Happy Valentine’s Day, Think a better thought!

Most of us have grown up with the idea that once we “find love”, our lives will be complete. Our partner is supposed to fill in all of the blank spots and make us happy. I certainly believed this and wanted it too, so I spent a lot of time thinking about what would make me happy in a relationship, and felt frustrated, resentful and even angry, when my partner didn’t seem to be living up to my ideal.

One day I ran into a woman in the thrift store, and she asked me how Jack was. I casually answered, “The happier I get, the better he seems!” and we both laughed, but after I realized that it was the truth.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Wishing you a day filled with happy, good, loving, expansive, optimistic, self-loving, appreciative thoughts!

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about”. Dale Carnegie

33 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Think a better thought!

    • I will be attending a locally held workshop by one of Byron Katie’s certified trainers this weekend. I think many of us who follow Mary’s blog are learning from various teachers and are sharing here what has become meaningful for us. It’s nice to know that our bonds are shared in many ways.

  1. Mary, thanks for another good quote to consider this morning. I am a fairly new reader of your blog, having found it only in early January. A weekend ago, I started at the beginning and am reading my way through. I now feel like I “know” so many of your flock because of their very insightful comments. Your blog has reminded me to think of things in a different way and that has been so helpful. So many times while reading my way through, I have wanted to post “YES, that’s exactly the way it is with me, too!” or thank you or one of the others for something that really hit the spot. I have also laughed out loud and teared up a time or two 🙂 Since the comments have been closed on those older posts, I can’t do that. I am taking the opportunity this morning to post early, hoping many of your flock will see this and know how much I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and how helpful you are. What a great group you’ve attracted!

    • Welcome Carol E.!!! I have a younger sister named Carol, so I am partial to that name 🙂 We will look forward to getting to know you better here ‘on the farm’. Happy Valentine’s Day! – where do you live? Mary, I thought one of the funnest posts was last week when people shared their favorite spots to eat – some with links to the web. Made me feel like I was getting to peek in on other’s corner of the world.

      • Thanks, Susan. I am so enjoying getting caught up on the blog. I have gotten a feel for so many of your personalities 🙂 I live in western NY, south of Buffalo. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

      • Thank you, Suzanne. I think I already do. I have had a steady diet of several posts a day for over a week now and am up to sometime in August. I might experience a bit of withdrawal when I get all caught up, but with my new~found thinking techniques, I will certainly make the best of it. 🙂

  2. I want to share this lovely video clip from “One the Movie” by one of my very favorite people. Since it is Valentine’s Day, the topic is about what is love.

    This movie will be on Oprah’s OWN station some time this year. Lots of interesting people are interviewed in the movie.

    I also want to share a movie you might enjoy for Valentine’s Day or anytime.
    It is “The Last of the Blonde Bombshells.” Cast is fabulous and story is sublime.


    I was reminded of this movie when I saw the trailer for another upcoming Jud Dench movie that sounds like it would be a fun watch. It is “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” Again, the cast looks fabulous.


    Wishing you all a Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day.
    Remember to love yourself.

  3. Carol…….I also think…….”that is exactly how I feel 🙂
    Esp your last 2 posts Mary
    I don’t have a lot to contribute or post much but I LOVE your blog and all your fellow readers and look forward to opening it up every day to see what joy/comfort it will bring to me

    Happy Valentines day !!!!!!!!!!

  4. What an important message, Mary… Expecting our partner to “make us happy” is placing an unfair burden on that person: why should he/she be responsible for our happiness? It’s much more humane for all involved if we make ourselves happy!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! 🙂

    • Kelly, how is Skeeter? Was just thinking about him and trust he’s long forgotten his travail in December! of course he has! Life is too good with Kelly, treats, and your little boy!

      • Susan, thank you for asking! Skeeter received her clean bill of health from our vet last Wednesday: she is officially healed! She is loving life, and is enjoying watching squirrels at our birdfeeder right this minute… 🙂

  5. Happy Valentines Day to you Mary and to all the gang, may love surround you all! Welcome to new member Carol, you are gonna love it here!

