intuition: remembering the gift

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Many years ago, I was applying to graduate school and was trying to figure out which professors to ask for letters of recommendation. I kept feeling uneasy about one of them; a man who was very friendly and open around me, but something felt off. The night before I was going to ask him, I had a dream that I was listening in on a conversation that he was having with someone else, and the part that I heard was, “I don’t know what I’d do, but I’d let Mary drop.” I woke up knowing not to ask him. Later on, I heard something about him that confirmed my decision had been the right one.

I have learned, over the years, to trust my dreams. In my 20’s and 30’s, when I was much less aware of my inner voice of guidance, I relied heavily on my dream life to inform my decisions. Even though its “language” is highly symbolic, it points the way. It is one of the voices of the intuitive mind.

The conscious mind (rational mind) always wants concrete proof. It loves to argue. If it cannot be explained in logical terms, the conscious mind dismisses it. Our intuitive hunches and nudges, when followed are the things that lead us out of the confusion, out of the mental debates, into lives that flow and work well. Following the intuitive mind leads to a sense of inner peace; a knowing that we can trust ourselves, and at the same time, are not overly suspicious of others because we know who we are. The intuitive mind is the lowly, humble, almost unrecognized path that leads to brilliant flashes of insight, love, success, happiness, peace and our true heart’s desire.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

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  1. My dreams usually upset me. First I thought they meant something on a “realistic” basis – then I can’t figure them out as they are “symbols.” I keep thinking they hold the “answers” and I “should” be able to figure them out. Now I try not to focus on them because either the content or the not being able to “know” what they mean frustrates me. I would like to be able to be gentle with them, not be afraid of them, just them be – whatever it would take to wake up more at peace. Any ideas?

    1. One very good thing to do, especially after an upsetting or powerful dream, is to say to your inner self, “Show me what I need to know about this dream”, and then let it go as much as possible. People often call dreams “crazy” or “bad” and then they wonder why their dreams don’t seem helpful! I hope that this helps.

      1. I used to call them nightmares. Again, not too helpful. I will definitely utilize your suggestion. I appreciate your caring reply.

  2. I dream vividly and often. And I remember many of my dreams. Some of them I can piece together, understand, or interpret from thoughts, activities, events, people from the previous several days of my life, or from something I have been worried about. And it all gets somehow choreographed into what seems a fragmented or abstract dream…but then when I think about it, I can typically explain it. Sometimes I realize that in my daily ‘rush’, I did not pay close attention to something or someone and it shows up in my dreams. Every once in a while, I’ll have that ‘weird’ dream that just stumps me…sometimes so very pleasant and other times not so. For me, it is those that linger, that make me wonder, that I think have a message for me…

  3. Mary, I have that Einstein quote on the wall of my treatment room at my private practice office. Now, I will be thinking of you every time I read it because you and the blog are a daily inspiration to focus on what is true and real. I have a story to share about last weekend….

    Last Saturday a very close friend died in the hospital after a sudden, brief illness. She was in hospice care, had been in a coma for a week and I was among 6 of her family and friends assembled at the moment she died. Although none of us had communicated that morning, we all just randomly arrived because we each had a strong urge to be with her. It was as if we’d been summonsed. The feeling of love that enveloped her hospital room was so tangible, gentle and peaceful that it felt as if she floated away from her physical body to move directly into our hearts. The hospital staff was wonderfully respectful, and left us undisturbed to pray and chant together in our different traditions for her safe passage and to celebrate her transcendence. It was a privilege to be a part of this experience and I can only say that I am grateful to my friend yet again.
    Later, as I was driving home I remembered about the White Feather Flock experiment to choose peace and trust instead of worry, and I deeply and intuitively felt how connected we all are in a universe of love. I have no words for that feeling.

    1. This is such a lovely story, Barbara, and the peace you felt was so elegantly conveyed in this. And you are right…we ARE all connected in a universe of love; and I believe that someday, as more people come to fully understand this, words for that feeling will be birthed.

      Thanks you for this true heart-sharing story.

    2. Thank you so much for sharing this story Barbara. I loved the image of your friend floating away from her body to move directly into your hearts. It is so reassuring – we may leave this earthly plane but out love for our loved ones stays inside them, a glowing ember, inextinguishable. – Mary, another quote for my WFF folder! I, like Mary Solomon, am often puzzled by my dreams. Thank you for the nudge to honor our intuition more.

    3. I can feel the love coming right through your words Barbara…thank you

    4. Beautifully written, Barbara.
      Your description of gentle, peaceful transcendence so parallels a near death experience I had 25+ years ago; nearly drowned off the north coast of Kauai when the surf surged unexpectedly from 4-5 foot waves to 15-20 waves in an instant. After the panic and adrenaline rush of looking ‘death in the face’ I let go and experienced that “connected universe of love” that I, too, have no real words for. All those stories of warm, embracing light and infinite serenity are really accurate. But it was obviously not my time yet because a complete stranger saw my predicament and got to me before I literally went under for the third and final time.
      The greatest lesson I learned from that day was to never waste precious moments in fear of crossing that last portal; rather to wish for loving hearts and warm embraces to send me smiling forward–much like you provided for your dear friend. Blessings.

