One year ago today

Circle of Wisdom; I bought this mug yesterday to celebrate our year together here on the White Feather Farm Blog

One year ago today, I woke up and started writing a blog. What I didn’t know about this adventure was so much greater than what I knew; practically nothing. I didn’t have a sense that it would be a “success”, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. As the first few days and months went by and it started to grow, I kept thinking that it had peaked, and would surely begin to decline; that people would lose interest in what I had to say or that I would lose the ability to write something helpful.

I still wake up, almost every day, and wonder if what I write will be wanted, needed or accepted. Sometimes the words just flow easily, but most of the time, I re-write, re-work, re-consider what I have written. I keep a constant intention to present ideas that are uplifting, and encouraging and refreshing, and yet sometimes my words are misunderstood, and cause pain and confusion.

There are days, many days, that I don’t feel like writing. I don’t think that I was born to be a writer. When I hear stories of men and women who just have to write everyday; who write in cafes and on street corners and stay up all night needed to get their thoughts down on paper I don’t even identify with that. I am a teacher and one of the ways that this is “being pulled through me” seems to be by writing, because even the days that I don’t want to write, something compels me to sit down at my computer and to try.

I am beginning to see that this pull is coming from the intentions of others as well. Possibly the biggest and happiest surprise for me has been the community of love and mutual support and wisdom that has come together here. You, who are reading this right now, whether you ever comment or not, are a part of this creation. I would not be doing this if it weren’t for “you”. I am sure of that. But what started as an idea, presented to me by my dear friend Jon, has grown into a vitally important part of my life. Even with all of the ups and downs, the doubts and the difficulties, I cannot imagine not doing this.

We may not ever meet face to face, but you are more important to me than you could ever know.

Thank you

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  1. thank you for this work of yours. this blog connects me with unseen threads to all who visit here. you have facilitated this for all of us and, again, thank you.

  2. Hi Mary, I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. You’ve inspired me many times with your stories, so please never stop blogging. You’re a very special person and I wish I could meet you one day.

  3. One year! Wow Mary! Congratulations! I know that your blog and the comments and community have become an integral part of my life. I know that I feel honored to be a part of this circle of wisdom. I know that I feel such a void when there is not a morning message from Mary. I know that each and every day there is a message waiting for me to read and seemingly written ‘just for me’! I know that one of the most important things we can accomplish in our world is to make a difference. You, Mary, my dear friend, make a difference. Much love today and always.

  4. Happy anniversary Mary. Too me you have always had the perfect words to uplift me, inspire me and keep me on my path to greatness. This has been one amazing ride and I cant wait to see what is around the corner for you and I

  5. Thank you for your blog – I generally start my day by reading a few blogs – yours being one of them – it is a lovely, peaceful way for me to start my day – so i again say thank you for putting your thoughts down and sharing them.

    1. Thank you Betsy!
      I tried to find out if these could be ordered on line but didn’t find them. I bought mine at T. J. Maxx and it is called OWLS by Creative Tops Ltd.

  6. Mary, the feeling is mutual, I love your blog and believe me, it really has made a difference to my life. I stop and think about things much more, learn to see the good in in things when before I might have just become grumpy. So it is not just me who you have helped, but those around me too. Happy Anniversary and all the very best to you and Jack.

  7. Dear Mary,
    Your blog has made a difference in so many of our lives. I congratulate you on your in-sight, knowledge and perseverance in helping others to love themselves and others. Congrats on a whole year of a worthwhile blog.

  8. You are important to me. I heard of you from Jon’s blog. I am sitting here in the south east corner of Washngton State in the early morning darkness reading your blog as I do each morning. I love your uplifting nature. Thank you.

  9. Happy birthday. You show us every day how technology can be a force for good. Next, videos! Much love and admiration to a mystical teacher.


  10. Happy Anniversary! I look forward to reading your blog everyday! I so enjoy your thoughts as they have helped me see things differently.

    Best to you,

  11. I enjoy your blog tons keep up the good words They make me smile Much Love and God bless Regina x0x0x P S Happy Ground Hog Day I just had to say that so that I didn t cry

  12. Love the mug Mary. My sister Marie who passed away seven years ago, absolutely adored owls. Seeing that mug brought her into my thoughts. Thank you for that.

