Love will heal the world (and a contest!)

Beautiful beeswax from Lloyd Spear

I purchased a new batch of beeswax the other day for a skin balm that I make. The beekeeper, Lloyd Spear, has devoted his life to beekeeping. He loves his bees, and the honey and wax that they produce, and you can feel it. I pay more for his wax than I would from a big company, and it is worth every cent. I love supporting individuals who are doing what they love. Every person who chooses to follow the calling of their own heart, is uplifting our entire world.

So many people who I talk with have a passion, but don’t dare go for it, because they can’t see how to make a living doing what they love. But love is a powerful energy. It has hidden and magical and wonderful powers. It can be trusted to open doors that we hardly dare dream to be true, they seem so good.

“Love is the greatest power on earth; it conquers all things.” Peace Pilgrim

TIME FOR A CONTEST! One of the things that I love is holding these little contests, and today’s will be for a tin of the skin balm that I make, “Mary’s Skin Survival Balm”.

To enter,  just comment about something/someone you love. I will pick a random winner on Monday, January 23rd (the Chinese New Year). It does not matter if you have won before, all are welcome to participate.

168 thoughts on “Love will heal the world (and a contest!)

  1. I am commenting on my own changes. I love dogs and horses. 12 months ago I gave up my long time career in mortgages to learn to groom dogs. I finished my training and have set forth on the journey of opening my own salon. It is happening. On 12/19 I got approval for my shop to open in my gagrage of the village I live in. In the mean time a circustance opened to allow me to share my passion for horses with others giving riding lessons at the farm where my families horses are. It is a journey I could not have dreamed of. My days are full and physically exhausting but I go to bed filled with joy everynight! I have never been happier than I am right now. It truly comes from FAITH and LOVE!

    • and can you share with us the name of your business and a way for people to contact you Jenn?

      • Thank you Mary! My pet rooming business is Peek-A-Boo pet grooming salon. My address is 225 Broad St. Schuylerville, NY and the phone number is (518)209-5688. The horse side of my life I give riding lessons at Trintity Morgan Farm, 435 Stevers Mills Rd. Broadalbin, N& and the phone number there is (518)883-3600.

  2. Yes!

    1 Corinthians 13:13

    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    13And so faith, hope, love abide [faith–conviction and belief respecting man’s relation to God and divine things; hope–joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation; love–true affection for God and man, growing out of God’s love for and in us], these three; but the greatest of these is love.

  3. My mother-in-law of 46 years died yesterday and we are all diminished by the loss of her physical presence. She was 91 and ruled. I didn’t always like her but I loved her ENORMOUSLY and unconditionally. I shall miss her soooooooooooooo much.
    Peace at last….

  4. I love my bees and my goats and how I can make honey and goat’s milk soap and still have honey for my biscuits.

    I Nigerian Dwarf goat Dusty just has 3 babies. They are so much fun to watch. If you want to see a video go to our Goat Sass Farm site. and look on the Jan 17th blog. It will make you giggle.

    • What a fun video! and I LOVE your photography! The picture of the owl in the woods is magnificent!

      • Thank you for the reply. The blog and the photos are mostly my husbands. I’m “the little woman” he mentions. The goats and the bees are mine. We have a lot of fun on Goat Sass Farm. Visit us often for more updates.

    • Thank you for sharing the video, LOVED it, and your photography is astouonding. Beautiful. Goats are so adorable!

    • I loved the video too! It’s already being shared around the world! Hope the baby goats don’t sue me for violation of intellectual property across state lines! Loved your choice of the Bristol Stomp – this is a keeper!

      • My goats don’t have a lawyer yet. So I think you are safe. We just had two more babies Friday. One more mother to deliver.

        Hope you will keep cking the website for more kid sightings.

  5. I love this blog! Thanks to Jon Katz (who I also love), I found the wonderful White Feather Farm. I can’t wait to try the skin balm, b/c I think that is going to be added to the love column.

  6. The love that I feel for my two grown sons is just amazing. Whenever I talk about them my face lights up because they make me so very proud! I brought them up as a divorced single mom, so now I feel I did a fine job.

  7. I retired from a 38-year career in utilities in 2010. The first winter I was at loose ends, not knowing what to do with my time. Last summer I started writing a weekly column for our small local paper and now it’s amazing how full my days are. I get out and talk to people and have heard wonderful stories to submit to the paper. I don’t make that much money, but I truly love what I’m doing now.

