Claim your dreams, believe in the impossible

fred relaxing last evening

A number of years ago, someone close to me had been looking for a house to buy. It was pretty urgent that he find one quickly, but nothing that he looked at felt right. One day, he was driving around, and there in front of him was the home that he had been looking for. He called his real estate agent and told her that he had found “his home” and wanted to see it as soon as possible. She got back to him the next morning with the news that the house was under contract and it looked like it would go through.

I love what he did next. He told me  that he drove by the house and “claimed it”. He said out loud, all alone in his car,  “I believe that this is my house, and if it’s in the highest and best good for everyone, it will be mine.” A few days later, the real estate agent called and told him that somehow the previous contract had fallen through, and the house was back on the market. My friend now lives in that house.

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when it seems like our dream has slipped away, or will never materialize, but this is the very time when we have to redouble our efforts to stay optimistic. The energy of thought is a powerful creative force in this Universe. We cannot see it, but it affects everything around us. In a 1961 interview in Life magazine, Robert Frost said, “The founding fathers didn’t believe in the future. They believed it in. You’re always believing ahead of your evidence.”

So today we celebrate President’s day. Instead of thinking of the past, lets start optimistically imagining the future that we want.

“Optimism doesn’t wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time“. Norman Cousins

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  1. I remember consciously cultivating pessimism when I was about 12 years old – I figured it best to imagine the worst – that way I wouldn’t feel let down when things went awry. Now 40 years later I’m working to undo that ill conceived device.

    Thank you Mary – your support has been enormous for this undoing – or should I say – my renewing. I feel such a shift in my life as I strive to incorporate gratitude into everything – also with a daily practice imagining best case scenarios. I am only responsible for the efforts I make – the outcome is in the hands of the future – I am finding the journey is so much more enjoyable this way.

    PS: The Beacon of Love Challenge: I had a really wonderful weekend – a couple of slips into negative thinking – However, I was able to pull the cart out of the ditch without too much trouble! oxo

  2. I am always optimistic when it comes to the lives of others, but when it comes to me, I am full of doubt, lacking confidence in my abilities, and generally pessimistic. The weird thing is, people who know me would find this surprising. I am the cheerleader for everyone, but myself. I am starting a new endeavor (a shop on Etsy) and I am trying very hard to be optimistic. It has been my dream to start marketing my art and I am trying not to think, “Oh, nobody will like it…..” but rather, “I’m going to do great. This is my dream to share my art with others.” Once again, thank you for your timely post! I am working very hard on this:) Bless you, Mary.

    1. Molly, that’s great! Let us know how we can find you on Etsy! And best of luck! You’ll be marvelous! Think of the days before the internet, and how you can now offer your art to the world, – go Molly!

  3. Thank you, Mary. Today I know that I am on a big adventure and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. Mary,
    I am living proof that if you believe in what is right for you, and live it, it will come to you. Through prayer and love, God will help you accomplish what you want to live.

  5. I waited for my house for 6 years. I parked up the road from it and would pray. It finially bacame mine. 300 years old and needs so much work but a nice spot for my kids to grow up. 27 acres. We have chickens and soon to add goats and a few sheep. Lovin’ life!

  6. Thanks Mary I needed your positive blog this morning and will work on changing my attitude to be more positive and then will move forward with my life. I have been coasting along for too long and its time I make some changes.

  7. I tried this weekend to not let the critical, negative side of my mother irritate me and just love her. I tried to go with the flow and enjoy our time together. We had a very pleasant weekend! Thank you Mary for suggesting something that I should already know! I hope I can continue on this mode and not let MY judgmental side kick in. Sometimes being positive is a challenge. I do believe in the power of positive thinking — it works! It’s amazing what untapped power is available to us that we often don’t use. I am still glowing over Dooley’s rescue. Another lesson in the power of hope, faith and positive thinking!

  8. I love this Robert Frost quote, Mary. “They believed it in. You’re always believing ahead of your evidence.” That seems to be what hope and optimism are all about. This morning’s post reminds me of Jill Bolte Taylor’s book where she talked about her stroke and said something to the effect that we are all responsible for the energy that we bring into the room. As a stroke patient, lying in her hospital room, she could feel people’s energy as they entered…the positive and the negative and asked that a sign be posted on her hospital room door for visitors that said please be responsible for the energy that you bring into this room. She didn’t need or want the negative. That has really stayed with me. I am responsible for the energy I bring into the room, into my relationships, into a meeting, a discussion, into today and into the future…into everything I do. The day, the relationship, the meeting, the discussion, the future will have an outcome heavily influenced by my attitude and energy. So it’s an easy choice…when I think of what do I want to bring to the table? Thank you for this optimistic post! It makes me smile. 🙂

    1. Kathye, I remember in Oprah’s farewell show, they showed that very same message posted on a beautiful board where all her employees would see it upon entering Harpo Stuidos, “Please be responsible for the energy you bring to this place”. Cool!

      1. Hi Susan! Yes…at one point Oprah had Jill Bolte Taylor on her show and that is how I first came to know of Jill and her book and what is now her famous saying! It was one of those that grabbed me and stuck! And Jill’s story about how it came about was compelling too.

    2. Hi, Kathye, another great story of positive thinking by a stroke survivor, is that of the spiritual teacher Ram Dass. When he speaks to groups, he sometimes tells the story of how, during his time in the hospital, his care teams would gather each day and “have a circle about me.” To him it was a healing circle, and in the amusing coincidental way of these things, what he was referring to was the daily “rounds” by the care team. I’ve always loved his beautiful interpretation of their gathering to discuss his progress. It speaks to years and years of training his mind and casting his view of the world in a positive light.

  9. Hi from tavaneir key in Fla. Gorgeous here and love it there in upstate ny & grateful for both worlds I am lucky to have in my life.

  10. Dearest Mary,
    Thank you for today’s post. You’re powerful beyond measure.
    I have to tell you, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the author Gene Logsdon this weekend. His book, Living at Nature’s Pace was such an eye opening and transformative book in my life that has fundamentally made my life better. It’s exciting to be able to tell folks like Gene and yourself what a difference you’re making every day. I’m looking at my dream right now!

    1. Jeannie, that title, Living at Nature’s Pace, so intrigues me! It’s not available at my library, so on to Amazon. Makes all the sense in the world – nature’s perfect timing, from buds to blossoms, fledgling pin feathered babies to soaring birds, all in nature’s own perfect time. Envisioning what we want, setting the dream in motion, and then, ah, – a good measure of patience. We’ll never know what we can produce if we don’t plant thet seed.

  11. Joyous post! So life-affirming and true. Thank you Mary. Thoughts that are backed up with heart and spirit…love and gratitude are filled with tremendous potential. Thanks for this wonderful reminder to stay true to our dreams and hopes.

  12. Spot on, Mary. You’ve done it yet again.

    By the way, Fred looks the way I want to feel. Love this pic. 🙂

  13. Checking for Gene Logsdon’s book, my library has it listed as AT NATURE’S PACE. Try thru the author search. Also, 3 copies listed on eBay. There are quite a few of his books in the local County Library System.

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