Ask and expect

Years ago, I was on vacation in Florida, walking up the beach thinking that I needed a hat. I don’t like wearing hats, so I didn’t bring one with me on the trip, but the sun was intense and after several days in it, my face had started to feel burned. At that moment, I looked down and there was a baseball cap just sitting on top of a pile of seaweed. It had obviously been in the ocean for a while because it had several pieces of the seaweed attached to it. The logo on the front was from the University of Virginia; the place where my son Tom was, at the time, attending law school. I picked it up with a smile and said a silent thank you. After washing it, I happily wore it for the rest of my vacation…..A gift from Spirit in response to a silent need.

One of the reasons that I believe small things show up so easily and quickly, is that I don’t have any fear or negative beliefs that the thing that I want can’t happen. I’m not sure that doubt makes our dreams come true slower, but it sure makes for a rough ride.

“To give thanks in solitude is enough.  Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go.  Your prayer knows much more about it than you do”.  ~Victor Hugo

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  1. Terrific post, Mary! The signs of grace are all around us always, but I have to remember to allow my soul to open my eyes so I can see them.

    I have a friend who is quite religious. She was struggling with an issue, took a walk along the beach (we’re in Florida!!) and was praying for guidance. She stepped on something hard, half-buried in the sand. When she reached down to pick it up, it was a piece of a toddler’s Playskool farm – a white lamb. She told another friend who made fun of her for turning that into a “sign.” I was delighted for her that she was able to recognize the ordinary as an expression of the grace that surrounds her.

    1. I’ve also added this to my bookmarks which have grown considerably since joining the flock thanks to all the wonderful suggestions and links. As Jon Katz says, make your own news! and thanks to everyone here for the many ways we are doing that.

  2. I used to wonder why some people I knew always seemed to get the good things they wanted, and others only seemed to manifest difficulties. Now I understand that it is belief that does it all. Following Mary’s comment, it is really our belief that whatever we need and want CAN happen for our greatest good. If we expect it to happen, it will. I usually put my plans out into the universe as a prayer and just ask Source to do what is best for me.

    This winter I was planning to build a second floor on my in-laws’ house so that my husband and I could go to Cartagena, Colombia, every winter and have our own place. However, we didn’t have the money to do it this year and after spending a few months with the family we could see it wasn’t the best thing to do anyway. Thank you Source for NOT making it happen.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Once again, I thank you Mary for a very timely message and quote, I never did believe in “coincidence” — I believe in miracles and they happen every day! We need to thank the power behind those miracles.

    1. i once felt rather like you about coincidences, until i heard someone say that —a coincidence is simply a miracle in which god chooses to remain anonymous.

      i think that’s kinda cool

  4. I love this post Mary! “A gift from Spirit in response to a silent need.” Sometimes a gift appears when you haven’t even realized yet that you need it. Yesterday I was outside walking around our property simply enjoying the day and grateful for such warm weather in January. I noticed that the final 500 or so black walnuts had finally all fallen from the black walnut tree. I had picked up thousands of them a month ago. They are big, like kiwis, and have a very strong mustard color ink under the skin that stains and is very hard to get off of your skin. Prepared with gloves and the wheelbarrow I began picking them up. I was almost finished and very happy with myself for getting it done. I picked up the last few and one broke totally apart in my hand. The skin, the ink, the shell just fell apart and the fruit inside was cracked right down the middle. And in my hand were both halves…two of the most perfectly shaped hearts! Two black walnut hearts! I stared in disbelief for a moment and then knew EXACTLY the message I was getting. Surely a gift from Spirit in response to a silent need. Not my need…but I knew whose…

  5. Well, this is apropos of nothing, but I went to UVa Law School, too. Maybe I should get me a baseball cap . . .

  6. That’s a beautiful story, Kathye! This past weekend, knowing we were united in a pact to be positive, I found myself on numerous occasions, when challenged with the temptation to give into worry or fear, I simply repeated these three words to remind me of all of you in like mind: Peace, love, joy – and it quieted my mind, almost instantly. It drew my focus to what really matters and what can dispel worry and fear, because it is so much more powerful. Did anyone else find their weekend much improved knowing we were united in spirit? Mary, that quote is dynamite – our prayer knows much more about it than we do – and we are also promised that the angels intercede for us with sighs too be for words when words we lack. God knows our hearts.