  13. Congratulations Mary on your first year anniversary. You are an inspiration to us all. I look forward to reading your blog each morning as you always provide lots of “food for thought”. We are a circle of friends supporting each other with our dear Mary at the helm.
    Thank you Mary!

  14. Happy Birthday, Mary and thank you. I start my day by reading your words. You are positive force in the universe and lift my spirit. You remind me to be more present in my life. I love the quotes you offer us daily and have added many to my collection.

    Big hug,


  15. I for one am very appreciative of you taking the time to blog. I look forward to your words of wisdom, guidance and love. Thank you! And thank Jon for inspiring you.

  16. Dearest Mary,
    Congratulations! Happy, happy birthday! And thank you, thank you, thank you for making a positive difference in my life and the lives of many others!
    Much love,
    From Fran

  17. Mary, I started reading your blog when it was recommended by Jon Katz. I keep up with a few blogs and I was a bit apprehensive of adding another one. I don’t want to be the person who spends all of their time reading about an inspired life rather than living one. However, I immediately connected with you and your messages and I can’t imagine not starting my day with your words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us!

  18. I started reading your blog when my friend Hope sent me something you wrote. We both appreciate your wisdom and humor. Because of you, I follow the wonder kitty on FaceBook….

  19. Happy anniversary to us!! Even though I’m not a daily “commenter,” I look forward to your insights, reflections, and inspiration to live a mindful day. The comments often open new and different interpretations of your message which makes this community experience deeper and more robust for me.

    I was invited to WFF by my best friend and have shared your blog with two other dear friends, although I have to admit I’m very selective about who I share it with ~ I’m mindful of trying to keep the positive energy of this group intact.

    Much love and gratitude to all who gather here in friendship ♥♥♥

  20. Mary, thank you for a year of wonderful insight and wisdom, something I have come to rely on in my daily life. Whether we comment or choose not to, I think I can speak for everyone who comes here that we are oh so grateful for what you send out daily, like ripples on a pond, you have touched us all. What I know for sure is, I will continue to read your blog as long as I am able and as long as you bring it forth. I will look to the comments just as eagerly, for now there are names I know and care about. I offer my gratitude to each reader and commentor as well and look forward to another year of White Feather Farm food for the soul. I love you all.

  21. Mary, congratulations! But even more than congratulations, THANK YOU for your ministry that reaches me in Minneapolis. You’ve had so many wonderful columns, I call them “keepers”, throughout the year–ever think of compiling them into a bedside book? Maybe your wonderful words intersperced with Jon’s wonderful photos?! Just dreaming of a book that I would surely buy!

    1. Linda, I am a Twin Cities reader as well! And I would love to see a book of quotes. I have been saving them in a special folder on my computer, and sometimes posting them to Facebook. I read this blog every morning (along with Jon Katz’s) and so often it REALLY speaks to me. Thanks for planting the seed of an idea in Mary’s head (hint hint) about collecting her quotes into a book. And with Jon’s pictures! Fantastic!

  22. Thank you Mary for conquering your barriers and starting this blog. I too read it every morning and it is such an inspiration. I have been going through many stress filled years and this blog is a beacon of hope for me. It reminds me of my choices and how many loving people there are in this world. Thank you Mary and all who come here to share.

  23. Congratulations Mary! Your blog had inspired me in ways I would never have imagined. It was influential in helping me take the leap to start my own blog about animals and animal communication. It is the first thing I connect with in the wee hours each morning…before coffee and breakfast! It is a source of community, kindness, support, inspiration, humor, uplifting words and wisdom. Your bravery and honesty has blossomed as I’ve watched the community of your readers grow. Your spiritual teachings are profound and meaningful….a breath of fresh air and a delightful resting place along the curious challenges of life. Thank you for those mornings when the words flow from you, but especially thank you for those mornings when you must overcome the thought that no words will be come. Many blessings on you….love and light surrounding you.

  24. Mary,

    Congratulations and many thanks. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I am a happy person by nature but some days I feel like I just want to bite everyone. Your daily work with yourself (which you kindly share with us) always reminds me to remember who I was born to be.

  25. Mary,
    I have been following your blog for almost a year now (had no idea you had just started) since I read about it and you on Jon’s blog.
    Your messages are always relevent and either reaffirm something I already think or believe or teach me something new. I often share your messages with friends.
    You and Jon have been inspirations for me and a couple of weeks ago I worked up the courage to start my own.