  8. l love my family and snow. This morning in Western Washington where I live, the snow is falling and my world is a winter wonderland – l love taking my dogs out for a run in the snow and then coming back for a steaming hot cup of tea. I’m so glad I found this blog. I learn something new every day (thanks, Jon).

  9. …Eating lunch out with someone I love, al Fresco…a tall cool ice tea with lemon, crab cake, and chocolate bread pudding…

  10. I love my two sons, Garret and Caleb, with such depth and breadth it brings tears to my eyes. My love is not blind – I see them with a love and clarity that I haven’t experienced ever before. I pray that they will be able to follow their dreams and live those dreams each day. As an educator I pray this for all children.

  11. I love my 4 “rescued” (sorry, Jon Katz!) dogs. Having seen them bloom into happy, healthy little guys from the messes they were when I adopted them has been wonderful.

  12. i love that we are having cold weather now ( at least it is cold for us here in sourthern california -) and i get to make fires every nite / I love tending to the fire – I love the sound of the crackling wood and I love the smell of the wood burning.

  13. I love my 16 year old dog…..her time here with me is coming to an end. Every breath we exchange together is pure love. I am so blessed she has chosen me to walk beside her on her journey through this life.

  14. I love blogs…..just like yours Mary……it connects us and allows us to see into each other’s lives… us a different perspective and sometimes lifts our spirits when we need a push. Thank you Mary.

  15. I love that I FINALLY got to see the elusive bald eagle that frequents Saratoga Lake,NY. Not only did I get to see this amazing creature, but he/she had a mate! TWO bald eagles!….the best part… I had my camera & was able to snap a few pictures to share with everyone!!!!!!! Y-E-A-H!

  16. I love being the first one in to my office in the morning; it’s quiet and I can pour that first cup of coffee, open my emails and get the day off to a peaceful start.

  17. This is about a woman, long dead now, who died in her hundredth year and who eventually became my mother-in-law, the best mother-in-law one could ever have imagined. I am city-born and raised; she was from the country and grew up on a farm. I loved to hear her tell tales of how her father would drive she and her siblings to school in the horse and sleigh and how the snow was so high it covered the fences and they could sail right over them. About how she and her sister, whose job it was to clean out the barn and how they would throw cow patties at one another. In my late teens, Maude suggested that I take oil painting lessons from her teacher and I did. Ten years of oil painting gave me a sense and eye for colour that has served me well in the other gift Maude gave me which was to send a quilt pattern in the mail, one day. Mind you, she forgot to send the instructions, feeling, I guess that everyone would know how to put a quilt together…for they did in the country where she had grown up. Both those gifts have sustained me throughout my life in many unexpected ways…from the time her youngest son, my husband, died at the age of thirty-nine, to the raising of our children and the need to find something to help contribute to our financial wellbeing, I began to teach quiltmaking at a time when it was coming back into ‘fashion’. This eventually led me into art college in middle age. Maude impacted my life in such a way that has given me such personal and creative energy; not something she could have known herself. To pass on just one seed of encouragement and interest to others you never know where or how big it will grow. My love of colour and quilting is bound into a patchwork of love for my late mother-in-law, Maude.

    SandyP in Canada

    • What a beautiful story, SandyP… brought tears to my eyes but made me chuckle, too.

      You brought back memories of my own beloved grandmother, gone from us now, who used to tell stories of her diabolical brothers’ driving the sleigh from the farm to school in Mount Morris, Michigan… on one runner more often than not! Grandma said she knew when they were coming because she could hear the other kids screaming long before the sleigh was in sight!

    • I am reading again today’s posts, Sandy, and I am so touched by the way your grandmother lives on in you today, from all the days you spent together. Such power, we will never know, when we offer a gift to a child to help him or her along the path of self discovery, be it ‘how to’ make this or that, or plant a seed in the earth, in the sweet child’s mind – Sandy, in my little WFF folder, I am making little notes on the flock – I put down yesterday for you: Sandy P, runs a Bed ‘n B! in Canada! Love to you!

  18. i love love love my garden,!!!! my sacred space –my sanctuary—it is wild natural, biodiverse and eco friendly and has been this way for 16 years—i had a fat toad as big as my fist, and a walking stick(an insect i had not seen in decades!) in my yard—in addition to all my favorite flowers and herbs–my sacred space was destroyed in july by city officials due to one neighbors complaint–that it was deemed unsightly!!!—-i was devastated!–i am currently working with the city officials and kindred spirits to change the city ordinance to accept native landscapes and urban gardens in the city-the environment is a passion of mine–i have dedicated my life to artistic recycling to save the planet–the yard issue is one aspect of my passion!—i love to support the beekeepers of the planet—-and my little dry hands would love the beekeepers healing salve!-thank you for your blogs!!-they are a daily inspiration for me!

