Teaching ourselves with love; turning to the right

Think about the good

For much of my life, I didn’t believe that what I thought about, had anything to do with the way my life was going. Growing up, I never heard my mother say a nice word about my father. She talked and thought negatively, day and night, about the way he acted toward her.  She felt justified in her criticism and she was right. All negative, fearful, and suspicious thought is eventually “justified” because we are the creators of our personal experience.

We have somehow come to believe that it is responsible to be able to “intelligently” talk about the ills of society and what is wrong with the world and the people in it. There’s a belief that if we point out and focus on what is wrong, then we are doing our part to change others and the world, for the better. But trying to make positive change from a stance of criticism, disgust, anger, fear and self-righteousness doesn’t work. The best teachers in this world are not the ones who focus on what is wrong, but the ones who can see the good (even if it is tiny and imperceptible to everyone else), and magnify it.
We are an unhappy society full of critical thinkers. It is almost politically and socially incorrect to be happy. Why not take this weekend to see what is right in your life…just in your life. Try to turn from thoughts of what is going wrong (or could go wrong) to what is right or could go right. Look for the good within. Shine a spot light on it. Magnify it and see what happens.

There’s no reality except the one contained within us. “Hermann Hesse

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  1. Mary, my central thinking is that there are so many “good” folks in our world. I choose to live TVless (although I am aware of news via computer), surround myself with wonderful hearted folks and animals. It is so true that our life is our choice..How I choose to face my world is all about how I think! I love this artwork also!!! My desktop for the weekend reminder! I see this while I am in a budget meeting this morning! How quiet my mind and heart will be..Smiles from my heart for sure! 😉 Thanks for helping to keep me in the right frame for the day’s entry into the outside world!

    1. I truly believe that if more people had the thought of yours, “that there are so many ‘good’ folks in our world.”, we would see huge changes for the better. Thank you Marjorie! (I love that painting too! The artist is Carla Golembe) Carla Golembe http://www.carlagolembe.com/

  2. Hi, Mary. How timely this post is! I mentor two groups of at-risk high school girls and we had our meetings yesterday. The topic I threw out was “attitude.” At the end of our meeting I handed each girl a “gratitude” journal to keep for the next 4 weeks ~ once a week jot down 3 things she’s grateful for and 3 “random acts of kindness” she did. When we meet again, I’m going to give each girl who completes it a small “prize.” These girls all have multiple challenges in their lives, and I’d love to help them “turn that frown upside down.”

    There is ALWAYS something – no matter how small – to smile about!

    Happiness and smiles to WFF!!

    1. I love this work that you are doing with the girls Laurie!…how beautiful

  3. Try to turn from thoughts of what is going wrong (or could go wrong) to what is right or could go right. Look for the good within. Ummm! What wonderful advice Mary and I will reflect on this over the coming weekend. I was brought up by a mother who was and still is negative in all her thinking and I have been trying to climb out of this well of negativity all of my life. I start off my day with my morning call to check in on her (she’s in her 80″s now) and I feel like going back to bed when I hang up the phone!! Trying to make positive change each day is a good thing and your blog is always inspirational for me. Let’s us all turn on our spot lights this weekend and SHINE! xoxo

  4. I just had to post this…it came in from a friend as I was writing this morning. Wishing “open doors” to you all this weekend!

    “When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else”. Joseph Campbell

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Mary. It is so easy to fall into that pity-pot and feel that you have no control over things.

  6. Mary, I have read your post twice this morning, the 2nd time aloud, because I find it so incredibly profound. I never realized how much what we think manifests in our lives until you began to ever so gently guide us here on your blog. I have always been a glass is half full kind of girl, just the way I am wired, I guess, and loving parents who taught me that. Sometimes, I have actually felt guilty for being a happy person in spite of the constant bombardment we experience in the media and every part of our lives telling us “just how bad it all is”. I know there is much sadness in the world, I am sensitive to it, but the good is there too. That is what I wish to bring to my day as I interact with people. I have been asked to mentor someone at work who is having some difficulty and at first I I was dreading it, but as I met with this person, to discuss goals, I saw this beautiful gentle soul who has come under attack and just needs someone to “shine a light ” as you said, Mary. Thank you so much for shining your own light here for us each day. Blessings to all for a beautiful weekend.

  7. Mary,

    So you think, so shall you be. I feel that life is hard enough. We need to step back and be grateful for all the good, right, beautiful, just, lovely things in our life. It’s been a survival technique of mine for a while. There has been times in my life where all I could be grateful for, was the inhaling and exhaling of breath…but as I thanked God for it, something, or someone would come along to be an angel to give a hug, an encouraging word, or show me something of the beauty in the world. Thank you for being one of those encouragers.

  8. Wow Mary..once again you have hit the nail on the head! I can’t tell you how many times I told my children to be positive yet quite often I find myself doing just the opposite. Thanks for the reminder. In regards to discussing problema and being negative, I heard someone say If you are not part of the solution then you might be part of the problem. I know I didn’t phrase that well but I took that to mean if there was something I personally could do to fix what I perceived as a problem . I would.
    This weekend I will be mindful of my words!
    Love from the northeast where I am freezing…it was 80 degrees in GA yesterday!!!

  9. I love this weekend focus! Mary, your words “Look for the good within. Shine a light on it, – magnify it and see what happens” and then and Karen’s “turn on your spot lights this weekend!” made me hear this lovely tender old song, “Turn on your Heartlight” with Neill Diamond – here it is to keep in our hearts as we shine them out this weekend. Love your project for the girls, Laurie! Let us know how it turns out, will you?