    Thank you and I look forward to another year of posts from you!

  26. I start my day by reading your blog. I don’t believe I have ever commented, but, I wanted to say thank you for all the food for thought you give me.

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary.

  27. Showing up means doing it whether you feel like it or not – and Mary – what miracles are revealed in the act of doing so! The creative process is often a mysterious and lonely road – You bravely brought us all along on your journey. – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, love and support, honesty and humility.
    And mostly thanks for showing up!

  28. Happy Anniversary, Mary! And Happy Anniversary to all of us who look forward to reading your blog each and every day. Each day begins with White Feather Farm and a cup of tea! Thank you, Mary. Much love to you. Joy, Health, Inspiration, and Prosperity to All!

  29. Happy Birthday on the birth date of this Blog…or is it Happy Anniversary that we’ve all been joined in this wonderful fashion? I am so inspired, Mary, that you wake up each day with such wisdom and insight to share with us. I can’t tell you how many days your topic for the day deals particularly with something I am thinking about or dealing with. This blog has been a great way for us to share our lives, its ups and downs, and know we are all in this together.
    love you dear friend,

  30. dear, dear mary, you can never completly know all the threads of wisdom, strength, sensitivity, hope, humor and healing that you have set forth by your willingness to devote yourself to this writing.

    after my comment yesterday about my ‘little’ woes, and yes, in context of the collective ache of our world(s), i am wildly blessed beyond reason. so many here responded to my pain with comfort, experience, strength and hope. to all of you i am grateful. it is easy for me to give, not so easy to receive!

    congratulations to you; i look forward to what you set forth in this “new year” at white feather farm. we accept the gifts offered here as long as this forum exists————blessings———–

  31. Finding your blog (thank you, Jon) is an answer to a prayer I didn’t have the words for, it was more of a longing. I don’t have the words either to adequately say thank you, Mary.

    1. PS Mary, when you put the book together please include your photos, they are wonderful. I love them as much as the blog.

  32. No, thank you. It was because of a link on the Bedlam Farm blog that I began reading yours and I look forward to your posts every day. Back then I was searching for something to help me bring balance and insight into a life that felt a bit out of control. You’ve helped a great deal in that regard.

    I love the mug you chose to celebrate your anniversary with. My Dad (of blessed memory) collected owls and I have one of his that I touch when I want to feel close to him.

  33. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing your wisdom with others. I find that on many days when I’m struggling, you say just the right thing to get me back into balance. I learned about you through Jon’s writings and appreciate that you are able to write daily from your deep heart. Thank you and Jon.

  34. i know what you mean–i replied for the first time in response to your question about what one loves—i wrote of my beloved garden that was destroyed by the city—i was moved to tears that you!!!! and 3 other beautiful souls!!!!!! wrote little messages of support and hope—-and encouragement!–we meet again with the city feb 15th–please beam your green energies —-all of you are in my gratitude journal–thank you!

    1. I’m making a note of that on my calendar Margaret! On my walk, I will concentrate on your dream garden being restored!

  35. Mary, you and your blog are important to me. It starts my day here on California’s Central Coast. The way you pay attention to your life and write about your own efforts to improve, stay positive and kind is inspirational and motivates me. Thank you and Happy 1st Year Anniversary.

  36. Wow, Mary, it’s been a year already?? You may not think you were born to be a writer but there is no doubt that you have become one. The encouragement, insight, quotes and photos you share have a tremendous impact on many lives. I see pebbles thrown into a pool and ripples too numerous to count. Thank you for challenging us to grow and love more every day.

    Blessings and love to all –

  37. Oh Mary, what a blessing it was that Jon planted this idea….as it in truly has been a blessing to all of us. This is my therapy so to speak. Plus its uplifting and healing and helps me to live a more productive, loving and caring life…I have always cared about my fellow man however I am learning more every day here how to be more humble, accepting and forgiving….

    I loved the comment Virginia made about its easy for her to give but not so easy to recieve….we are all finding compassion and love here I think.

    Again thank you Mary for sharing your life, thoughts and love with us……

  38. Oh Mary….may you (and we of the WFF) see many, many more anniversaries together. You and your wisdom have so opened my heart and have taught me so very much about thinking and questioning and re-vamping my perspective. I can honestly say that because of you, I am a different and less-angered person today than I was when I found you.