    • margaret mary, I am so sorry those thick headed officials destroyed your garden – we will imagine it coming to life again – in full bloom. Can’t keep a good gardener down!

    • Those lunkheads, so sorry they did that. I would love to do that with my small back yard and am slowing bringing the perimeters in so I have less mowable area and I keep creatures in mind with this. Your garden was sacred space and hopefully will be again.

    • How the worm has turned—when a biodiverse, eco- friendly, native landscape and urban garden are considered against the law!!?**! The ghost spirit of Henry David Thoreau must be rolling in his grave!

  19. His laugh. I love my husband’s laugh. Sometimes when he is on the phone downstairs, I hear it traveling upwards where it seeps into every cell of my being. It is a contagious, genuine, belly laugh–one can’t help but join in. It is a call to remember that there is always room for joy and laughter in every day.

  20. I love the quiet that nature gives to us when we are alone in the woods. The quiet allows us to hear the chickadee chirp its repertoire. The quiet allows me to hear the creak of the tree as a gentle wind blows between the still pines. The quiet allows me to be still and see the white silhouette of the paper birch agains the cold blue sky. The quiet is my meditation.

  21. I love my Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog. Oh, how my life has profoundly changed because of her. I’ve learned so much these past five years of her paralysis, which helped me find a purpose. Sharing Frankie with thousands of children since 2008 has been one my greatest rewards on this earth.

    There is truly not a day that I don’t thank God for the gift of Frankie. Taking care of her and loving her is an absolute honor.

  22. I love my goat herd and I am passionate about making farmstead goat’s milk cheese. After many years of hard work, we have achieved our dream and become licensed cheese makers in New York after building a beautiful state of the art creamery. The goats are starting to kid and we will begin production in the next few weeks. It is all so exciting!

  23. My husband has this little giggle he does in the mornings when I come to his bedside to kiss him goodbye for the morning. It makeshift love him.

  24. I love the excitement and anticipation of where my life will be heading next. I love opening myself to the unknown and seeing what appears. Letting Source lead the way.

    Thank you for your deliciously, thought-provoking blog. It is exceptional.

  25. Mary,
    I’m happy to see a quote from Peace Pilgrim. Unfortunately, not that many people have heard of her, but, as you know, she was an admirable lady who walked 25,000 across the U.S several times, to advocate peace. She carried no money. Ate when offered food and slept wherever she could. Talk about faith! Died in a car accident during one of the very few times she accepted a ride.

  26. I also found White Feather Farm through Jon Katz (whose blogs have helped me immensely) and led me here….Mary I will say I love your blog as it has helped heal me…my mind (in opening it up to different ways of thinking), my outlook on life ….getting on with it even though I am 75 but I certainly want to live every second of it to very best I can….and I am working on moving out of past grief and mistakes and into a new vision of love and happiness with a new found friend and my faithful friends who have been there for me all along since my husband died and I fell into a horrible relationship which cost me dearly financially. I am working on recovery I guess you would say and your such an inspiration to me daily!

  27. I love your blog, Mary, and the wonderful community of kind, compassionate, wise people who assemble here for daily joy and inspiration.

    God bless all of you. You have changed my life for the better.

    Here is a quote I “borrowed” from Jake at (and thanks Nancy…fellow WFF-er):

    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”-Robert Louis Stevenson

  28. I am 63 years old and just retired. I am trying to find myself and more importantly love myself. It is not easy to love myself I see all my faults.
    The 50 extra pounds I carry or the list of things to do that don’t seem to get done in spite of being retired.
    Every morning when I wake I find something on me that I like or I am thankful for and I start my day on a positive note!

    • Every night I used to write a list of five things I was grateful for that day. Doing that really kept my life in perspective and I can start those lists again at any time. Good for you–starting your day on a positive note!

  29. I love your blog Mary and all those that add to it! What a gift. So much wisdom and food for thought here. So many things to love and enjoy in this life. I love my mother, my new dog, Wee Willy, my cat Lightning Bolt, living in the high desert and quilting and so very much more . . . thank you all for sharing. I love every entry here too!

