A wake up call

Jack and I went to a party last night (which was a couple of hours away), and didn’t start for home until 10 pm, which is about 2 hrs past my bedtime! As we drove along, a natural silence fell over us, which wasn’t what we wanted or needed at that moment, so we played a little game that I knew would wake us up; we started talking about all of the things in our lives that we loved and appreciated. The more we talked, the more awake we felt. It’s hard to imagine, when you are tired, that a thought can wake you up, but it is true. Our bodies respond to our thoughts. Happy thoughts contain energy.

Thoughts can destroy or heal our cells, make us sadder or happier, make our bodies feel drained, tired and achy or energize and revitalize them.

Just as there is no loss of basic energy in the universe, so no thought or action is without its effects…”Norman Cousins

Below is a link to a great bunch of kitty photographs (thanks so much Leslie)


20 thoughts on “A wake up call”

  1. Dearest Mary,

    You’ve hit the nail on its head once again for me!
    I’m coming out of of a weekend filled with wrenching decisions, so your wise words along with those wonderful kitty pictures put my life back into a positive perspective.

    As always, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love from Fran

  2. Everything here comes from our thoughts or our minds. Perhaps we can think about changing our thoughts or changing our minds – a whole different perspective shows up for us. It’s all about our choices. The kitty pictures were delightful. They know how to relax.

  3. Hmmmmm. . . . . I was feeling full of the universe’s basic energy until I saw those sleeping cats. Now I just want a nap.

  4. Thanks for this gem! I went to bed at 12:15 this morning (bedtime is WAY earlier) because of finishing some items for work. I am struggling to get going this morning and this helped me when I tried it a few minutes ago. You always seem to know what I need to hear that day! Thanks bunches!

  5. Those pictures are really astounding – what contortionists, some of those little kitties! I wonder where the expression cat nap came from? Because cats can so easily fall asleep? “Our bodies respond to our thoughts”. – that’s one I’m going to be thinking on today. Such an interconnection, body, mind, spirit – one setting the stage for the performance of the other, – but there’s really no lead actor – every part of us matters. – and Happy thoughts contain energy. So also destructive and negative thoughts. May we all be open to receiving good energy this day.

  6. Happy thoughts contain energy…pleasure produces endorphins…endorphins activate our immune system, counter stress, and promote creativity. Here’s to happy thoughts and pleasure no matter the time of day or night! Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health depend on it!

    My favorite kitty picture is the one captioned “the whole world is your hammock”! A very pleasurable thought! Thanks Mary!

  7. Ah, I love it! Thank you for this free dose of energy on this gorgeous day, Mary. You’re so fun to read and absorb.

  8. I love Norman Cousins quote, thank you!
    I also love Jennifer Hough’s statement that enlivens and empowers me “All 60 trillion of my cells are connected to Infinite Wisdom right now” Sort of like Nasseim Harramein’s idea that every one of our cells has infinity within it. Every cell has access to the whole and infinite possibilities in each moment. “God has put infinity (eternity) into our hearts” Ecclesiastes 3:11
    I love these thoughts and especially yours Mary!
    Feels so good inside 🙂

  9. Love this thought. I want to plant this one in my brain and keep the positive energy going. Thank you again for this gift of wisdom and as usual very timely.

  10. Happy thoughts to you and all the WFF friends…

    I missed sending you my best wishes and gratitude on
    your blog’s anniversary….Feb. 2nd…

    your caring ways and words of support are
    a true gift, to all who enter here…thanks for sharing …

  11. What strikes me here is that if you left that late, you certainly must have been having a nice time. You and your man helping each other on the trip home, that’s what it’s all about. I feel so grateful today. Gratitude is a sweet thing.

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