    You, and all of our flock, are such a huge blessing in my life. Thank you for being the teacher who appeared when this student was ready.

  39. Dear Mary,

    I’ve never commented before, but your thoughts today really moved me. I have enjoyed your daily thoughts and insights so much. I look forward to them, and always feel a connection to you, and a clarity for my own thought process. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wonderful outlook with all of us. Keep up the good work. You are important to me.

  40. Mary, I do not always comment, but your blog is a break in my busy day. A moment to stop and think and ponder. It is a place I stop by every day and sometimes more than once. I can exhale when I read your words. I can only imagine how hard it is sometimes to come up with the words, I wonder that often when I read how eloquently you put it all together. Thank you so much and please realize this is Spirit driven and is part of your purpose. Love you for giving back and listening to that voice. Happy Anniversary for all the gifts you have given us.

  41. Thank you for being there and sharing yours and others thoughts.. A beautiful thing! CELEBRATE!!!!

  42. Happy Blog-iversery, Mary. Thank you for sharing your words with us. As Mary Ann said so well “I am a happy person by nature but some days I feel like I just want to bite everyone”, you ground us and remind of our connection to the world. Keep on writing.

  43. Mary, thank you for your encouraging, uplifting words. Everyday I go to a job I hate, work at graduating with my undergraduate degree that will be obsolete by the time I finish, and struggle with a failed relationship. Having said that I find complete joy in your blog, your pictures move me, and your gentle spirit makes me know that God love me enough to reach down and use you as an angel of encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  44. As an addendum, Mary, and if you haven’t already, read Jon Katz’s posting today about you and your anniversary. Great post! Makes me love you all the more.

  45. (Peeking shyly around the page…)

    Thank you, Mary, for your blog. I’ve been lurking here since Jon’s first link and this is my first comment.

    Thank you, thank you.

  46. Happy Anniversary to Mary and to those of us in the White Feather Farm interent community. Like many of the others, I start my day Monday through Friday with your blog. On Sundays, I join with a group of women whom I have come to know through my church. We are called the Circle of Wisdom (so of course I love your mug!) and have been together 4 years this month. The sharing of a positive self- and world-view is almost a miracle in itself, and I am so grateful for it and for you and your blog.

  47. Congratulations on one year, Mary! I’m so glad to have discovered you and your blog. Each morning as I have my breakfast, you are my daily news– the kind I’d rather read than all the bad stuff the papers and TV want to tell us.

    You encourage me, give me hope, make me think, and always send me off on the right foot for the day.

    I can relate to wondering on many days, what am I going to write about today? How can I help people? Am I making a difference?

    But I can tell, with no doubt at all, Mary, that every post you do, you do from your heart. It is why I can hardly wait to read what you have written each day.

    Keep up the great work- you are making a difference!!

  48. Mary, THANK YOU!!! I look forward to your posts; mainly because your posts give me more positive ways of thinking about things. I have clinical depression but am usually a very upbeat; nice to be around person, but I do have the need to please others before I take care of myself. You have taught me that it’s okay to think about myself too!! Congratulations on a very successful adventure from one who is very grateful that you decided to jump in and do it!!

  49. Thank you Mary for persevering with your blog when it was tough. I imagined from reading it every day that your wonderful insightful thoughts just poured out of you. You’ve created a wonderful community of caring, supportive people through your honesty, humility, generosity, loving kindness and hard work. Bless you Mary.

  50. Ditto everything you said. This community you created is a virtual Utopia. I agree with everything Carol said about caring, supportive people. Since I write, I can appreciate how many hours this whole process takes. Want you to know how much it is appreciated.
    Peace and love, Rose

  51. Dear Mary,
    I look forward to your wonderful inspiring blog everyday that you write it. Thank you for doing this. I don’t know what I would do without it. You and my daily Bible verses are what keep me going. Also your amazing lotion for my hands have helped so much! You are truly a gift from God. Thank you, Joan

  52. Congratualtions on your first anniversary. I came to your blog via Jon Katz and his Bedlam Farm writings. Read several of his books, too. You picked a great mug. I also live on a farm–in Texas–and the other day I saw a Barren Owl while looking for a cow that might be calving. I have a soft spot for owls as I am what one calls a Rice Owl–I attended Rice University in Houston for my graduate studies.
    Best wishes for the years to come.