    1. Yes, Susan! Our WFF pact kept me from dwelling on things I’d normally worry about. Worry tried to creep in a number of times (I was actually surprised at how often!) and I’d immediately think of all the good shared here and turn my focus to a positive image/picture in my head. It really works!

      1. Me, too! I remember beginning to stew about something on Sunday morning, but then catching myself and thinking “Nope! this is Peace Weekend!” It sure does work!

        It also brought my attention to how much brainpower I put into negative thinking. Boy, that was an insight.

  7. My teacher Pearl (Step by Step We Climb) used to tell us about an apple corer she misplaced which Spirit then popped up in her attic. She told us to have faith about the little things and God would help us with the big ones. “God, take command of this situation” she’d remind us to say, and “then let go and let God” in faith.

    Over the weekend and into this week I’ve been sitting with my dear friend and her husband in the hospital, as he prepares to pass. Surprisingly, it’s been easy and an honor as I sit quietly sending thoughts of peace and Light. If you like, please send a beam of Light and love to Kate and Scott. And thanks for the lovely phrases today from the group!

    1. May heavenly light and love shine upon Scott and may God Bless you all Kathi, through this transition. It is indeed an honor…

  8. Just returned from a Reiki session with a practitioner I hadn’t had before. She called in some major Angels before she started and the session was awesome.

    Anyway, when I came home, my email was full of friends’ emails and most were forwarding uplifting statements and/or stories about angels. Of course, these were sent as support for my test on Friday, but nonetheless, I see manifestation at work.

    Thanks, Mary, for a great post.

  9. Hi Mary,
    Enjoying your blog..and living in synch with your beliefs…It’s all about
    loving yourself and belieiving in the power of positive thoughts..Thanks for being such a good friend to Nancy…elaine

  10. For Kate and Scott, may light surround you both as Scott leans into the peace of letting go. Thank you for a wonderful post today Mary.

  11. Many thanks to all who sent Kate and Scott angel wings–I was “reading backwards” and didn’t see your words until after I’d thanked Terri. Will keep you posted. Kate is the loving manager of our shelter’s cattery, and she gives so much to the homeless dear ones. It’s been a blessing for many of us to give back to her now, and to sweet Scott. Surprisingly, he was the only one in our small hospital the other afternoon, and they let Kate bring in their old old dog Nellie to say goodbye…

  12. …and now it’s time to share that Scott passed away Tuesday the tenth about 1:10 pm. Kate, having been a nurse earlier in her life, has been very strong and organized. We wrote his obituary today at the diner, with big glasses of fresh orange juice, and French fries! She’s grateful for your thoughts and prayers. In shelter talk, we speak of “going over the Rainbow Bridge” and so he did. We’ll plant a pink dogwood in Scott’s honor at the shelter in the spring. Thanks again for the sweet support, ~Kathi

    1. Dear Kathi, Thank you so much for letting us know…I love the image of the Rainbow Bridge and all of us; two legged, four legged, winged, crawling, and swimming friends, ultimately going over to Spirit on the same “road”. May you all be held in the arms of Love tonight.

      1. Oh, thank you Mary! We are very tuned in and reflect the Light back to you all, too. I’m so grateful! I drop in out of the cyber sky and all of a sudden I’m welcomed & my friends blessed. Sharing the Light strengthens it in us all I think. An endless circle. Grace to you all…~Kathi

    2. Sweet blessings of peace to all involved, Kathi, and a huge Godspeed to Scott. I can tell that his last days were filled with comfortable love from all of you.

      1. They surely were, Suzanne. And we’re all sticking close to Kate this week, for sure. She’s doing well & has great support from all of us. Much thanks to you and all the folks here. We’re in far far northern CA–where are you? ~Kathi

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