The diamond necklace

Noah, Fred, and Esther taking morning naps (with angel frog watching over them!)

I’ve been sleeping more lately; going to bed earlier and getting up later, and it feels divine when I can turn away from the voice that says, “You are being lazy. Why are you sleeping so much? There must be something wrong with you! Nothing will get done if you don’t do it. You have to GET MOVING!” I am learning to discern this critical task-master voice, from the one that prompts me to “right action” when the timing (which is usually beyond my ability to figure out) is right. Action has never really been a problem for me. Waiting and trusting that I am being guided has been more of a challenge.

Lately, there is an inner voice calling to me saying,  “Relax. Trust. Listen with new ears. Sink into your life and watch it unfold in miraculous ways.”

“You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace, that is already around your neck.” Rumi

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  1. Hear! Hear!
    As I’ve been known to search frantically for the car keys which are in my hand, or for the glasses which are perched on my head.
    Your beautiful picture illustrating what Ingrid suggested yesterday, those cats know something we don’t– the value of relaxing. It’s calming and relaxing just to look at them being so peaceful together.
    I’m fully on board to relax, trust and listen with new ears.
    Thank you, Mary
    From Fran

  2. I am struggling with that very issue. Its hard for me to shut off the lazy inner voice that says just stay in bed and relax for a bit, and the voice of kindess that says slow down, take it easy, be kind to yourself. They are differant voices and while I want to ignore one, I want to honour the other. I am working on learning the differance.

  3. One day I was searching for my glasses to no avail, so I put on an outdated pair that seemed to work good enough. Went to the bathroom and while washing my hands I glanced in the mirror and saw my OK glasses on my face and my up to date new glasses perched on my head. I still get a chuckle out of that one

  4. Wow! This is something I struggle with a lot. Somewhere along the way we were taught that unless you are doing something, you are not valuable. I think some of my best work has been when I wasn’t doing much at all. Hanging out with my kids, when they were young, reading a good book until 2 pm in Jammie’s. It’s all about balance in the end, so be gentle with yourself, Mary. Sleep a little longer, maybe your body is preparing you for something fantastic!
    Love the Rumi quote.

  5. I love your inner voice and that you are listening to it. I tend to do the same thing thinking, “what is wrong with me?” when I find myself wanting to sleep more. It is amazing how we are so “programmed.” It takes work and courage to listen to our inner voice– but amazing when we do and the gifts it brings.

    The quote you shared was so right on too, Mary. Loved it.

  6. Such good advice Mary, especially since many of us are living day-to-day tired, unable to focus, no energy, and not allowing our bodies to rest, really rest. After falling alseep every night last week on the couch watching TV, I decided that my body was trying to tell me something – GO TO BED! I have loved getting the extra minutes of sleep and I know my brain is working better.
    Best of luck everyone on your own journey…Marian

  7. I love the quote! “Sink into your life”! – as sweetly as those kitties sinking into the pillows of their sofa! Yesterday we were skipping, today we’re sinking. I, too, have noticed that winter really does make the body want to hibernate a bit – take that little nap with a blanket, rest longer. Before electricity we rose with the sun and were soon sleeping at sunset. We have forgotten. Rest restores us, – we recharge so many devices on a daily basis now, why not us? Blankies and pillows to all the flock today. ZZZZZZZ!

  8. Mary, your post really made me chuckle this morning. I’m a ‘doer’ so my friends tell me. Never thought much about it; wasn’t born this way but lo and behold, raising four children with me as camp leader, well…becoming a doer just seemed to fall naturally into my lap. Trouble is, I haven’t stopped. One day when confronted with a problem, my husband said to me: You know, you really don’t have to do anything…Hmmm. That never occured to me. Now I have to forcibly restrain myself and ask is this necessary, do I have to ‘do’ anything about this? I’m trying to live in a more mindful way. Doesn’t always work. Neither does sleeping in…I’m trying. I’m still smiling at your post.

    SandyP in Canada

  9. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a good day, and loved your post today. I am trying to make myself slow down and take little breaks during my days. i keep wanting to pick up the knitting needles or crochet hook or the book i am reading, but tell myself – just get this done first and then you can….but then another thing needs to be done! I’m learning slow but sure…

  10. I second Susan A’s observation about the seasonal hibernation impulse. Winter is a time for drawing down and within, for conserving our energy…..and for Dreaming. I love it when the days shorten and darkness falls sooner. There is so much pressure to perform when the light extends deeper into evening. Never underestimate the “work” that gets done while we’re sleeping.

  11. There is a doer, be-er, and dreamer in all of us. Finding a happy balance, that is the challenge. May we all let our doers rest today.

  12. Like SandyP, as den mother one gets into the habit of go-go-go. Purposeless busy-ness is a distinct problem when one equates “busy” with “worthy”.

    This anonymous quote from has helped me on occasion:

    “Don’t just do something, sit there!”

  13. This is such a warm and sunny photo of your cats sinking into their lives. I struggle with the “you’re lazy” voice(a remnent of my childhood) vs. the voice that soothes me into acceptance of the sweet life I have now.This is an ongoing process for me. I,m grateful for the mental and spiritual guidance I recieve.

    1. Thank you Cindy…sometimes it is comforting to think that we are all walking this adventure called “life” out together! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Today I got up at 8am, fed the animals and went back to bed. The next think I knew it was 2pm! All I’ve done today is eat breakfast and read the newspaper. Guess I needed it after being sleep deprived all week. I must admit that is my own doing as I have a hard time settling down at night and giving in to sleep. Even if I’m exhausted, I get in bed with a book (that usually ends up falling on the floor). You would think that at 56 I’ve have it figured out by now…Oh well. Time for a snack.

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