  6. Again we come back to choices! It is up to us to be content and find our own happiness. I have to admit there are people in my life that make it easier for me to be happy when I’m around them but in the end, the choice is mine. I hope we all have a happy day today — you all make my day everyday! ♥♥♥

  7. Remember those old rock ‘n roll songs from the fifties with lyrics such as, “I was half, now I’m whole”, or “I’ll go anywhere for HIM, be everything for HIM”, etc. etc. as if you’re half a person until you’re attached to your mate. Well, out with that! We are already whole, perfectly formed and fashioned into existence and though a partner can add a dimension to life that perhaps is not experienced as a single person, it still isn’t a requirement for completion. Partners of spirit, such as we have found here with each other, create wondrous sparks of recognition, binding us in imagination, encouragement, and simple joy! Thank you all – sending everyone a Valentine Hug!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear Mary who gives us Valentines in every post from her heart.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the WFFF members who share their heartfelt thoughts.
    Love from Fran

  9. What a great quote! This year my husband and I are spending Valrntines Day in bed, both sick with the flu. I am a lot better and I can care for him since I got this last Friday. unfortunately my husband came down with this yesterday. so now it is my turn to nurse him, after what great loving care he gave me. having someone care for you when you are sick really shows their true love. We have been fortunate spending some very romantic Valentine’s Days including being in Barcelona on this day a few years ago. But to me I feel all this amazing love between my husband and I more than ever because we are caring for each other. What a great Valentines Day we are having! Happy Valentines Day to all of you! Thank You Mary this was the perfect quote! Love from Joan

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and especially to our fearless leader, Mary, who “goes where no woman has gone before.” (Anyone hear the theme from Star Trek?) Big red hearts filled with love and blessings to all today. 😉

  11. Shooting Valentine’s arrows of love and laughter across these States and around the globe to every member—vocal and silent—of this cyber slice of heaven!!
    Like Susan mentioned this morning, I too enjoy learning how far and wide we are all scattered. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a map of the world where we could all pin a little heart close to our corresponding home spot; it would be a great visual expression of how closely connected we all are, no matter how many miles separate us. Any talented techno geeks think it’s do-able (with Mary’s approval, of course)?? XOXO.

    • Knowing how to add information to our Gravatar Profile would be a big help. Would also love to know how to make our name into a link (we could add a link to our respective facebook page or website. Some people have already done that – clicking on their name takes one to a website – clicking on Avatar takes one to personal information. I did the Avatar thing, but do not know how to make my name into a website link.

      It would be fun to see a map of where everyone lives. I like to see things visually so it would be a great addition if someone knew how to do that.

      • It’s a great idea! Someone in the flock must be a techie, or must know someone who is. However, since this is so beyond my abilities, I’m going to go have a cupcake and let y’all figure it out. 🙂

  12. Happy Valentines Day Mary, Thank you for another great posting. I am sharing it with a collegue because we were just speaking about this today. She mentioned to me that she never gets anything for Valentines day and she has never received flowers. I mentioned that often what we get is a mirror of our thoughts about ourselves and suggested that she go buy some flowers for herself, just because it will make her happy.

  13. Hey sweet lovely flock, one thing I love about Mary’s White Feather Farm is that we have built this really precious “space”, call it cyber, or soul, or whatever, but we have done this without many even posting a photo by their WFF moniker . We have read, tuned in, and listened to each other’s hearts. As curious as we all may be to wonder what we may look like, or what other webpages we may have, I have to say, I am so way beyond content to check in, each morning, to see the lovely photo and post that Mary offers us, and to read the comments, so simply offered. Earlier today I thought about how precious it is to say what one feels from the heart, as we all have done for months now, without having to “see” or “know” anything more than what the person’s heart has to offer on that given day. I love you all!

  14. So happy I came across your blog. Received your Skin Balm I ordered and just love it. I know I will be ordering more in the future. Love your cats and am also a cat owner/lover. I always look forward to your daily messages. Hope you had a lovely V-Day.
    Joan in Wisconsin

  15. “The happier I get, the better he seems”
    so true, such wisdom, thank you Mary
    When we rise in vibration, frequency or consciousness no problems can exist, only love. Happy Valentines Day to all

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