  10. Beautiful. Listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s radio show he touched on this also. Looking for the blessings in our lives instead of what is wrong – focusing on the good instead of lack. He talked about how it may sound polly anna and commented on how great he thought polly anna was because she changed the thinking of a small town.

  11. “Turn on Your Heartlight”! A great song Susan, thank you for sharing it. My 86 year old mother tends to be negative too and she has the Fox News on all day long, people screaming at each other. If I didn’t live with her it wouldn’t be so hard to Turn on my Heartlight some days! This week my car got stuck in the car wash full of thick green soap, I had my car in for a service that ended up costing almost $1,000 and had Mom into the ER for half a day. Well . . . my car is now clean, I managed to eke out enough out of my savings to pay the repair bill and Mom is home and doing fine! The sky is blue and the sun is out, lovely blanket of snow on the ground and I can find many things to be glad about! Yes! Thank you Mary and all who give us such hope and inspiration. Bless you all, each and every one!

    1. I wish I could get my husband to turn off Fox news as well Joanne – seriously thinking of getting him some little headset gear – change the channel already! Could it really be that simple? Just change the channel to White Feather Farm and let your heart shine! Happy weekend all! I’m off to my son’s house to help him clear out his garage – a not so fun job by oneself, but somehow we always manage to collapse in giggles when doing heavy, dirty stuff. Last year we put together a sauna and about collapsed in histerics after we got the roof on – ok, bye all!

  12. Wow thank you Mary for this powerful lesson and all your readers for their great comments! With today’s political arena and some politicians who think the can tell women that we don,t get to control are bodies, I fear that I get so angry at them and their trying to turn back time, that I forget all the blessings that God has for us! so trusting God and looking for all his wonderful blessings he has given us and is going to give us is so much better. I will continue to pray for our country and those politicians and have a blessed weekend. Also I will look forward to all the amazing blessings that God has for us moment by moment! Joan

  13. I really love your post today Mary. I read it several times in order for it all to sink in and I love the Hesse quote. Thank you Mary S. for the tip on J. Campbell airing on PBS. Susan, you and your son have a wild day cleaning out the garage. My son just did that so next time I will help so we can enjoy a few giggles together. Wishing the flock a positive weekend and turn off Fox News.

  14. Blessings and a happy weekend to all of the Feather Flock! We are getting ready for a massive early-March snowstorm here… skiers are rejoicing, at last! Meanwhile, I’m the crazy lady making peanut butter pine cones for the birds, ha ha ha….

  15. Good post and good comments! I wish you all blessings and gratitude during this weekend and forever how long you can make it so!

    I agree with Myrna…..if you want a fast lesson in gratitude and peace of mind, turn off Fox News. They are vampires of your energy.

  16. To The Magnificent Mary Muncil:

    I hereby present an honorary contractor’s license of love building;
    For hitting SO many nails on the head;
    Running conduit to illuminate a shining path from the darkness;
    Plumbing the depths of our negative thoughts;
    Digging us out of old, useless patterns learned long ago;
    Pouring a foundation of positive change;
    Creating a home for a flock of open, hungry hearts ready to roost.

    [musical accompaniment by the Indigo Girls, A Hammer and A Nail. sorry I don’t know how to link it.]
    A wonderful weekend to all.

    1. Checking in tonight, and oh whoa! Wowzers, and Wowie!!! Cheryl B by the beautiful sea, you wrapped you today’s postst once again in a ribbon of prose, CB style, we love you! A coop to call our own, how cool is that?

      xoxoxoxox to all the flock

  17. Thanks for the kind words. The greater appreciation goes to this collective of ‘higher yearning’. My source of inspiration every day is sharing news from the nest; I’ll take a lift up rather than a shout down any time!

  18. How nice to return to the nest tonight after a day out in the world of county budgets and folks w/ different agendas. Thanks to my start from here this am, I made it through the day with smiles. I wore a hot pink, soft, corduroy jacket, which rec’d some smiles and comments. This was a little bit like wearing my heart and not just on my sleeve! I was able to quiet my mounting tension at one point by reminding myself about my intent for the day..Thanks to your post this morning Mary. Next Saturday will be the final budget hearing for this year and I will have done my responsibility in this arena.
    Tonight it is special to read all your thought provoking posts. and now I am off to sleep Good night , peace, and Thank you all..Thank you Mary for your kind words…m.

  19. Wishing “open doors” to you … Thank you Mary….

    I’m grateful I was born in an era that encourages looking inside,
    allowing me to spend time pondering my feelings and then
    accepting that I can change…with much courage and
    some positive action… of course somedays it may be
    one step backwards, before moving forward even a tad…

    I’m grateful for this awareness….this willingness to “grow”
    and embrace my life…in 2012…

  20. Hi Mary! Catching up in between trips! It is always so nice to come home to WFF. It’s like sleeping in my own bed! Ahhhhh…

    I agree with you that often it seems politically and socially incorrect to be happy. But I’ve learned from you to live my happy life without apology. An acquaintance commented to me recently that, in her opinion, I see life through rose colored glasses. I had this instantaneous confused reaction…was that a compliment? An insult? What’s wrong with that? After a few seconds of feeling a swell of defensiveness, this wonderful calm came over me. For I realized that as I’ve looked more and more inside and gotten more intimate with my true self, it doesn’t matter what color glasses someone else thinks I’m wearing. It’s my view that matters. It’s my view that makes the difference in my life. And the view from here is spectacular.

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