Clowning around?

Jack and Fred watching Saint Misbehavin'

I’ve been sent a few videos this week with the theme of rescuing animals. What I felt while watching all of these, was they made me feel good about us humans. I love seeing people come together for the good of others. It reminds me that we are all in this together, and that I cannot help another without, at the same time, helping myself.  Interestingly enough, the documentary that we’ve been watching is about Wavy Gravy. I’d seen him years ago and dismissed him as a “clown”.

I was trying so hard back then to be serious, to be taken seriously, to be socially acceptable, that I didn’t recognize the real thing, a genuinely great man and humanitarian, when I saw him. When the documentary was almost over, Jack said, “This has to be one of the most inspiring stories that I have ever seen. Let’s save the last 15 minutes for tomorrow night so we can really savor it.” I agreed.

“We are all the same person trying to shake hands with our self“. Wavy Gravy

P.S. the winner of the incense was Donna! ..and for those interested, the brand is Atmosphere and the scent is Tranquility….(I hope that Donna will share her impressions of it with us after she gives it a try!)

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  1. Mary, this is an interesting post this morning. What I find interesting about it is…I have never heard of Wavy Gravy. How have I lived to the age of early seventies and not heard of Wavy Gravy and yet others have. Do I live in a vacuum here in the country? If so, it’s one of my own choosing. But I also found Jack’s attire much like my husband’s of an evening..comfortable. Also, Jack has the look of a Scot about him. I may not be correct in this. And then there is this: we are all one in the eyes of God or whatever higher power there is. We are ‘told’ this. As I grow older, I see less of myself as an individual but more of a collective unit with other human beings. We all begin in the same way…an egg split, sperm meets egg. We are all born babies. And then we diverse greatly through our experiences, our upbringing, our own natures and end up diversely different human beings yet, with many of the same needs. As I grow older, I begin to see more commonality amongst the people with whom I come into contact, particularly in my volunteer work. We still all ‘feel’ much the same. What I also find interesting is reading the other postings to yours. We come from our own centres of being and it’s interesting to read how others react and what they take from your comments.

    SandyP in Canada

  2. Hi Mary!

    I’ve re-posted the Wavy Gravy movie trailer onto Facebook, and I’m really, really dying to see the full film. I’ve never heard of this man, but I want to know more.

    I remember Harry Chapin once saying that a person could work for peace and an end to world hunger all their life, and even if they didn’t achieve those goals, they’d spend their time on this mortal with around the most passionate, committed people on the planet. When I start to get depressed about the state of the world, I think of that, and realize that my choice is simple: feel angry and disillusioned or join the good guys in the fight. Or, as Wavy says, try to help someone worse off than I am.

    I really enjoy your blog, Mary. Thank you!


  3. Great posts this morning…and I join those who have never heard of Wavy Gravy so thank you for sharing him with us! Often, as I look back over the decades of my life, I can see why I missed things, other things were happening in my life that took precedence and now when I hear/learn about things I think, Wow, you really didn’t have a clue! Guess there is no time like the present to catch up.

    Have a wonderful day…Marian

  4. Mary, first you give us Marianne Williamson (“There is only one of us here”), now Wavy Gravy (“We are all the same person”). Like Sandy P, this is really resonating with me. Ricocheting in my brain, more like. Maybe it’s not just “we are all the same person” but “we are all the very same thing”. The deeper I go in this concept, and the more I expand it to encompass all living things (plants feeding us, bacteria invading us, worms eventually eating us, the hawk carrying off the baby bunny, the roadrunner raiding the quails’ nest, my “opponent” in a testy business negotiation!), the more I think my head (or maybe my soul) is about to explode.

    Thanks, Mary (I guess). I think I need some coffee before I take this any further.

  5. Mary, I also have never heard of Wavy Gravy – and yet to see many of the people on the clip I admire, Bonnie Raitt, Ram Dass, makes me wonder too, where have I been? But never too late to be offered a gem, thank you! We are all one person – thinking of John Lennon’s lyrics “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” from I am the Walrus. Sandy P, I so feel as you, as I get older I feel less of me and more of a common thread with even strangers I see. Sometimes I have had that feeling most intensely when sitting alone in an airport, biding time, watching the mass of humanity swirling around – and thinking every single one of them is a unique precious child of God. Where are they going to? Home? Business? a joyful reunion or a sad parting? – I remember feeling overwhelmed knowing my tiny little self is somehow a part and parcel of something so much bigger.

  6. I remember Wavy Gravy from his collaborations with Ram Das, back in the day. I didn’t know he was even still alive, but I’m sure glad you’ve brought him into the spotlight. Looking back from my “elder” vantage point, I realize how special he is and has been.

    I have a fear of clowns and what I remember most is that he was the only one I never, never was afraid of… my whole life….ever.

    So now that I’ve hung THAT dark secret out on the clothesline, I will go and sit with it awhile. You sure do provoke some heavy thinking, Mary. Bless your heart, it’s just what we all need. 😉

  7. Just ordered the DVD, can’t wait to watch it. Pushing that Amazon “order now” button is way too easy!

  8. Thank you, Mary,
    I too have ordered a copy for me and my husband to enjoy. Another nice aspect to retirement is being able to explore and as Jack suggests, savor, many things I missed or didn’t have time to appreciate when they were first current and I was busy with children, job and who knows what else that I considered to be important at that time.
    From Fran

  9. I remember hearing of Wavy Gravy at the time Woodstock was going on. I was in high school and thought it was all very cool! He just looks like such a sweetheart! Much wisdom and love dispensed by his playful spirit. Thank you Mary, for bringing him to mind. I plan to rent on netflix.

  10. First the incense, now Wavy Gravy. You’re really taking me back in time, Mary!
    The common inside joke used to be “If you remember the ’60’s, you weren’t around then.” I do and I was.
    I’m with you, Barbara C-M. If I could find a photo when my hair was almost to my knees, long, flowing paisley skirt and Indian gauze top—well, we’d all get a good chuckle!
    My kids still call me a hippie because I haven’t conformed; but they say it with a twinkle in their eye and smile in their voice. Further on.

  11. I’ll be sure to let you know about the incense! And I’ll put the Wavy Gravy movie on my Netflix cue. Thanks for the link!

  12. I just ordered Wavy Gravy and I will watch him, light my incense and feel grovey. Thanks Mary and i love the picture of Jack and Fred just kicking back.

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