The energy of Life

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One thing that I remind myself of, many times a day, is that I am connected to all, (below the surface level of apparent separation)  …and so is everyone else. When I have a inner-knowing about something, even if I can’t explain it from a conscious, reasoning point of view, I listen to it. I trust it. If we were all put under gigantic microscopes, we would look like masses of vibrating energy and all of us have the ability to “feel” this energy because we are all fundamentally connected.

In my current favorite movie, Lost in Austen*, the main character Amanda is telling her mother that she doesn’t want to marry her boyfriend because she doesn’t trust him. Her mother dismisses this and tries to talk Amanda into “seeing reason” (i.e. ignoring her intuition, her gut feeling, and reasoning the situation out). The mother is the perfect example of the egoic mind saying, “stay small, stay within what you know, don’t be silly and trust your feelings”.

Several years ago, I was asked, by a friend, to meet with a man who wanted to work on a project with me. I felt ill at ease, but since the sound of the project was something that I had been thinking about before her call, I thought that maybe I was just scared and that I’d miss an opportunity if I didn’t say yes, so I agreed to meet with him. Within a minute of being in his presence, I wanted to run out of the room. Even though he was smiling and charming, his energy was so dense and dark that I almost felt afraid. I declined the offer, and later heard that the project ended up costing quite a bit (in time and energy) to the people involved. This man’s erratic behaviour ultimately alienated everyone and the project never came to fruition.

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you’re saying” Ralph Waldo Emerson

*I’ve  recommended this movie to everyone that I know, and I am pretty sure that nobody has yet watched it, but none the less, it is currently my all-time favorite movie. The acting is amazing and the spirit of it is wonderful and fun. If you aren’t familiar with the Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice, you might want to read up on it a bit before watching.

13 thoughts on “The energy of Life”

  1. I have watched Lost in Austen! Very clever and, as you say, wonderful fun … something I would definitely see again.

    Like you, I have a strong belief in the wise intuitive voice inside us all.

    Mary, the openness of your blog posts really has had an effect on me. If you have time to read my most recent post, Having Faith in Life, I would feel very honoured. Here’s the link:

  2. Speaking of energy, I compliment you for having enough energy to post such a meaningful message this morning after the flurry of activity on your blog Friday.
    Thank you for the affirmation you sent out for me. It had to do with abundance, “there is enough for everyone.” I turned that message into some action after I looked around my house and decided that I certainly had enough stuff for myself as well as for a number of others. That spurred me on to sift through some drawers and closets to set aside some of my abundance for sharing with others.

    Thank you Mary,
    From Fran

    PS My local library is doing a series of events around the works of Jane Austen. I’ll pay more attention and take advantage of their activities from now on.

  3. Everything is connected: when the Jacob ewe I am watching lambing in the UK (webcam) has finally finished I will run upstairs and find you the name of a fascinating book I just started last night………..

  4. Good quote. Similar idea: “Don’t worry about what others say about you. Just live your life in a way that nobody will believe it is true.” And, the old standby, “Actions speak louder than words”. Speaking of words, thank you, Mary, for the wise ones you picked for me this weekend. I used then to good effect!

  5. I love getting assignments from Mary! and I can’t believe I have never read Pride and Predjudice, so that will be task number one and then rent the movie. Thianks again Mary, for giving so generously of your time on Friday offering us all such inspiring words. Happy Monday to all!

  6. Going to snatch this movie up for this weekend, Mary. I read “Pride and Prejudice” many moons ago so I may need a refresher on that first.

    I saw a really cool current movie yesterday called, “Jeff Who Lives At Home.” It is very unique and deals with a man who sees the world as a series of synchronicities, and follows through on them, even though his mom and brother think he’s nuts. It has a great ending. Keep it on a list for rental if you can’t get to a theater to see it now.

    Thanks for all you do to make your flock happy! A sweet week to all!

  7. I really like what you said, Mary, about staying small when we stay within what we know. Fear not, trust our feelings, stay open, and feel our world expand. I love the Emerson quote! So true. Whether we intuitively feel one’s malevolent or benevolent energy, it does kind of shout at us and trumps whatever words may be spoken. Energy speaks too…I’m thinking again of the quote about us each being responsible for the energy we bring into a room…

  8. There you go again Mary. I LOVE Lost in Austen. Saw it last year on our PBS station. Great twist to a CLASSIC Jane Austen. Pure Fun.Cathy

  9. Mary you described the “creep vibe” really well. I’ve felt that from a number of people. I love Austen’s P&P. I think my favorite version is the one with Colin Firth as Darcy. I’ve tried to see all the versions of P&P like the one you mentioned. I will have to look for that one.

  10. Mary, do you remember awhile back when the topic was having a bedroom of our own? At the time, I wrote that all too soon I would have that luxury and it has come about. My husband had several bad falls and is now in a nursing home. The choice between “stay small, stay with what you know” and becoming bold enough to do things you never did before is exhilarating. I think, though, that I’d like to have a clue about what the Universe has in store for me.

  11. Mary, I, too, had a similar experience. A “pen pal” years ago came to my house to meet me in person, as we say. Her letters had been very nice and I thought we had a lot in common. However, the minute she entered my home, I felt as though a black shroud had been thrown over me. She stayed the night and that evening as we sat in the living room, I kept thinking to myself, “Please let her go home. ” I felt like I was drowning in whatever was coming from her or around her. I could not wait for her to leave the next morning and have never felt so uneasy in my life or so glad to see someone go. I never heard from her again so have no idea what it meant. Your blog this morning reminded me of that one time event in my life. Thank you for each morning’s message and the photos. They are wonderful!

  12. I had a day off on Monday and had the best afternoon watching Lost in Austen! I’m a Jane Austen fan to begin with and Mary’s recommendation was absolutely spot on!
    I also had a chance to catch up with blog entries and comments, and found that so much has been going on. My life has been full of opportunities to try on new attitudes and roles in the world and it sounds like I’m not alone. Bumping up against erratic energy from other people sometimes makes me want to scuttle back to safer routines, but thankfully I’m too curious about what will happen next to follow that instinct. I guess safety really lies in staying connected with the spark of wisdom within and following intuitive guidance.

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