Holy Waiting, daring to dream

"Holy Waiting" by Sister Mary Southard*

It seems like there are a lot of us “waiting” at this moment; feeling like we ready to move, or start over, or begin a project, but there is something not quite in place for that to happen…yet. Keeping the vision of our dream fulfilled, and not falling into discouragement and disappointment, when it appears like nothing is happening, is not an easy place to be.

I love stories of how dreams, that seemed impossible, finally manifested, and I also love the comfort of knowing that we are all in this together; that waiting is a part of this life experience for anyone who dares to dream big.

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll

*The website of Sister Mary Southard is below. Her artwork is for sale, including (I believe) this magnificent painting       http://www.marysouthardart.org

35 thoughts on “Holy Waiting, daring to dream”

  1. 2/29/12 We’re all getting ready to LEAP. I know my new dream, and the decision to make it happen, is finalized (Amen!). I’m ready to leap…but many things have to happen…and I will make them happen one at a time. Knowing in our hearts that we’re done analyzing, second guessing, contemplating…that’s what brings a smile to my face…the knowing. LEAP! xo

  2. The Northern horizon was pink this morning in the zero degree outing w/ my “girls” instead of the prestorm Eastern horizon. The “girls” were quickly brought up short w/ hurting feet from the cold. Our outside time came to a halt and we retreated back inside. Am I waiting for the big storm or appreciating the different beginning? Hmmm.. “Why I have believed six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll had said! I believe in miracles and I believe in dreams. I believe alot happens before breakfast as evident as I write at this moment! I am however, often finding myself wanting to do instead of waiting to be done. The tough part of this for me is waiting, trusting, and allowing the beliefs into action. How the need for family peace is important to a momma. How the need to control tries to grab on to me and make me want that magic wand to create harmony in family , community, country and world hearts. I “sometimes” can rest in knowing it always is about my heart and the rest follows. I can only dream my dreams… I can see the beautiful art, “Holy Waiting” and be reminded to wait in quietness. (I actually was in the process of writing an e-mail to my children when I “heard” your post arrive Mary. The e-mail went to draft and I am waiting!) Thank you Mary for recognizing each of us and the fact that we are all in this waiting together. Thank you to each person who contributes a life event and thought to this community of well being!

  3. We are heading to Philadelphia to participate as vendors in the Marketplace at the Philadelphia Flower Show next week – a 9 day extravaganza – I have never worked so hard in my life preparing for anything – I was terrified in January as we began to prepare – the financial layout – and the tremendous amount of inventory we had to make in our tiny studio – We had several major unanticipated mishaps along the way – which I won’t go into here – only to say I had to dig down deep, stay focused and in the moment and most importantly, asked of a lot of help.

    Asking for help – asking for the courage to be able to express what is possible within me has lead me to something that I could not have even imagined when I began this journey. I can only say that over the years, I have come to rely on this asking – I have learned – and continue to learn that when I am open and really ready to take flight – the wings appear.

    Trepidation exists within the realm of the imagination. It’s the unknown that’s the hard one to deal with – staying in the NOW, and asking for help is the antidote to fear.

    1. Lynne, I am so jealous! The Philadelphia Flower Show is a Wonderland all its own. I lived in Philadelphia for 20 years before moving to New Mexico, and how I looked forward to the Flower Show every year – a promise of Spring in the middle of the cold Mid-Atlantic Winter. The minute you walk into the show the scents and sights are overwhelming, and the creativity of the vendors is so inspiring to us amateur gardeners. I hope you send us all some pictures!

  4. Lynne, Your words, “I have learned – and continue to learn that when I am open and really ready to take flight – the wings appear” sing to me! Beautifully said.. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. I second that, Marjorie. Thank you so much for that visual, Lynne, and best of luck with the flower show!

  5. One of my favorite sayings since I have a tendency to tackle impossible things. Another is – “Leap and the safety net will find you”. And that painting really touches something deep inside me. It’s beautiful!

  6. Mary, how true your words are. The painting you shared is similar to a dream I recently had. A very powerful and comforting dream that I take with me during the waking hours. In this dream I was visited also by a mother bear, two cubs and a male wolf. There was no fear only a strong feeling of connection and protection. Your posts, my dreams, and support from friends all speak to my inner spirit. All good things that carry me even when I feel overwhelmed. Thank you. Life is good.

  7. Catherine, before I got to your post, those words, “pregnant pause” also came into my mind. And as women, I’m thinking that there must be a reason that the Creator’s plan for human gestation is a long nine months, at least in comparison to other creatures. The anticipation of new life is worth waiting for, worth carrying gently inside of us, be it an unborn child or a yet to be realized dream. I love the artist’s website, Mary – thank you for including it. The images of life embraced in the womb is so powerful. Reminded me a bit of Frida Kahlo’s many paintings of inner life’s dreams struggling within the body.

  8. From the backseat as the driver, my son, Robin, drives us through a rainstorm in Virginia. This trip has been a leap of faith for me. I left the state of Florida in 2006, after teaching there for 30 years. Thirty years of too much heat, hurricanes, and humidity was too much for me!!! And so I retired to the state of my birth, early childhood, higher educationand first teachings jobs : The Great State of New York.