  53. Thank you for making the effort to write every day. Your blog is just a built in part of my morning meditation…two passages from spiritual day books and your blog…..yes, we are connected, and i am glad to be part of this experience with you…..

  54. I am always so happy to see the email announcing your new blog. It’s always “just enough,” and not one word more. I so appreciated today’s blog because of your mention of your disinclination to write at times. Since before I went to kindergrarten, I have always thought I would be a writer. However, since I am also not a person who has to write or explode, I thought my early dreams must have been wrong. Thanks for showing me that perhaps I can still write, burning passion or not 🙂 Have a blessed anniversary and thanks for the inspiration you bring to so many…most especially me.

  55. Happy Birthday!! I am so thankful for your blog. I also found you through Jon Katz’s Bedlam Farm Blog. You are such an inspiration and I am so impressed with you and Jon both, for your dedication to your blogs. I don’t think any of us know, except God, how far-reaching your words are and how they help people on a daily basis.
    I also want to say, I ordered some Mary’s Skin Survival Balm for my cracked, rough “man” hands, and the instant I put it on, my skin said, “Aaaah!” I live on a small farm and the chores really are tough on my hands. Thank you also for the love and care you pour into that, as well!
    Have a wonderful birthday and oh, I love your mug too 😉
    Molly White

  56. Happy Birthday ! I send you light to illuminate the path ahead as you continue your voyage. Bless your brave heart.

  57. Dear Mary,
    As one of the invisible readers you may never meet, I have to tell you I start my day with Jenna Woganrich, Jon Katz, and you. Your wisdom is perfectly condensed, and I copy a great deal of it into my own journal. I also second what Carol has to say; my dreams too tell me to write, but they whisper instead of shout. Thank you for showing us there’s room for all.

    Paula from Minnesota

  58. Happy anniversary to you, Mary! You are a blessing and an inspiration, as well as a gifted teacher. I love that you started your blog on Groundhog Day! :)(“Don’t drive angry….!” my favorite line from that silly movie)

    All good things and many, many blessings to you in the year to come…. Love, Kelly

  59. Your wonderful blog is a joy in my life and something I look forward to everyday. You somehow manage to make me feel a valued part of your experience. Everyone needs to be needed (smile). I look forward to more wonderful connections with you! Thanks for your great work.

  60. Happy anniversary, Mary! I know I’m very thankful that you took this step a year ago. I’ve gotten MUCH out of your writing the past year and look forward to reaping more good from your blog in the years to come. And thank you for the effort and consideration you put into your postings. You’re a real gift in my life!

  61. Happy, fabulous birthday/anniversary to you and fellow blog followers. I hope you truly feel the love and gratitude for your thought-provoking inspirations, pictures, and creative writings. May you continue to have the energy and motivation needed to continue to comfort and inspire us. Shine on, Mary!

  62. Happy Birthday/Anniversary, Mary! Not a day goes by without checking in to visit you and your friends that meet here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights and thoughts. I often think about what you have written and carry it with me through the day. Many thanks to Jon for “turning us on” to a warm, loving person. Looking forward to more.

  63. bon anniversaire et merci pour vos messages ! (the occasion requires good wishes in my native language, really !)

  64. Happy Anniversary, Mary. As for the “intentions of others”, it seems quite clear to me that all us “others” intend for you to get up every morning and inspire us, challenge us, comfort us. No pressure!

  65. Happy anniversary Mary. Simply put, I am a better person for reading your essays and trying to apply them to my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  66. Wowzers! 74 comments and it’s only high noon in Arizona! Mary, do you feel like you’re receiving the ‘bestest’ birthday/anniversary card ever?? CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE?????? I can only repeat what everyone else here has said – thank you! Jon Katz for giving Mary that little nudge (and thank you too for your wonderful blog!) and thank you Mary for writing even when you may not feel like it someday – it’s the beautiful small stone that you toss up in the air, that attracts the flock from all over to come rest here a moment, to sip our tea OR coffee, and begin our day with a different kind of news. Fueled with your wisdom, and the wisdom of the flock as we read, ponder, comment, and most especially, take the little gem with us out into the world to we live the new day, we are all the better for our morning communion.

    Today is a day to truly rejoice in the power of intention and the wild unexpected results that can happen when we just dare to set something into being.


