sinking into the YES of life

New couch with Eleanor sleeping on it

I started to write a post today about saying no. About how sometimes we must stay focused and true to our visions, which can mean saying no to other things, but as I wrote I felt deflated. I didn’t feel good writing about that today. When I sat here at my desk and said, “Yes”, I could feel myself coming back to center.

Walking past one of our local thrift stores yesterday, I spotted a big pink velvet couch on their porch. I’ve wanted a velvet couch for a long time, (the cats don’t seem to scratch velvet which is a huge plus for us) and I love the feel of it. I walked onto the porch and sat down into a big pink cloud…oh how heavenly! and big (over 7 feet long) …Our home is small; a little over 800 square feet and we already have a couch.

I went inside and asked the price. $30. I said yes. Then I thought, “Where are we going to put it?” and I knew that Jack would ask the same thing. We moved a small table out and it fits pretty well in our T.V/living room. I love big, soft, vintage furniture. I wouldn’t care if I ever again sat at a dining room table. I like sinking in, putting my feet up, eating with my plate on my lap. It is a part of my adventure here in this lifetime, ….it is a “Yes” for me.

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure“. Joseph Campbell

15 thoughts on “sinking into the YES of life”

  1. Yes!
    Congratulations! I love the pink and velvet, and obviously Eleanor loves it too!
    I have a feeling you will enjoy every minute of looking at and sitting on that gorgeous couch, to say nothing of the fact you have givien it new life, in a new home where it will be cherished as it deserves to be. A perfect fit.
    From Fran

  2. The couch looks fabulous, like a big pink cloud. See, Eleanor approves! I always loved my aunt’s curvy swooshy 1950s yellow kitchen dinette set. It had a curvey swooshy bench seat, that I loved sliding around on. The chairs sometimes looked like they had fins. I’m sure you have seen those chrome dinette sets. Always loved her set. Vintage, I think is better.

  3. Looks to me like that couch just fits right nice into your home. Sanctified by a cat no less. Here’s to yes and enjoying big, comfortable places to sit and feel good.

  4. So here’s what I want to win in a Sweepstakes: a day just talking with you, a day checking out everything in Jack’s gallery, and a nap on your fabulous velvet couch (Luke and cats invited)!

    Another one of your “Yes’s” has bourne very juicy fruit, Mary.

  5. I love the look too! Thank you Mary for sharing your lovely “new” couch with us! I had an orange velvet couch in my little cottage back in the 70’s very much like your pink one. It served me well for many years. I hope you and Jack enjoy many afternoon snoozes on it (move over kitties!).

  6. It does look like a couch big enough for two to snooze! Mary, your delight in your find has just spilled over to us and now mabye we are all planning either an afternoon nap, or an excursion to our local thrift store to see what treasure awaits. Yesterday I found my dress for my son’s wedding after trying on maybe 16 dresses, and despairing of finding anything. II finally lucked out, and love the dress, but guess what I loved most that I found yesterday? Yet another little ceramic froggie planter for my garden for $7. at a consignment store. A little treasure to commemorate the day of finding my dress. May little delights appear to all the flock today!

  7. The pink velvet sofa
    said “No!” to no-ness,
    Stretch out, expand
    Feel embraced in yesses!

    There’s something textbook classic about a counselor being seduced by a divine divan! Enjoy every minute you can surrounded by feline foot warmers.

  8. Our woodsy home is full of comfy stuff, most of it aerated by pussy cat claws. I’ve got a little puffy embroidered pillow on a magnet on the fridge: “Make friends with clutter.” Our eclectic sense of decor includes Tibetan prayer flags, most of the swing band equipment, photographic stuff, stuffed bookcases, numerous cat toys, etc. Cozy! Oh, I guess we’re vintage by now ourselves! What a wonderful find, Mary. There used to be a store in Berkeley which specialized in those curvy couches and wild swoopy chairs, but they charged a ton for them. Voila–the thrift store!

  9. I LOVE IT!!! Mary, you were just meant to see that couch yesterday, it does look so comfy and, if you have the kitty kat seal of approval…what more could you ask??!! You always put a smile on my face and I thank you!!!!!
    Hope you’re kicked back, reading a good book, taking a nap and enjoying your new find!!

  10. Mary, that couch looks like it belongs in a palace. I think you should wear your crown when sitting and eating and napping on it. I love it! and the price was good too.

  11. Love your new/vintage couch, Mary! It looks like a good place to cuddle with a kitty and a good book…and chocolate, say yes to chocolate and pink velvet couches!

  12. “Yes you are among the very young at heart!” This tune just comes to me from this posting. 🙂

  13. Love the couch. You may end up having to fight for space among the cats. haha
    I’m saying “Yes!” to alpaca adventures!

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