  30. Love is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.Loving my family,my pets,my home, my country is what keeps my heart pumping. There is so much more to love than there is to hate. There is nothing more powerful than love.

  31. I love reading your blog every morning, it teaches me to stop and think, to think again before I open my mouth and it has helped me be a better person.
    When are you going to write a book and share your wisdom with us all? Thanks Mary you are a blessing to us all.

  32. I love getting up for sunrise walks on the beach at Long Point, Ontario! Sometimes the waves are driving up onto the shore, and there’s very little beach to walk on. Sometimes the lake is serene, even in winter, and the sun is bouncing off it and dancing in my eyes. Whether it’s sunny or overcast, Lake Erie is always beautiful. 😀

  33. I love to read and I love to pass a book I love on to someone I know will love it as well, and then discussing the book. Such fun to discover new “favorite” authors and search for more works by them. I love the feel of a book in my hand, adore the art of the covers and often in the books too, savor the gifts of the authors to convey emotions, descriptions, characters, and to transport the reader. There is nothing like a cold winter evening and the time to kick back in the recliner with snoozing cats all around and losing myself in a good read.

    • Sally, I’d love to hear what you are reading lately – it is such fun to pass along favorites! Anyone else, too – what’s the flock reading these days? I’m on my third book by Sebastian Barry, an Irishman born in 1955. Sometimes I read like that, devouring all of James Baldwin in a Baldwin marathon for example. I really liked Barry’s “The Secret Scripture” – beautiful prose. and very Irish.

      • I usually have more than one book going at once. Currently am reading The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar. Sort of an Indian version of The Help. Also have one my niece gave me when she was here Sun to do “Christmas.” We were in Cambridge, NY last summer and went to Battenkill Books. She picked up Vermont Mountain Air for People Stuck Inside by Jane Rinck. It’s a collection of seasonal essays that I read slowly and savor, pure delight. It has drawings the author has done also that are absolutely charming.

  34. Love, ummm, isn’t that what makes the world go round? I am very blessed to have a wonderful family that I love and appreciate. I love volunteering with my dogs in the caring canine therapy program. I love that we can make a difference even if it’s just for an hour for a hospice patient or visit with the elderly as they engage with the dogs, sometimes only speaking when the dogs come to visit with them. Do something you love…. and when you do more love will come your way! I did.

  35. Living in the west, a couple of hours behind most of you, I am rarely the first to post – so today I am quite taken that where there may usually be 15 posts by 9 a.m. my time, today there are already 47! And such beautiful enthusiastic responses to “what do you love”! I love and treasure my early morning time here with soft music on in the background, my two dogs nearby happily snoozing after a good walk, and savoring my morning visit with all of you. In less than a year I feel like I have gained more close women friends, real friends of the heart, than I have known in a lifetime. And all the wonderful quotes shared, books recommended, links to other blogs, – but most of all the daily flame that is constantly burning at White Feather Farm, of welcome at any hour, of acceptance, of encouragement, of friendship, of love. I love being here. Thank you all! And God Bless our Mary for opening her door to us all.

  36. I love so many things, but most of all, i love being a Grandmother and consciously making memories that will last. My Grandmother has been physically gone from here for over 30 years, but i carry her with me every day of my life…love, mare

  37. I love my son Joe. He is my heart. We have had an especially stressful, trying year but I know with God’s help we will all come out of it stronger. I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.

  38. I love the fresh new year and all the promise it holds. Although experience tells me there will be struggles within it, each new year brings with it much dreaming, planning, longing and excitement.

  39. I love sharing the gift of yoga with the women at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women – in the 16-week sessions I see them learn how to breathe and move and feel their bodies. Many people ask me why I want to go inside this place and I say “why not?” They teach me as much as I teach them.

    • Bless you MaryAnne – to learn to tune in and center down, – and breathe! Yes! xoxo You are giving them the gift of reawakening.

  40. I LOVE my two cats (they keep me sane) and I LOVE thinking about the vegetables I’ll be planting in the next few months. I miss getting my hands in the dirt! Thanks Mary, your blog has become my touchstone.

  41. How does one begin to express what she loves, has true passion for after reading all of the amazing responses here. I love this blog and the friendships that have blossomed here. I love the lovingkindness that is shown here daily. Led by Mary and fueled by all the wonderful responses, this place is a daily devotional, a haven for expression and support from caring people, all over the world. Mary, I love your survival balm, not only the one that comes in the sweet little tin, but your words too. It is a God thing! I love you all.

