Thank you!

"I love My Body" pot holder by Maria Wulf of Full Moon FIber Art

Good evening everyone! I received an anonymous gift today. I believe that this is a first for me! My friends Maria Wulf and Jon Katz were on their way out of town and said that they’d like to drop something off at my office.  You cannot even imagine my delight and utter surprise when she told me that it was a gift from the White Feather Farm blog followers (but she was very clear that this was anonymous), so I am sending out a big thank you to everyone tonight! I love it and will smile every time I look at it.

A friend sent me the video below. It is just a few minutes long and is of a couple saying their vows (and she starts cracking up). I was sitting here watching it laughing so hard that I was crying too. It is worth the watch….”see you” in the morning! Good night and thank you again!

14 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. What a beautiful gift. I hope she makes more and I am lucky enough to be able to purchase one. The wedding waffle vowes really made me laugh out loud. Now I will have something to watch over and over again when I need a laugh. She was a beautiful bride, he a handsome groom and it appears they both have a great sense of humor and “will happily ever after”!
    Joan from Wisconsin

  2. I saw that potholder on Maria’s website and thought it was so great. I’m glad it found a good home. I have several of Marias potholders and they really brighten up my apartment!!! It deserved a special person and you were it!


  3. Good Evening, Mary: What a nice surprise from Maria & Jon. Maria’s potholders are so beautiful. I have three of them (so far) hanging on the wall in my bedroom. They make me happy to look at them with their cheerful colors. Thank you for the great laugh over the wedding vows!

  4. Thanks for the great laugh, Mary! I will share it with my son and his new wife who I am staying with in Fla . Last night we watched their wedding video and had a few laughs, but nothing as funny as this.

  5. So very deserving! Balancing the “I” and the heart in each hand of the potholder represents how I see you and your gift to all of us.

  6. What a lovely suprise Mary! I have to admit when I saw this potholder on Maria’s site and it was marked SOLD, I thought of you! I thought maybe you had purchased it. What a thoughtful woman that Maria is. 🙂
    Have a good weekend with your pack, Cindy

  7. What a lovely and thoughtful gift Mary! And thanks to the link, that is just fantastic. Thought Michael and I had a good day but that must have been so wonderful for everyone there, their happiness just shines through!

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