      1. Oh my goodness Cheryl…”never wast precious moments in fear of crossing that last portal”…your words are like cups of blessings being poured out to us. Thank you

      2. Oh Cheryl, I only know you through this blog, but just with that small connection, I am so very glad that you were spared, or we would never have known you or been the blessed recipients of your comments!

        And so, another miracle presents itself. Thank you for your sharing of the story.

      3. Cheryl, thank you for sharing your experience, I am so glad for the serendipity of meeting a stranger who saved you that day! I so enjoy your talents with the written word. Blessings to you also.

    5. Barbara, what a beautiful story, and I think you conveyed your feelings in the moment very well. I love that your friend summoned you all there and that you were given the gift of experiencing her last moments on this earth. Gave me chills as I read your words. Blessings upon you, your friend and those who were with you.

    6. Your words and then the words of the various flock members are so soothing and loving. The experience of being privy to such experiences – the original experience and then the comments that follow are so touching. How fortunate we are to have each other.

      1. Mary, I echo your sentiments. I am re-reading today’s sharings and I too find it very soothing before bed. We ARE fortunate, indeed to have each other.

      1. Kelly, how is Skeeter doing? I think of you and Zane showering him with love every day.

      2. Hi Susan, thanks for asking: Skeeter is continuing to improve,. We are going back to the vet’s office this morning for a check on her blood-work. I will keep everyone posted. 🙂 Blessings to all….

  4. Powerful post today, Mary, and very timely, as is the quote from Einstein. Just yesterday, in my Reiki session, I was told to “quiet my mind and get out of my own way.”

    Synchronicity abounds for me, and being more aware of it has put me on a new path. I’m so glad I have our flock to walk with…and YOU most of all, for keeping us gathered.

  5. Mary, my intuitive mind got me into trouble recently, including my big mouth. I have been exercising at Curves for the past seven years and have enjoyed it very much but a new manager was hired recently who has no fitness training, does not know the machinery or how people should be using them and I felt uncomfortable with that, plus her energy which hit me full force the moment she walked in the door of Curves. As the month went by, I watched as she sat behind the desk computer, saying hello and good-bye to club members and not much else. The energy thing was getting to me and I began to avoid her shifts at Curves. And then one day, I contacted the owner of Curves (he owns 7 or 9 franchises ) and said that I didn’t feel the mgr. was the right person for the job and listed why. Ahem…I sent three emails over the space of a month…worried, I guess, because I sensed and heard others were also uncomfortable with the new mgr., had also expressed their concerns and I was worried that something may happen to my favorite exercise place if it continued to loose members. My last email was, I would say, fairly forceful after the owner blamed his former employees for his loss of business (Good Life has come to town, a huge gym and took away many members when they opened up, it was not his former employees). Long and the short of it was, the owner told me not to tell him how to run his business and terminated my membership. Shocked…momentarily, but it was his right to do so and he refunded my month’s payment, which was decent of him. And so I signed on with Good Life and feel better than I have in the seven years at Curves. I’m stretching more, getting more cardio workouts and while I’m too old to set any real goals at Good Life, I feel all the better for it. Whatever my inner gut feeling was about the new manager caused a shift in my life for the better, actually but I’ve still to figure out what it was about her energy that struck me so forcefully. Not a good mix, I guess.

    SandyP in Canada

    1. Hi Sandy –
      Just wanted to share a VERY similar experience that just happened with my exercise place. I had belonged one place for a couple of years and was quite happy there. All of a sudden changes in schedules, fullness of classes, general feeling of unrest amongst teachers and clients – mainly due to personality of person in charge of all group classes. I decided to change to a different club. I am enjoying myself immensely. Loads of classes to choose from, fabulous teachers who appear to be happy teaching there and have been teaching there for awhile, seeing old friends, meeting new people, trying different classes etc. I just got word that the person who had been problematic is no longer at the other club (for whatever reason). Just heard she will be teaching at my new club. First impulse/instinct was to avoid any and all classes she might be teaching as I blamed her for my dissatisfaction and having to have made a change in my routine. It dawned on me that I don’t have to avoid her. I need to (internally) thank her for giving me this opportunity to join a different club. Now, I am looking forward to taking one of her classes as she is a very good teacher.

      I hope you are enjoying your new club.

  6. I have yet to read Walter Isaacson’s hefty biography: Einstein: His Life and Universe but I have an ‘intuition’ that I’ll be at the book store later today to find a copy!! An intellectually and spiritually brilliant man.

  7. “a sacred gift “… the stories and heartfelt sharing,
    are surely a balm/gift to all who enter here….I’m grateful…

    Silence is a true friend who never betrays….

  8. I am at awe again and again what great stories and treasures unfold every day on the farm, Mary. I love you all! Cherly b by the beautiful sea, that, thank heavens had the sense to put you back on tierra firma where you certainly do belong! So grateful!

  9. Mary I would love to understand my dreams better, those that I remember. They just seem to be a jumble of wierdness with one recurring theme. I’m often driving somewhere, but sitting in the back seat, so I cannot reach the controls. There are variations but I think this means something is making me feel I have no control. Hmm… Thank you for always giving me something to think about and learn from. Love the Einstein quote!

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