    People always ask, “aren’t you doing things backwards”. I answer with a resounding “No” . Florida is “a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.”. At least I wouldn’t. And so I head back to the snow expected in Upstate New York just in time for my arrival. And, yes, it wil be a shock going from Summer to Winter without the buffer and beauty of Spring. But that will come soon to my little town of Cambridge, New York. The daffodils will show their sweet heads. I love the change of seasons. The colors, clothing, activities. Afterall, to use an aphorism that works for me, “Variety is the spice of life “.

    1. “Aren’t you doing things backwards?” they say? No Way, Marjorie, – you just tell them you’re marching to the beat of your own drum! My younger son, who always has marched to the beat of his own drum, once had a high school friend describe him as “He not only marches to the beat of his own drum, he marches to the beat of his own entire band!” So march on, dear Mary Rita, all the way north to Cambridge, and daffodils and closer to Mary and White Feather, although here, we’re all just a click away!

  9. Woops! typo! And I saw it as I clicked on the send, – Mary! excuse that I wrote Marjorie at the beginning! Still have you on my mind, Marjorie, and your words “this community of well being”

  10. Dear Mary. Thank you for this encouraging post! I am in the waiting mode with my book “Animal Joy” (a revised edition to be published on amazon.com…due out in 3-4 weeks) and although the creative process is fun and exciting, there is allot of wait time involved…potential time for the left brain to pick apart, worry, criticize and fear. (!) I am reminded today of “active waiting” …that wonderful state of mind where trust and faith prevail and the mind is kept busy with joy and gratitude, the days and hours filled with excitement for the good things to come.

  11. This picture is lovely. I have finally found a dream! I haven’t had one for years. Feeling stronger and happier. I have been waiting so patiently and finally my eye surgery is almost here! When all the dust is settled (and I can see!) I am going to chase my dream!
    Thanks Mary for your comforting blog, Cindy

    1. Cindy, I belong to a prayer group that started about 25 years ago. Started as a phone list to be passed on and now, with email, it takes one second, and people from every country can receive the prayer request. I would be happy to put your name on it, but only if you wish me to.

      In any event, my prayers, and I’m sure those of our flock, will be with you. Many blessings to you!

  12. Cindy, if you would care to share the date of your surgery, just be assured loving thoughts will flood your way that day from all over the country. We’re a mighty flock!

  13. I love “we are all in this together”. Makes me feel very cozy on this cold, rainy day in Virginia. I also love the picture you posted today Mary. Good Luck at the flower show Lynne. I haven’t been in years, but when I went, it was amazing. Prayers go out to you Cindy and hopefully the dust will settle soon.

  14. Mary, your piece today reminds me of chapter #15, from the Tao te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell, which includes the phrases, “Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” These words help me settle myself when I feel impatient and anxious; when I feel things aren’t coming together. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa! I’m catching up on a few posts that I missed while away and your comments just jump out at me. I love the quote you shared…great advice to ‘let my mud settle’. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Whoa Lisa.. Thanks for the following quote: “Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?” from a Tao.
    I want to act and fix..
    move and do
    time tested
    No No No
    Be silent
    Water clears
    Mud settles
    fish and turtles
    lilies dance
    just wait and watch.
    Be still.

    1. As a fixer and a doer, I ,too, need the reminder to find stillness.
      A lovely poem that speaks volumes. Thank you, marjorie.

  16. Marjorie, I really love your poem and Lisa I love the quote from the Tao. Mary, I love this artist’s work, and the whole concept of sacred waiting. It applies to so much in life. Thank you for always bringing forth such amazing food for thought.

  17. The synchronicity of Mary’s posts and the present moment in the process of life for so many of us continually astounds and comforts me.
    There’s so much wisdom pouring through both posts and responses that are perfectly and totally relevant to me right now that I find myself taking you all into my heart and off into my day and I’m so grateful for this blessed reinforcement. We are ‘a community of well being’, as Marjorie says, and I wish you all peace, love, joy and patience today.
    I’m deeply hearing what Lisa says about, “waiting for the mud to settle’ and reaffirming my trust in right action, and I have faith that all of our dreams are moving gently beyond the apparent obstacles toward the light,

    1. Barbara, your words are beautiful! I keep coming back to wednesdays post and finding yet another gem. I too carry this community of souls into my day, and feel a shift in my life.

  18. Thank-you all for your kind wishes. I’d like to be on that prayer list. I’ll take all the prayers I can get! The eye surgery is Tues. Mar.6th . I’m excited but naturally nervous. I can walk through this fear. There’s great things waiting for me on the other side.
    Best to you Mary and all your flock, Cindy

    1. Good luck, Cindy! As soon as I write this reply, I will get your name on the prayer list. they’ll keep you on it for 30 days, so you’ll be well-covered. This prayer group is non-denominational. They are in it for the good energy and we have seen some remarkable results. Keep us all posted.

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