    • Amen to that Terri! It made me hear There is a Balm in Gilead in my head – here’s a recording with Paul Robeson on youtube: Don’t you love those old hymns?

      • Oh yes, that’s something else i love – old hymns. They are familiar, transporting, and often comfort like nothing else can. I have sweet memories of my grandparents sitting side by side singing from the hymnal.

      • Love this Susan! These old hymns remind me of my youth, singing the hymns in church was my favorite part!

  42. Mary: I love my husband, John. We have been married 51 years, and still he surprises me. I swim three mornings a week, and when I get home at 8:00 am, he has my orange peeled, tea made and cereal ready. He also always asks me if I had a good swim! I still smile inside when I see him walk into the room.
    In my picture frame, which I have sayings I love in that I change from time to time, it now says – “Every love story is beautiful, but I like ours best!”
    I could use the balm – pool water does dry the skin!
    Peg on Vancouver Island

  43. I love the little terrarium I made this afternoon, which I would have believed I was incapable of making ten years ago (and I am 53 !!!)

  44. I love this blog and what I learn on a daily basis- I also love some of the other comments such as Sandy P in Canada- just beautiful thoughts

  45. I love to learn, teach, and counsel. I am a social worker, environmental educator, and a dog trainer. I love helping people finding jobs and to become financially independent from government assistance.

  46. I love it when I can do something I don’t feel like doing. And I love my parents, my friends and everyone else for helping me do that. Some of that power called intention can go a long way. Right now I am working out some order in my life with a book called Living Well on the Spectrum (a problem-solving book for autistic people).

  47. I LOVE the Beloved. “I am the Beloved’s and the Beloved is mine”. “I have found the One that my soul loves”! I love that you are offering me a podium to declare, proclaim and shout from the rooftops and basements, the heights, depths, length and breadth that I Love the Beloved, my Adonai!!!

  48. I love the peace that nature offers while walking my dogs early in the morning. I love to go out early before the rest of the world comes alive. To see the stars, the bright moon and occassionally catch a glimpse of a red fox or deer makes my day.

  49. I agree with you completely, Mary and I too will gladly pay more for an item if I can support someone who is following their dream.
    I love the creatures of this Earth. I love and admire them and I am in awe of them. I can never get enough books about animals, birds, whales even. I believe that all those other creatures are much closer to the Source than we humans who have the dubious benefit of speech.

  50. I love my horse, my goat, my cat, my new dog, and especially my husband. They are my family. And I love to swim and I swim three times a week on a masters team (whom I also love) and this balm will be perfect for after practice! I love your blog, Mary. Thank you for writing!

  51. I love the many creatures, both 2 and 4 legged, with which I have the privilege of sharing my life. I love a cold glass of wine on a hot summer day, the fragrance of the sweet olive tree in my yard and the aroma of roasting coffee. I love the summer rain, the sound of river boats and the wind moving through ancient oak trees filled with moss. I love New Orleans.

  52. SSshhhhhh. Quiet! Can you hear that?? Listen very closely—see? There it goes again. Oh joyous noise that it is! YES, indeed.
    It’s the sound of one MORE new heart opening here on this page; every morning brings another and another. And one day, the chorus will be so grand that all the darkness and hate will be drowned out with the splendor of all our voices singing in harmony and love. Can you hear it?
    I love stories with a happy ending………

  53. I am writing about something I love and the things that I love are my jewelry design business and my tutoring. Since I have been retired for 4 years from teaching, I have missed working with kids. I started working with my grandkids after work but then as they got older I started tutoring neighbor or friends’ kids. so know I have 3 paying students a week. One little 6 year old has several learning problems, my other one is 12 and he has several anxiety problems, and my last one I see every couple of weeks who needs help just with math. Basically Evan is the perfect student and I enjoy being with him, but the other two I spent a lot of time with, Owen who is 6 and Nicol who is 12. The time I spend with them is sometimes trying but so rewarding. I know they are my little ministry that God has sent me and I pray and bless them daily. The jewelry design has just this week changed to a hobby again and not a business where I had my jewelry in stores. But that is okay and I am enjoying it more that way. So God has truely blessed my retirement. Joan

  54. I cherish my husband and the constant effort he makes to be a good provider for our family. I love my precious amputee cat Sunny because he has proved to me that adjusting to adversity is not always difficult but rather mind over matter. He is my therapet–what I call a therapy cat for myself. I love the way we can learn from each other and support one another through this blog.

