Esther woke up when I started the car

Now that the weather is suddenly warmer, and I am leaving my car windows down, I have to check the back seat before I drive away from the house. Esther loves sleeping in cars. I am sure she isn’t staying awake at night thinking, “Oh no, what if they don’t realize that I am in here and drive away?!” or “I’m not sure that I have permission to be in this car. Will I get in trouble?’…no such worries. She finds a comfortable spot and sleeps in peace. She, like most of our animals, is in the moment. Ahhh… the idea of living without regret from the past or fear about the future. I am taking a deep breath right now.

Nothing is worth more than this day“.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. …and what a stunningly gorgeous day it is! I can feel Esther’s comfort and warmth as she naps in your back seat! When I was a child I used to love laying on the warm cement of the driveway in the summer sun! I never felt it’s roughness or it’s hardness, just the warm cement in the afternoon sun. I’m taking a deep breath now too…and excited for the unfolding of today. Thanks Mary! Much love to all!

  2. Living in the moment is what I am trying to achieve. It certainly isn’t easy, as my tendency is to worry, worry, worry about what is going to happen!

  3. Animals never cease to amaze me with their poignant presence. I think they’re way smarter than we are….who else can just live for right now? It takes a certain kind of intelligence to do that.

    1. Very true Debra! Every time I come home from work frazzled and stressed and I look at my cats gazing up at me with no thought of past or future (other than ‘when do we eat, mom?’), I see the beautiful yet complex simplicity of their reality. They can certainly teach me to be more present if I’d just listen and observe!

  4. Just turn that cat house into a mobile home and watch sweet, purring, kitty turn into a raging, wild, cat. At least that’s what mine do!

  5. more traveling signs! What day do you leave? 😉
    Being present were the words my daughter left w/ me when she needed to leave our apple tree pruning project and I would be working alone..I grinned and said I will! Message received. It is always helpful to understand the need to be present when I am doing something which could turn into an accident..and I am even more aware when reminded! 😉 “Nothing is worth more than this day“. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe I love this!

  6. We should all follow Esther’s example and pencil in a cat nap today! In the warm sun preferably. Be Present is a line of yoga clothing too. . Have a wonderful day everyone.

  7. :)Leaving your car windows open? Wasn’t it just recently that I was seeing beautiful photos of snow from your area? It’s on the chilly side out here in Southern California. This past weekend there was snow in the mountains behind my house and everyone was breaking out the down jackets, lol. Sometimes Mother Nature surprises us. I’m always a little worried about kitties wanting to be in or around cars, though. Ester does look like she knows a good thing when she’s found it…warm, comfy place to sleep.

  8. One evening I couldn’t find my outside cat, Vida. I called and called. As I was about to give up and go in the house, there she was, sitting in my grandson’s carseat as pretty as could be. She must have hopped in the warm station wagon earlier in the when I had the back open to pull out bags of mulch. Silly girl!

    1. Oh Donna, I wish that you had gotten a picture of that! so sweet!

  9. Esther has it right. It’s so funny you mentioned the car seats Donna. I take a three and five year old to school and day care in the mornings for a neighbor so she can head to work early so I have the two car seats in my car. My two dogs love to sit in them when we go places in the afternoon. I know people look at me when they see these two dogs, windows open and ears flapping in the breeze sitting in car seats. I suppose they might think I’m a bit eccentric.Mary,I love the quote.

  10. Sometimes when I sit in the sun, I can imagine how good a cat feels. It’s almost like I should be purrrrring! We got our license in the mail! Thank you Mary.

  11. Our cats greatlt enrich our lives and also drive us nuts. One big white blind one, boy and a black & white kitten, girl. Being with a cat (probably any pet) really focuses you into the now. Staying aware of that, that’s the challenge…

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