  67. Happy anniversary, Mary! I love being part of this community, thank you for beginning and sustaining it.
    Love, Barbara

  68. Happy Blog Birthday Mary! Glad to have found you through Jon K. Many times your entry says just what I need to hear that day, proving again the amazing synchronicity of the universe.
    And I love your skin balm, got some a month ago or so. I like to think its changing the beginning of late middle age crepey skin young again. Probably not but it feels nice and my crapey skin is very soft!
    I can relate to it being difficult to decide what to say every day, I often think of bloggy things when I’m far from the computer and by the time I get back to it have lost enthusiasm and don’t bother.
    Well I’m glad you decided to share bits of your life and kitties with us and I hope it feeds you too. Ill keep reading… best wishes, Kate

  69. Loving your blog and loving you for getting it out there each day! I don’t often comment, but know I am here reading. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  70. Lots of love going out to you today, Mary, and it’s coming from all over. I truly admire your courage to say that it’s not easy to write every day nor do you necessarily feel like doing it. But you DO do it and for that I am grateful. Your blog is the oasis that I arrive at some time during the day when I need replenishment. I see your blog in my e-mail and I say, “No, not yet.” and later I say, ” I need Mary and White Feather Farm now, now, now. And by that time, there are lots of wonderful responses to read as well.
    You are a blessing.

  71. Mary,
    On Jon’s blog he said you were clear, perceptive, loving. I totally agree. Thanks for all you do and congratulations!

  72. Hi Mary & all who read &/or comment on this blog. A year’s gone by. Wow! Last year, at this time, here in Washington County, Upstate New York, we experienced a very challenging WINTER with tsunami waves of SNOW. Jon Katz offered a Bedlam Farm Weather Report that not only allayed fears, but also illustrated, through his photography, the cyrstal beauty, drama, and majesty of a Winter to Remember! It was while reading Jon’s Bedlam Farm Journal that I was informed of Mary Muncil’s White Feather Farm Blog. I read and comment often and am grateful to you, Mary, Jon Katz, and all my White Feather Friends. Happy Anniversary.

  73. Dearest Mary – what pleasure, security, safety, insight, love you give to all of us. So many people are not fortunate to have this kind of community to grow with, to share with, to love with. Your efforts are so appreciated. You can tell how much we all look forward to your stories, quotes, insights and photos. Your humility gives us the hope and the guidance that this thing called life can be managed and that we are here to grow into the people we truly are and were meant to be. We all look forward to many years together. The first year has been so meaningful – onward!

    1. Mary Solomon! I love you! “We are here to grow into the people we are meant to be!” That is a powerful statement! My morning walk, which was postponed until afternoon, made walking a lot warmer in Arizona!, I rejoiced though, seeing things in a different light,- After reading 75 posts, I walked in gratitude, quail ambling in little families as they do, rabbits scrambling to elude coyote, counting my blessings, all of the flock on the trail with me in my heart. Ground Hog Day will never be the same! We can rename it White Feather Day!

  74. I don’t remember how long ago it was that I found your blog, but I’m glad I did. Your daily postings (especially in the last few months) have helped me through some very dark days. I’ve worked in the same job for almost 30 years and two years ago got a new boss who has made my life a living hell. Reading your blog helped me look at the experience with him in a new way. Each day I try to envision a different ending – My husband asked what the difference between this “evisioning” and “wishful thinking” was and I’ve come to the conclusion that its hope. Not even necessarily that the situation will improve but hope that I’ll take away from it whatever it is I need to learn from this situation and move on. That when I retire in a year, what i will remember is not all of the awful things this person has done but the things I took comfort from and learned from in reading your blog. There is wisdom in recognizing that in all things good and bad that it too shall pass so finding what we can be thankful for in each day and focusing on that – gives strength. I’m glad you started the blog – you bless many

    1. Eileen I was so touched to read your post as I was in exactly the same position as you six years ago. I had a new boss who I had no respect for and who was damaging the company I’d worked for for 28 years. I coped by fixing my retirement date, one year ahead, counting up and ticking off each day that passed. I also opened a file of “future projects” with ideas for my new life. I now have a wonderful life, living simply and having time for voluntary work and friends, and reading Mary’s blog each day. Start ticking off those days today and planning your wonderful future.

  75. I cannot add much more to the thoughtful comments already posted. All I can say is Happy Anniversary and thank you again for all that you do for us!