    • Love for the blessings in my life (Rob and Isabella). As well as the special four legged critters that have shared their lives with me.

  55. I love snowmen. I always have. I am 58 years old now. Today we have about 7 inches of new snow. I can’t remember the last time I made a snowman, all by myself but today I am going to make one. He shall be standing on his head. I’ve never made one like that either but now is the time. I want to remember the last time I made a snowman. Last times so often just slip by with no notice. And then you think, when did I last ride a bike, or make a peach pie, or even make love for that matter? Wouldn’t it be sad if it was the last time and you didn’t notice it? So today— a snowman!

  56. I love the power of love itself… that allows me to joyfully begin a new life at age 65 with my friend, lover and soulmate who is joyfully doing that same with me at age 67!

  57. I love kids and animals, so I am blessed with grandchildren, my children, my pets, and a job that involves teaching children.

  58. I love Daisy….she’s a wonderful dog who came into my life about nine months ago. She had been hit by a car and lost her left rear leg. No need to feel sad for Daisy. She is the absolute happiest creature I know…..every day is a joy for her and she shares her joy with me….lucky me!

  59. Love is such a powerful force…..transformative, in fact. I have found extraordinary love with and for a man who was a dear friend, and is my soul-mate, my friend, and my love — and we are in our 60’s. Never once did I think this could or would happen…’s a new beginning, and one with joy and love guiding us.

  60. I love doing animal assisted therapy with my two dogs. It’s such a joy to give to the residents at the VA or the nursing homes where we visit. No matter how tired I am, it’s such a joy to see the resident’s faces light up with joy when they see and touch the dogs. I am very blessed to have something that I love so much in my life.

  61. Mary, I am so blessed and happy. At 58 years…old????? So many joys, from my family,(especially Alex my grandson) Maude my wonderful springer spaniel, my new job…too many to name. Although January can be gray and cold, I love it. New year, new beginnings. Pollyanna…AKA Cathy

  62. Thanks Mary…

    The Beatles song- All you need is love…

    ….but you can learn how to be you in time.
    It’s easy.

    All you need is love.
    All you need is love.
    All you need is love, love.
    Love is all you need.

    I love learning how to be me (in time) and it sure is easier
    with all the love, sharing and caring support @ WFF blog…

  63. Delightful to read the Light-filled comments! These last few years I love me again–retired and drawn to art classes. I volunteer at our tiny animal shelter. I can easily organize things & was tickled to discover I’d created and led a musical benefit that made the shelter a thousand bucks. I organize the best potlucks in the county & our eclectic friends love our semi-annual bbq’s. I, too, am happier volunteering than I ever was working. Problem is, ya gotta work about 30+ years to afford being retired! I’ve had the very good fortune to pursue what I wanted, but some decades I didn’t know what I wanted. “Keep on keeping on” as my Pearl used to say.

    • Truer words were never spoken: “First ya gotta work 30+ years to afford being retired.” To that I might add: And then you get to play!! Keep on…..

      • Cheryl: Yes, there’s long-delayed play involved, but your words made me recall there’s a lot of Asking, too–asking Spirit to show me what I should be doing, to please give me more wisdom to discern my path, and to keep Gratitude in the forefront. My teacher Pearl told us gratitude and sincerity were most important to seekers; be sincere in your seeking and grateful for what insight is given….while you clean out the attic and work on that household budget!!

        PS first snow of the year here in far northern CA–ack!

  64. Victoria and Myrna, You took the words right out of my mouth! I love your skin balm Mary! Using it now successfully on a burn and scar on my hand from the wood stove.
    I also love the Corinthians. 🙂

  65. I love being a voice for animals….my work, my art. I am forever grateful that my chosen path as an Animal Artist and Animal Intuitive gives me the opportunity to meet such remarkable creatures. I love the limitless lessons they teach me and the joy, love and hope they offer up. I am their humble student. I am blessed.

  66. I love candles…..i love the mood that is set and the warm and loving feeling that is created in the room. I love how guests in my home enjoy having the points of light glowing from various spots in the room. When i am by myself, the candle is something “alive” in my house…movement…dancing….comforting ….

  67. I love this post Mary for its affirmation of chasing my own dream of making a living by helping dogs help the disadvantaged. I love this idea so much that I dream often of all it can and will be. I nourish those dreams thanks in part to the encouragement I get from reading your blog. My sister tells me I should, “Take a leap of faith… into God’s arms.” and I love hearing it. This post adds spiritual food to my dream in the same way my sister sends me her love and encouragement.

