A special enterprise of God

Esther greeting me yesterday afternoon...she has an intense interest in cars.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I had broken a blood vessel in the same place last October and it seemed too odd not to have it checked out by someone who knew more about eyes than I did. I liked the doctor that examined me from the moment I met him. He was calm, thoughtful and was confident in a quiet way. I asked him why he chose Ophthalmology as a profession, and he told me a little bit about his own journey of having very poor vision as a child, spending lots of time with eye doctors, and his intense interest in how eyes and the brain function, which ultimately led him to this work.

So many of us have been taught that it is wrong to think well of ourselves and to have confidence in our abilities; that true humility is never admitting that we know something, always questioning ourselves, keeping quiet so we don’t seem boastful, but this is no more humble or helpful than spouting off constantly about our “greatness”. Each one of us is unique and special. We are here to bring that quality to light and then to help others by bringing it to the world.

I love the words of Emmet Fox, “…you are a special enterprise on the part of God…” So, maybe for this weekend, ask yourself the question, What has my journey led me to love, and how can I start to appreciate this aspect of myself more?

The world will take you at your own valuation. Your body will take you at your own valuation. Your business will take you at your own valuation; for the value that you put on upon yourself is the one that manifests. … Nature always takes you at your own valuation. …Believe that you express Life, Truth, Love. Believe that Wisdom guides you. Believe that you are a special enterprise on the part of God – and what you really believe, that you will demonstrate“. Emmet Fox pp. 170 Find and Use Your Inner Power

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  1. Good Morning Mary and all. I love that you asked the Doctor why he chose the field that he did; and his answer. I became an English Teacher because I love to read and I wanted to share that love. Why did you become a minister, Mary?

    And, I’d like to know more about my WFF friends. What careers have you chosen and why?

    I have a copy of Emmet Fox’s book, “Find and Use Your Inner Power”. I think I need to find and use it. Thanks for the reminder. Mary Rita.

  2. Good Morning Mary and all here at WFF. I’ve just spent the last hour reading the last 2 days blog posts and comments and as always feel so very grateful for this “good stuff”! I really like the Emmet Fox quote too. I love that we are a “special enterprise of God.”. It is comforting and empowering at the same time. Have a lovely weekend all, and Mary Rita, I have been an RN for 34 years, I have specialized in OR, L&D, and Hospice. Being a nurse has taught me much about compassion, how to give it and receive it back in full measure, a good journey so far…

  3. “The world will take you at your own valuation. Your body will take you at your own valuation.”

    This message was such a wake-up call for me this morning, Mary. I needed to see these exact words today to embark on something I’ve been trying to do for a long time.

    The authentic messages that you bring forth every day astound me. You have an amazing wellspring within you, and it serves humanity and the flock so freely. Thank you….again!

  4. Mary, I continually feel grateful for the quotations you find to place at the end of your comments. My computer printer is now on overload, no more space to paste these printed comments on. I guess what resonates so much for me is the timeliness of the comments. I have had two disruptions with daughters in my life, over the past two years, one in which I could no longer accept being treated with so little value which I feel is a reflection of my daughter’s feeling about herself (she was sexually abused as a child although managing outwardly well in her life now); the other with a step-daughter just these past few weeks. This one will eventually work itself out for we are both fairly direct people. I also correspond with a friend in California who is going through a similar situation with a longtime friend. We both realize that the universe is calling our attention to something in ourselves as well as the other person(s) involved. For me, it has been devaluing myself to myself with those closest to me. I have never done this with my friends. Why is it that it has been those close interpersonal family relationships in which we give so much and expect so little back for ourselves. It is time to change this. I’m not entirely sure how, yet. You’re on the mark with me this morning, Mary, with your quote.

    SandyP in snowflaking Ontario, Canada. Thank heavens. Snow and not ice this time.

  5. Good morning, Mary.

    You are a rock star! I forwarded your blog entry to a friend who is feeling bad about herself. Your timing and God’s are always impeccable. I’m so grateful for your blog.

    Susan G.

    p.s. SandyP, please send those snowflakes our way. Pennsylvania hasn’t seen much snow this winter.

  6. this reminds me of a quote, written by Marianne Williamson, that I read just last week. In part she said: “…There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us…”

    very nicely said. 🙂

  7. I don’t know if this link has anything to do with the post, but I saw it on someone else’s blog and she said “Happy Friday, my sisters.”
    I immediately thought of all of us sisters. So Happy Friday to all. This should get you up singing and dancing.

    1. Ah, Mary S. I love this song! hadn’t heard it in a long while, love the accompanying video. Thank you for sharing it with we sisters of White Feather Farm!

    2. Well, Mary S., you have just made my day! I love, love, love Annie Lennox and I was really moving around the room to this one!

      This was one good share! Bless you. 🙂

  8. How do we measure what some thing is worth? We assign it a value in monetary terms – but our unique and precious selves? To be precious is to be of great value, no coincidence that price and precious are related – I found this on a dictionary link:

    1. of high price or great value; very valuable or costly: precious metals.
    2. highly esteemed for some spiritual, nonmaterial, or moral quality: precious memories.
    3. dear; beloved: a precious child.

    Mary, what a gentle and affirming weekend exercise – to honor ourselves and our value as the unique God created enterprise that lives today as you, as me, as we! Mary Solomon, I love the Sisters! video – and feel so blessed to have so many here at White Feather Farm. Let your heart lights shine again this weekend dear ones.

  9. Mary I so needed to read your post right now. Thank you. You have a gift of expressing what I need to hear at given moments. Continue to let your light shine. May all the wonderful ripples you send out come back to you triple fold. 🙂

  10. Eye Dr. visits for all! Must be that Mercury’s in retrograde. I hope your’s isn’t serious.
    Have a good w/e Mary with your pack, Cindy

    1. I’m just fine (eyes and all!)…sending you thoughts for a healthy and healing weekend too

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