  76. So glad you started this blog. Your writing has helped me many a day eventhough I have only been reading them a few months ago. You have touched my life and it sounds like we have touched yours. Thank you. Live, laugh and love…the journey of life can be amazing.

  77. Hi Mary, I too echo the words of praise and thanks to you for taking your time and giving us something we all look forward to reading each day. There are many blogs out there but I choose to read yours everyday along with Jon’s. Your daily words offer inspirations and are thought provoking. I love being apart of the blog family.

  78. Happy Anniversary, Mary! I remember when you began this with a sense of adventure and curiosity about what was to come. What a gift this has been, and will continue to be, for so many. Love & Gratitude

  79. I’ve always loved and appreciated your thoughts…miss that we don’t work together anymore. Now, I have this way to stay “connected” with you. Keep writing. I’ve printed some of your blogs to reread when I “need” them because they struck a cord with me. Thanks, Mary, for writing. So glad you came into and “touched” my life. So many things are negative….you are the positive.

  80. Happy anniversary Mary! I am also one of your daily readers who doesn’t comment a lot but I read your blog every morning while having my coffee and it always gives me something to think about, and some days I actually feel like you must have known what was bothering me because your post is exactly what I needed to hear! Keep up the writing, please😄I think you are inspiring me to go for my own blog… Book reviews, which I’ve thought about doing for so long but I talk myself out of it because Im not sure people will read it and I know it takes effort to get a blog going and to keep it going!

    1. I don’t know if you (and other readers) know that if you click on some of the names that are clickable (different color), it goes to their website. One of the other contributors has a blog about book reviews. Here is the link – might be more motivation for you.
      Her name is Betsy Ellis and she posted today.

  81. I really enjoy your blog. I have tried starting one of my own, but I don’t feel I have much to say. I have been pleasantly surprised that you have written about a topic that I am experiencing myself. I always leave your blog with a fresher out look on my problem. For that, I thank you.

  82. Is there any room left here to post, I wonder….
    “I still wake up, almost every day, and wonder if what I write will be wanted, needed or accepted” and this, Mary, is what allows you to have that creative spark in you, that ‘wonderment’ and the humanness that comes with it. Jon Katz’s remarks on his blog today telling him of your objections to starting a blog of your own a year ago reminded me of my own objections at 43 when someone suggested I apply to art college. I thought of every reason why I shouldn’t but the next day, thought…what if I never try. You were open to hearing Jon and his suggestion and I think you’ve found the spiritual path you’ve been seeking in reaching people. I’m glad I found Jon’s blog and I’m glad I’ve found yours through him. Look at all the postings above. You’re doing something right…and please…keep on wondering…it’s what keeps you creative and what allows you to reach out to others.

    SandyP, in Ontario, Canada

  83. Jon claims he’s not a farmer
    Yet he planted QUITE a seed!
    You say you’re not a writer
    But we all come HERE to read.

    My voice is just a whisper
    But in unison we chime
    Thank you, Mary, THANK YOU
    For your heart, your spirit and time!!

    Love to you and all.

    1. Cheryl B, you are surely now and forever Poet Laureate of White Feather Farm! Cheryl B, by the Beautiful Sea!

    2. Just tuning back in this morning, Cheryl B., and am seeing your wonderful poem.
      Spot on, my girl, spot on!

  84. Mary, your blog has become a daily reading for me. I try to get to it in the morninig, but since I’m usually running late for work, I often read it at night. But, no matter, it usually touches me in some way. Some of your posts I forward to friends b/c I know it will touch them, too. So be assured, your words are read and taken to heart here in NC. And I love your new mug!

  85. I’m a newbie – I came to this site through Jon Katz’s blog and only just found that accidentally. I think I saw a link on an art teacher blog. But I am so glad to have found you in time to have read yesterday’s post. It sure hit home. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  86. I love knowing your smiling blog is waiting for me when I get up! thank you…Happy Anniversary, Miss Mary…..

  87. Congratulations on writing for a year! I am not a blog reader, but look forward every day to your inspiring words. Just discovered you a few months ago…look ing forward to another year of keeping up with Mary

  88. Mazel Tov Mary on your anniversary! I love the mug and your wise words every day. I feel the comfort we all share thru your positive energy.

