The “what ifs”

The view from our vacation house!

I went to be Wed. night saying to myself (over and over like a mantra), “The perfect place for us will present itself and it will be even better than I can imagine. I am getting excited to see how this unfolds!”. I got up early Thursday morning, checked my emails to see if any of the house owners had gotten back to me (which they hadn’t yet), so I wrote my post, and just as I was leaving for my office, an email came in saying that one of the houses was available. The cost for the week was within our budget and everything seemed perfect. As the day unfolded, and emails and phone calls were going around between the owner, myself and Jack, and my sons, everyone agreed: this was the place.

24 hrs ago, I was going on faith. Keeping an open mind, and staying away from the negative “what ifs”. Have you ever noticed that  you rarely hear anyone say, “What if this place  (or situation, or job, or relationship) is magnificent? What if it is even better than I expected?, What if it exceeds all of my hopes?” So many times, people try to keep  expectations low to avoid disappointment. But isn’t living with low expectations a disappointing way to live in the meantime?

Give it a try this weekend. If you are worried about something (or someone), why not say, “What if this is all working out even better than I could imagine?”

“We tend to get what we expect“. Norman Vincent Peale

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  1. Congratulations, Mary! Now some delicious anticipation can set in until take-off time!

    Thank you so much for the weekend assignment to turn around what might have been negative expectations! You are correct, no one, until now, ever suggests mulling over what marvelous things could possibly happen?, what could exceed our expectations?, what could possibly be better than we expect?
    Let’s see what lovely scenarios we can conjure up in our minds, and which ever one happens will be a lovely gift.

    Best wishes for a magical weekend to you and all members of the WFFF.

    Love from Fran

  2. The peace just oozes from your picture…warm sand, light sea breeze, jewel-like water, strolls on the beach as the sun rises and sets, moonlit nights, the quiet smiles of your loving family as you each daydream in the sunshine…a tropical “high”…

    …and such a wonderful example of what great expectations can bring. I can see you and Jack and sons in this picture and you are having the most wonderful time…

  3. See Mary? You DID it! What a beautiful place you will inhabit with your dear family. Your memories will last forever and will always serve as a reminder of how you manifested all this, proving it can be done.

    Nice work!

  4. Woo-hoo Mary, that seemed easy enough huh? Glad you have that part of the trip nailed down. The White Feather Farm troop will have to help you pack for your splendid vacation days under that grass umbrella! xoox

    1. I love that idea Karen (you will all be in my heart!) I’m not leaving until the first week of May but the anticipation is already delightful!

  5. Mary…..a tropical paradise! Congratulations on staying true to your dreams and visions. What a wonderful confirmation of your love, faith and positive heart….a vacation to celebrate the spirit of genuine goodness!

  6. Hi Mary… Congrats on your vacation spot. But, I need help now! Just got a “call-back” call on yesterday’s mammogram! Yikes- I know I need to have good expectations that the closer-look mammogram & sonogram will be NEGATIVE, but no denying, I’m nervous. Pray with me in the meantime.
    Love to all of you WFF friends for a worry-free weekend. Mary Rita.

    1. I’ve had many call backs– ALL proved to have negative results– so keep those positive thoughts at the front of your agenda and we all will too on your behalf.
      From Fran

    2. Hi Mary Rita, I belong to a really good prayer group. Been making the rounds for over 25 years, first as a phone call group to forward requests via phone to everyone and now, as an email group. It is non-denomenational and now has members all over the world. I would be more than happy to get your name (or your initials) on it ASAP, if you want me to. Let me know, and also it would be helpful to know what state you live in.

      As an aside, I’ve had call-backs out the wazoo. They’re more common than you know and usually mean nothing. Try not to worry. It can be hard to keep your head lapping up the sugar when the pesky flies of fear are buzzing ’round you. Hang in. We’re with you all the way.

    3. Mary Rita, you will be in my prayers this weekend with nothing but an “all clear” on your call back. But even if it’s something they want to biopsy as they did on me two years ago, there are such huge advances these days in early detection and treatment. I will be happy to share more if it is ever needed. In the meantime, stay calm and know our love is all around you.

  7. You are onto it!!! Great!!! Yes we should have higher expectations…I expected to walk w/ a friend 3 miles to a pond and back and ended up walking 5 miles to 2 ponds and back.. I would have been thrilled w/ the shorter walk, but I was elated w/ the longer one!! 😉

  8. Thank you for sharing this positive energy with us. I am so happy for you that you found the “perfect” place. Love the Norman Vincent Peale quote, as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. Great expectations! Mary this is truly a mantra for the weekend. I am facing a family dynamic that leaves me with great concerns, but I have to stay focused on the young couple developing a long and loving relationship. Our misgivings could even be like hurling stones in their path. So again, I envision a clear coast for them to launch their ship onto the sea of matrimony. ooh boy, enough of imagery.

    Can you imagine anyone ever wanting to read Charles Dicken’s famous Great Expectations had he titled it “Low Expectations” or even “Mediocre Expectations”? I wouldn’t crack open the first page. Happy weekend all!

  10. keep your expectations like this picture
    and your ‘what-ifs’ far out to sea,
    four chairs await your loved ones
    a magnificent adventure it WILL be!

  11. Dear WFF family,
    Thank you for your comments and prayers. And Suzanne Tate, thanks for the prayer-chain offer. Yes, please put me on it: Mary Rita Scott, New York State. My call back mammo & sono are on Tues. 3/27 at 10:30 AM. I remember the weekend we all prayed for the dog who was poisoned. (Was that Kelly’s dog & was the dog’s name Skeeter?) Knowing that others are praying for me or sending positive vibrations my way will help me swat away those “pesky flies of fear”. Love, Mary Rita.

    1. If you’re awakened in the wee hours of the night, that’s a time delay of ‘positive prayers and blessings’ coming at you from the west coast!
      I, too, have had a call-back do-over, only to be told I was just ‘dense’—HA. Stay strong :+)

    2. Mary Rita, I love reading tonight’s comments before I go to bed, – I, too remembered keeping Skeeter in my thoughts all weekend for Kelly from Michigan! – I am so happy to know we are knitting/tying/ threads of love here on Mary’s Farm. Once again, know we are with you, stay calm, focus on your inner and always perfect peace. Love to you! Susan

    3. You’re on the list, Mary Rita. Once a name goes on, the prayers come to that person for about 30 days, so you’ll be well-covered. Some amazing results have come from this group over the years, and my own story (for another time) is one of them.

      So be at rest, if you can. There’s a lot of support going on.

    4. I am with you also Mary Rita. Blessings and positive thoughts for the weekend and always. We will swat those pesky flies, one by one!

  12. Been worried about my dad managing with my mom while I am away at a conference. Now I’m thinking, “What if everything goes well and he manages fine?”

    Thanks, as always, Mary, for another great lesson to contemplate.

  13. Mary – For those of us who sometimes get caught in a negative and worried state, thinking about things turning out better than imagined is a very powerful antidote. Logically thinking about steps that can be taken to get us to that imagined place is certainly a mentally healthy alternative. Peale’s quote is so true!

    I am so happy that you’ve found such an amazing place to stay during your vacation. It looks like paradise!

  14. Hang in there, Mary Rita, et al. You’ll be fine. It’s miserious here and very snowy and yucky, so I’m envisioning that umbrella by the sea, too! We can always send blessing and courage & it helps us, too. Here comes the best!

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