  68. I love being the “keeper of the fire” during the winter. There is something very satisfying about warming up our home in the morning when it’s cold outside

  69. I love surprising my daughter in Maine with little packages in the mail. Sometimes it is a couple of potholders I sew up or perhaps something I order online. My means are limited, but I love her email responses when , after a night of working in a nursing home, she finds something besides bills in her mailbox!

  70. I love my husband because he is a truly good person and loves me unconditionally in not only my best moments . . . but in my worst. I am blessed to have him as my partner in life!

  71. I love my daughters who have grown into the most amazing women. They are strong and beautiful. I love my husband because he loves me enough to let me be me. And I love my dogs, all three, because they make me laugh every day.

  72. I love my Labs: Choco & Grace. They take me out of my mind and into the reality of the moment. If I am lost in thought, Choco, 90 ponds of LOVE, will jump up, front paws on my shoulders, and lick my lips! Then, I laugh, remember where I am, and start living the moment.
    P.S. When Choco jumps up to get my attention, Grace jumps on his back to pull him down…. because she’s jealous….whatever thought I was lost in gets lost in laughter!

  73. I love writing, I love blogging. Just recently I discovered that I love painting and sketching, I love picking on my banjo (which I am still learning to play), I love the company of my spaniel (Timmy, my best mate). I love walking – rain,sun or shine, I love all different types of music. I love visiting family and friends. Sometimes I love to take time out and just sit. Obviously I love my family – here and gone, and I am one of the lucky ones who loves their childhood memories.
    Maybe its quicker to say, I have just discovered, I love life!!

  74. You ask me to write about something I love – I love stretching and growing (and even the pains that comes with them). I thought that my life would end when my marriage did but a couple of snarky dogs, a new/old man, and a few huge changes threw me into knitting for an income. My new life has expanded – I found a big brother (adopted at birth and a secret taken to the grave) and with him new family to get to know. I started my business Queen Bee Knits and I teach knitting. I just know there are more good things ahead!

  75. I love my Dalmatian boy Teddy. He turned 16 on December 2, 2011 and I am so blessed to be able share so many wonderful years with him. Dogs are my passion and I have been able to build a career working with them.

  76. I love my dog Roxy. She is a wonderful companion. She is my guardian both physically and emotionally. I give to her too…a wonderful comfortable life with lots of ball and Frisbee play.

  77. I love my husband. He can just do anything: RN, maker of fine furniture, long distance hiker, repairer of items, gardener, and most important – Christian.

  78. Last night after a 15 hour flight, I felt asleep on my mother’s couch after dinner, and was vaguely aware that my 91 old mother (who feels the cold more than anyone else) was heaping throws on me for fear that I may catch a chill – when it’s 19F.

  79. I love my husband who is my friend, companion, right arm, etc.
    After 40 years together, we are still going strong.

  80. I love so many things, too numerous to name
    But my clock just chimed the hour and I thought
    Oh, yes, it always is the same.
    The chime that tells me day or night
    That everything is alright.
    Oh, I love my clock.

  81. I love being in remission from having a child’s leukemia at the age of 54; I have always been young at heart and now I’ve proof. (And if you don’t think a sense of humor and all of your furry babies cannot save you, gee you might be mistaken). Breathing is a beautiful thing!

  82. I love every single breath I am given in this life….it is an honor to share it with everyone and everything.

  83. I LOVE this blog ( Thank you Jon Katz )
    Even tho I don’t post often I read faithfully
    It is helping me immensly
    I also love my beautiful daughter who has climbed a very high mountain due to a serious health problem and thanks to my darling husband is a ray of sunshine and she never lets “her” life get her down
    Of course my furry babies as well

    Thank you Mary !!!!!!!!!

  84. I love my 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Every moment I spend with them is a gift and so much joy. They keep me young!

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  86. Love is contagious. Give me a spoonful of it and I am a different person. I start humming (a sourface otherwise), think positive, muster all my energy to take on tasks: bake for someone, visit an ailing relative, listen to the woes of a friend, write am otherwise difficult article, and even do my taxes cheerfully! I wonder what a cupful will do, turn me into an angel?

  87. I love being and seeing what this world is becoming. I love becoming and seeing that this world is loving. I love the changes taking place, and seeing how everything fits together and is as one. I am here because of love.

