lot, and hopping up into our car… and (ahem) to her own cup holder. It’s sure hard to do, but that’s the kind of thinking that will do her the most good.

    I accept Mary’s invitation: no matter how challenging, I refuse to worry this weekend. Skeeter is going to be healthy again, her “joie de vivre” as good as new. She is going to come home happy, whole, and with many wonderful years ahead of her.

    Thanks for reading my lengthy post and God bless all of you, Feather Friends.

    1. Wow, what an inspiring and timely story! I have a very good friend who has been unconscious in ICU for a week now. I’ve been visiting to talk and meditate with her as often as I can, and I’m going to follow this suggestion and focus on visualizing a positive outcome for her the rest of the time.
      I’m also on board with everyone this weekend about letting go of worry and pressure and welcoming peace and calmness instead. Blessings to all.

      1. What a gift you are to your friend Barbara! So glad that you are here with us

      2. Barbara, good luck and God bless to your friend. You and she are in my prayers. She is fortunate to have such a loving, spiritual friend as you. Your sitting with her reminds me of this quote:

        A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out. ~Grace Pulpit

    2. delighted that you are here Kelly, and prayers are coming to Skeeter from all around the world…

  26. Kelly, I am so glad you shared with the flock the trauma of yesterday’s events – because we can now truly have a focus for this weekend of nothing but good thoughts, all of us, together we will, we will hold Skeeter in beautiful green and healing light and seeing her getting better every single minute. She is in your trusted vet’s hands, and our love is now surrounding you all too. From all over this country! Love, comfort, and support from us all to you and Zane. Skeeter will come through; we see her already hopping into your car for the joyous ride home. Blessings and Love to you all.

  27. …back again…I was a “bit rushed” this morning and just quickly sent a ‘count me in’ note earlier, and smiled to myself as I ran out the door about just how wonderful a worry free, focus on the good weekend would feel! I’ve had wonderful house guests all week but I didn’t make the time to focus on this blog and comments like I usually do. And this morning, I realized, that the best, easiest, most valuable and meaningful gift I can give myself (almost) everyday is to knock on the door of White Feather Farm…whether at dawn or dusk or deep solitude of night. And the door is always open, fire is glowing and warm, the best food for my soul is abundant, the energy is alive and strong and good. And there are friends and angels everywhere. So to start my weekend of focusing on the good, I am grateful that my house guests are unharmed after a very scary black ice incident yesterday morning when we were blessed yet again by our loving Spirit, aided by the hearts of good samaritans, and know that angel upon angel were present and protective…so let the bubbling of the peace and calm begin…I feel it…I feel all of you.

  28. I am opening myself to receiving all this positive energy from the wonderful and amazing flock. It’s happening slowly, am needing to get to the place of not stewing and fretting. Have been grumpy and it’s richocheted as is always the case. Am leaving soon to meet sisters for dinner and then for a pj party. And am stopping at a place called Butts and Brews to pick up locally made ale for a beloved brother in law. Only for Dan would I stop at Butts and Brews! Ok, this is making me start to smile! Positive thoughts are being sent for Skeeter’s full recovery. Love to you all and warmest wishes for joyous week end.

    1. A pj party sounds like the perfect weekend thing to do Sally! I am going to join you there in my imagination.

  29. Absolutely – I’ll do the best that I can!!! How timely that I read your post, at just this moment. Thank you Mary

  30. There’s a cuff to take blood pressure
    A barometer portends the weather
    So how do we measure serene and calm?

    Got sand between my toes
    Salt air surrounds my nose
    A pelican is perched out on the dock.

    A bucket full of sunshine
    A pocket full of down time
    This weekend I’m hangin’ with the Flock!!

    With the exception of being 10 years old again, clamoring to get out of the car, have you ever felt anything other than blissful peace at the ocean? With that thought in mind, I send each and every one of you breaking waves of relaxation and unifying spirit. I AM IN TOO!!

    1. Oh Cheryl…the scene that you painted makes me want to jump in! Thank you and I can imagine us all floating together in a tranquil sea of peace, hope (and a little fun thrown in!)

    2. Thank you so much for sharing Cheryl b. — I always love your creative words. I can feel the sunshine and the sand between my toes!