  89. Wow Mary 105 responses !!!!

    Usually I read your blog 1st thing in the morning but had a busy day today…..I look forward to reading them all tomorrow

    Thank you Mary for brightening my days
    Looking forward to another year with your WFF


  90. Congratulations, Mary.

    I look forward to your blog each day even when I don’t comment. And, even when it’s 10:50 pm. That means I’ve had a deliciously busy day.

    Thank you and all the WF flock. You help me to discern my life and understand others.

    I vote and the mugs, too 🙂


  91. Lots of positive energy! I usually read at night also, so I get the benefit of all the thoughts. Happy birthday/anniversary and thanks to Mary. It’s all lovely!

  92. Mary, in starting your blog, I think you discovered a secret that I wish more people would find. After blogging for almost five years, I cannot believe the number of wonderful friends – including you – that I have made all over the world. We all form an enormous web of light that nourishes and advises and encourages each other. You’re right, every time you don’t feel like writing or don’t know what to say, the act of sticking with it often produces something deeper and more meaningful than you intended. I am so grateful that Jon pulled you into this web and that you make the effort every day to lift us up or confide in us. May there be many more years of blogging ahead of you! Look at what a difference it makes to so many people. Thank you!

    I try to read your post everyday. I always save to my White Feather file, then I can go back read, reread & absorb. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us. Love Jill

  94. Congratulations on your ” year of the blog”. I don’t think you realize how important YOU are to US, Mary.

    Thank YOU for your words!

  95. Dear Mary,
    Happy Birthday! I join with others who look forward to reading your words every morning. Many many times you give me wisdom to ponder. Love all of the pictures of your cats and dog as well as those pictures of anything that touches you. Love the quotes you provide. Thanks so much for being you.
    Love, Kate

  96. Happy B-Day, Mary! – that is Happy Birth-of-your-Blog Day! Thank you so much for our “morning communion”, as Susan Alacantara put it so well. Jon Katz often talks about encouragement, as it is something we all need. Well, being a part of a community is also something we all need – and here we are at White Feather Farm. Kindred spirits! Thank you!
    – Jan S.

  97. HI MARY, HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MANY THANKS ……… LOVE, JACK ……………

  98. I look forward to beginning my day with your words. I am always uplifted, believe in myself more, and look at living in a hopeful and more positive light with the inspiration that I receive from your blog! Thank you so very much.

  99. Hi Mary,
    I am so glad to hear that you were so VERY NOT SURE about the blog when you started. I just went to a committee meeting for the first time in years and am now the chair of a sub-committee. I want to do it but am unsure that I can do it (even though I used to when I was working). Then I read your comment and felt an instant memory of feeling like this before, yet it always worked out! See? You continue to inspire and support every day! Thank you!

  100. Happy Anniversary, Mary! Your blog is amazing and it’s a place I visit often…I find peace and acceptance here, and a gentle calming spirit…which sometimes I sorely need after a day with middle schoolers! Thank you for all of it, the quotes, the sharing…just all of it!

  101. About 1 year ago I started reading Jon Katz’s Bedlam Farm Journal, which eventually lead me to you. Your messages are a bright spot in my day. I’ve stopped reading most of the negative news articles and commentaries that are so bountiful these days. I’m inspired by you to live a more positive life.

  102. Thanks for sharing your process with us. You are so real. I feel warmth and honesty from your words. My Dad was an Episcopal Minister. I grew up a preacher’s kid. I never felt from his words what I get from you.
    Happy One Year!
    Doesn’t time seem to fly by?
    Thanks for it all, Mary.

  103. Thank you for caring and you too have be come an important part of my day. Always interesting food for thought. Love your kitties also.

  104. Amazing, isn’t it, how helpful and wonderful this online world’s reach and community is! I came to your blog via Bedlam Farms also, and am grateful. Much thanks and best wishes!

  105. Beautiful, wonderful, Thank you Mary. You have been so very instrumental for Jerry and I in our lives this year. We have been through the toughest year of our 33 years together. Much loss, and then celebration. We read your post everyday, and especially lately, the past few months, you! have been very helpful and uplifting. Making us think and change. Thank you.
    and thank you to so many of you that write and share here.

  106. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I look forward to your writings each day; usually begin the day with the blog~

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts and life!! I even save each blog entry in a folder so that I can refer back to them for a pick me up : )

    You are much appreciated~

    Peace & Blessings,

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