  88. Last spring and summer it “rained” exotic birds…two lovely cockatoos, a Goffin (Margaret) and a Moluccan, (Cassie). Two exquisitely beautiful, sweet, funny birds. And one more. A friend is ill. I was curious about her and called her at the right moment. She needed help placing a few of her birds, among them an aggressive, very unhappy, ancient (so ancient her wings hang) and half naked African grey. She lamented Ash’s appearance. Who would want this bird? I took her, hoping to find her a home. She was the second of the three.

    In a week, she bonded with me. She has a raucous sense of humor, learns to whistle songs easily, cackles with laughter, makes a whole assortment of video game noises and has a crush on Mike, a beautiful gray who has a channel on Youtube.

    I love my birds. Except for Margaret, who is full of mischief and attitude, the other two have bonded to me. But Ash is special. Special because she is full of love, funny, and very ugly. But her heart is beautiful. A good life lesson for me, and anyone.

  89. For my friend Marlo…who loves wholeheartedly, even children who come to you wrapped in blankets of pain.

  90. I love using my God-given talents to help others. With the time we have on this earth I just want to know that some small act of mine helped bring love into another’s life and helped to make this world just a little bit happier for my passing through. My son claims that on my epitaph he will write: I fought for the cause, just because.

  91. I love seeing one of my rescue pets overcome her fears, accept my love and bravely trust me enough to return that love.

  92. Even when it takes painstaking work — I love writing — and the rewriting, hammering it out, cutting and pasting, vision revision, and discovering new ways to make a difference. I love it.

    I love the creative process in writing especially when I’m “in the zone.” Time vanishes and inspiration flows through me page after page. Gossamer threads of storyline materialize unraveling before my eyes. Mysteriously appearing between the first and last line there hangs a gloriously colorful tapestry and I only just watched as the warp and woof bobbed and wove, wending loose strands altogether. Writing can be a magical, miraculous state of grace wherein peculiar nuance of story nudges detail out of the shadows into the light., Sometimes they show all at once or they may stay hidden, shy and quiet as poltergeists. Characters act and speak in ways I never dreamed, they take a story to places I had no inkling existed in the beginning. It’s exciting to oversee the writing as it slowly and carefully unfolds like opening an old parchment treasure map or quickly like dumping ignobly a pile of new books across the threshold. It keeps me vigilant and grateful for every moment, for the awareness the moment brings here and now, for whatsoever happens to be next. It’s a thrill. I love to write.
    Peace and love,
    Harry Johnquest

  93. I love God & the positive energy He puts into my life. I love Jesus for who He is & what He represents & His message of hope & salvation through Him. I love the blessings that God is putting into my life at this moment & blessing me with someone really special that’s growing slowly but surely.

  94. At sixty-one years of age, I am finally learning to love myself. I am learning to trust my opinions in the face of differing opinions. I am learning that I am a kind and forgiving person. I can stand alone and be happy with who I am. Mary, I have to say that your blog is just what I needed! You are a calm and oh so reasonable presence in a crazy and turbulent world. So glad you are out there for everyone to read and absorb.

    I can’t wait to buy some of your skin salve, I am planning on ordering enough to keep all over the house, and to give to my family!

  95. I have always followed my heart. Not that it’s been easy or accepted by those who know me. I’ve driven long distances with one dollar in my wallet, fearful of getting a flat tire, because of my determination to put my passions first. I never made a big career in any of my enterprises, but I managed to make it. And I have had the ride of my life. I embraced the ups and downs, the lessons learned along the way and have been given in return, numerous ways to be a creative person. I have learned to be myself, love myself, and love all of humanity. Dare I say, I have been blessed.

  96. I love showing children around the botanical garden in San Francisco, where I’m a children’s volunteer docent.

  97. I love life. It is full of so many loving things that it would be hard to name just one. The feeling of love is so much better than feeling miserable and hate.

  98. My cat named Autumn has a human named Willow. Six years ago, a kitten appeared at our house. She was feral and wouldn’t come near us. One day I was standing out on the back deck of our house talking to my husband, and he told me “Just keep talking”. Not understanding why, but I trusted him, I kept on talking. He started inching closer to where I was standing and then I saw… the little kitten was sitting there watching and listening to me talk. Totally wrapped up in the sound of my voice. He caught her and brought her inside our house, where she lives today. She sleeps wrapped around my head every night, and during the day is always laying near where my hands are so I can pet her whenever I get the chance. She chose me, and I will never let her down!

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