  31. It is early evening here and I am overwhelmed (in a good way!) with all of the responses. It was my intention to comment after every comment, but I am going out for the evening, and must say goodbye for tonight dear friends. Rest assured that whether I commented or not, I will read every one tomorrow and whether you joined here or just in your mind, we are all in this together! Love and millions of blessings to you all! Mary

  32. I feel like I lost my focus during the holidays and have just been struggling to get through each day since going back to work Tuesday. I am so looking forward to this weekend, to meditating, exercising, eating and sleeping well, and now…taking a 2 day break from worrying! What a great idea!

  33. Yes, I am with you on this one Mary! Even though I am retired, I still worry about everything. Now I worry about our kids and grandkids. Also I do tutor some delightful and unique boys 4 days a week, so that adds to it. But yes let’s all unite and have a worry free , happy, peaceful, joyful weekend ! Thank you for this wonderful blog and to this great weekend! Many blessings to you, Mary! Joan

  34. “to let the peace and calm of who we really are, bubble to the surface”…
    thanks Mary, I would love a stress-free weekend…
    pack the picnic basket …

    I can hear the song- Slow down, you move too fast- by Simon & Garfunkel
    “feeling groovy”….

    I sort of feel like the caboose… of this wonderful “train” of thoughts
    from the WFF friends…

    I’m one of the last toot toots of the day (10:00 pm) …all aboard….

    1. SueV, I LOVE Simon and Garfunkel – in 2006 when my younger son was going through a tough time, I bought an anthology of their songs – 3 or 4 CD’s I think it was, – they really got me through that difficult time – amazing how the music of our youth can restore us, – once again we can see the world through younger eyes, innocence reclaimed, if only for that one song. “feelin’ groovy’ – hope we all do this weekend! Gotta make the morning last!

  35. I think we’re all, already suffering from White Feather Weekend Free Posts from Mary! I don’t think I’ve ever counted 81 responses in one day! (I bet this page is going to grow over the weekend!) Mary, you sure know how to toss a pebble into the pond and watch the ripples grow! OK, it’s about 8 p.m. here in AZ, and I just caught up with the posts after walking for an hour in the almost full moon, sans dogs!, just to breathe in the calm and the cool (can’t say cold in AZ) and I looked up into that gorgeous light of the moon, Kelly, and pictured its light bathing you, Skeeter and Zane in precious healing energy and love. You have us all around you this weekend as this flock has already made a sacred pact to direct our focus on nothing but peace, calm and positive thoughts. Cheryl b, by the Beautiful Sea, I hope you don’t mind that I call you that! All your poem needed was a jazzy little drum riff going on in the background, and a sweet sultry clarinet echoing your lovely images – sand between my toes, a bucket full of sunshine, and a pocket full of down time. Let the down time begin sweet flock! Good night all.

    1. I loved your “signing off” post Susan…very sweet words to read and feel

  36. Today’s post and all the uplifting responses…especially the love and support for Kelly and Skeeter….I’ve been thinking all day about this post and Mary’s invitation to stay true to positive thoughts. I found that each time I caught my mind wondering into worry-ville or doubt about something, I remembered the commitment made by so many…..”I’m In!”. Kelly…..I’m sending you light, love and reassurance about your beloved Skeeter. I will hold her in a positive light, just as I will promise to hold my own thoughts to a higher purpose this weekend.

  37. I’m late to join the party, but I’m more than ready to join hands with all of you. Sending thoughts of love and good health for Skeeter and looking forward to an unusually warm and sunny weekend of relaxation and appreciation. I’llbe thinking of all of you.

    Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond my control, we had to move my 97 year old mom from her new room at the nursing home back to her old room. The first move two months ago was traumatic and disorienting for her, and I feared that moving back just as she had gotten adjusted would be equally difficult. Instead of my usual habit of worrying and stewing, I forced myself to follow Mary’s idea of visualizing a happy, positive outcome. So, my mom is enjoying being back in her old room and if she chooses to, she can stay there. Once again, I found that I may not see at first why something is happening, but most things do happen for a reason. It all depends on how we look at it.

    Wishing everyone peace and sunny skies!

  38. When I sometimes awaken earlier than I would like or have a general feeling of anxiety, I will listen to a tape of something soothing. Today one by Louise Hay was in my player. Ii found a You Tube version with a group of women singing the song. Reminded me of us having our weekend together. I hope you all enjoy.

    1. What a perfect and relevant ‘find’ Mary! It could very well be the WFF anthem! I pictured us all there singing away! Thanks for sharing it! I was reading one of my journals of affirmations this morning and read one that said when we feel less secure about ourselves, the negative voices sound louder. When we love ourselves, the volume on the positive is turned way up! So I plan for this to be a very LOUD weekend!

  39. Mary – This week’s posts and responses have been so powerful. What a community you have developed here! How many people have commented that you have written just the right thing at just the right time for them to use in their lives? I have to say that this post has hit me the “hardest” of any. Instead of focusing on some upsetting circumstances in my life, which I could easily fret about all weekend and beyond, I am going to join the circle of friends here and concentrate on what is good in my life. Words from one of my favorite hymns have been floating around in my head all week. “Open my eyes that I might see, Spirit Divine” seems very appropriate for this weekend’s pact. Blessings and love to all!

  40. Good Saturday Morning – my friend sent me this today and I thought it perfect to send along for our weekend retreat, free from worry.

  41. Well, I woke up Saturday morning, remembered Mary’s Weekend Mind-Meld Pact, printed it out, propped it up on the kitchen counter, and went outside to the sounds of a different, not-so-white but very feathered flock of Canada geese overhead. They reminded me of us! Calling out encouragement to one another, drafting off one another’s energy – a beautiful sight and sound to carry with me through this weekend. Love, peace and calm to all.

  42. Well its Saturday morning, and I am so amazed at what I am reading. First of all I picture us all in a very big circle of light, supporting one another and letting all anxiety and worry fall away, very powerful! I love you all! Kelly, may your Skeeter be bounding back to you soon, healed and whole. I am so grateful for this community and the glue that binds us, thank you Mary.

  43. Everyone, wonderful news! Skeeter came home today~ a big cosmic hug and shout-out of gratitude to all of you for your prayers and healing thoughts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    She is not “back to normal” yet, but our vet felt safe in having her come home to restricted activity (read: crate) and the TLC of her family. Zane and I had a celebratory cheeseburger waiting for her (no dietary restrictions 🙂 ), which she consumed in two enthusiastic bites.

    Again, love to you all and God bless you for your kind, generous hearts.

    1. Yippee Yippee Yahoo Kayay! (how did they SAY that on Howdy Doody Miss Kelly and Flock? ) I am so happy I can’t even tell you how hard I just gave my two dogs a BIG hug for still hanging around with me for 12 and 7 years! Oh Skeeter, do you know how many wonderful loving people were praying for you over the last two days? And getting to know your most wonderful Mama and Zane while you lay recovering? Skeeter, never underestimate the power of the Pack, or should I say FLOCK?

      Let Mama know, she was not alone! Skeeter, welcome back home! I am so happy to read this Kelly!

  44. Feather friends, thanks so much for your comments and “virtual hugs” ~ back at you! Sunday morning update: Skeeter had an uneventful night, relaxing and being loved on by everyone. Eating her 6 pills of Vitamin K this morning was no problem after I sneakily hid them in two meatballs, ha ha ha. She is lying next to my left foot (has my foot between her paws, actually) while I type. Cozy day here, and wishing the same to all of you!

  45. so lovely an image, Kelly, I am so so happy to be checking in on Sunday night to know Skeeter is back home with you and your son. Happy Snuggles!

  46. Thank the angels that Skeeter is recovering! What a good feeling to tune in here after not logging in since Friday, and getting that good news. What amazing strength and faith you brought to this situation, Kelly; working through your fear and persisting at returning your mind to the positive, and sharing that practice with your son is such a tremendous gift to him as well. Did you ever figure out where she got into the rat poison? I’m sure whoever had it where she could get into it would appreciate being able to remedy that situation . . . maybe they would be willing to get a barn cat! May Skeeter stay well and live a long happy life, including many swims in beautiful ponds and streams.

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