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Luke and one of his toys

When we first got Luke, we were warned that German Shepherds were territorial around their homes, the cars that they routinely rode in, and their food. Luke never lived up (or should I say down) to any of those labels. Labels are dangerous things. They don’t have to be at all true for our subconscious minds to accept them (especially when we are very young) and then we tend to live them out. I’ve met brilliant people who believed that they were only marginally intelligent, thin women who believed that they were fat, responsible people who believed they were untrustworthy….and the examples could go on and on. We’ve all met “them”: people who believed lies about who they really were, and so were destined to live out these smaller existences, constrained only by a false idea.

We are all here to spiritually wake up to the wondrous, magnificent beings that we really are…To make friends with our true Self.  Here is a big assignment for the weekend. Think of one “label” that you have accepted as true about yourself and question it. A wonderful prayer is: “I wonder what my life would feel like, if I was willing to let go of the idea that I am (fill in the blank with the negative label)” You don’t have to dig through your past and find the root of the negative image. You can simply start claiming the opposite, and just like the negative was accepted years ago, the new thought will also be (eventually!) accepted if you stay with it. It is time that we all made friends with ourselves.

“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true Self”. William James

The song “Friends” from Elton John is the link below:

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  1. Dear Mary,

    Isn’t this the truth!!!! Why do we do this to ourselves???
    For years I’ve been “planning” to get my Haynes flute cleaned and refurbished so that I could resume playing. I’ve delayed for so long that hearing flute music on VPR Classical actually hurts me physically when I hear something I once enjoyed playing myself. Can you believe the thought has crossed my mind, ( I know it’s irrational) that they are playing so many flute pieces to torture me! Well it is torture and still I do nothing to change the situation.
    Thanks to your message, this weekend I’ll get out the Haynes flute information and consider myself nudged toward accomplishing my goal of actually playing once again.

    Thanks a million Mary. I owe you another big one.
    Love to all the WFFF.
    From Fran

  2. A great reminder, Mary, of how self-limiting we can be if we allow it.
    Best thoughts to you for the weekend.
    Pam & Ken

  3. Sweet picture of Luke and his buddy! Great post to end the week and begin the weekend! I love our assignment. No limits! No labels! No negative images. I WILL do this! Happy weekend to all our WFF friends!

  4. Thanks for this post, Mary! I’m working hard today to release the label of “real estate victim”! I have an offer on my home which is below what I think its beauty and value deserves. But do I really want to have showings all summer, and live in uncertainty, for the chance of an extra ten or fifteen K? If I can release the label of “real estate victim” and change it to “groovy gal free to seek out new possibilities”, I will be at peace with this. Now … how do I make that shift again? 😀

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Mary,

    Thank you again for your insights. I will focus on the label change this weekend which will be a much more positive way to spend my time. Thanks again. Marlo

  6. all the while growing up my mom would say to me “you’re impossible!” many years later my second husband labeled me again——–your impossible. no man will ever be able to meet your needs. you live in a fantasy land and expect the impossible of a partner. today i believe them both—–and what it implies. i’m re-thinking possible/impossible.

    i love your post mary——goodness and blessings on your house

  7. Dear Mary, What a wonderful assignment! I think this principle also applies to our opinions of others….not just ourselves. When we shift the way we look at ourselves we can do that with the way we look at everything, everyone. Thank you for your beautiful mind and heart. Your blog and all it’s flock followers make my world a better place….. I am so very grateful for the profound sense of connection I feel from being able to experience that!

  8. Thank you for the assignment, Mary. I’ve had such a busy week I thought I might meet myself coming the other way. Most of what I’ve been doing is for others. It’s a privilege I don’t mind but glad that you will have me focusing on me for awhile.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I so hate labels! My little soon to be grandson has what they call ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What a huge thundercloud of a label to place on a child. And being nine years old now, and taking those strong meds every day, I truly wonder what effect both have on his still young and growing brain. But all I can do is shower him with love and attention and positivity – I read in the recent Sun magazine that since the 1980’s, doctors have come up with HUNDREDS of new ‘disorders’, all with a fancy clinical name with accompanying meds of course. Now to be shy is to have ‘social anxiety disorder’ – oh heaven help us. I’m all for shedding labels this weekend like old clothing that should have been long discarded. Here’s to seeing the treasure within each of us, – sometimes all the silver needs is a good polishing!

  10. I do relish our weekend assignments, Mary! Since finding my way to your blog, I have learned a great deal and experienced a sense of community here with you and your followers. What we lack in physical closeness we make up for in genuine caring for one another. So, here’s to shedding old patterns of thought and loving our truest selves. Happy weekend to all!

  11. Great assignment, Mary! And along with it, I’m also going to be asking myself why I can be so supporting of others about their self-perceived shortcomings, while at the same time being so unkind to myself about my own.

    A happy and refreshing weekend to everyone in the WFF flock!

  12. To do list: Weekend Spring Cleaning–
    1.)Take to the dump: All the messages, verbal and implied, that limit, lament, prevent, label and diminish my life’s work of seeking the brilliance around me.
    2.)Throw open the shutters, sweep away the clutter, polish the shine, welcome the fresh breeze scented with orange blossom.

    It’s pretty dusty and sticky with cob webs in here, Mary; long overdue for a new outlook. Thanks for the reminder and impetus for a fresh start.

    1. Love this Cheryl. Our little Maine peninsula has an incredible transfer station (most of us still call it “The Dump”). I can envision the labeled bins for each of your items that will be crushed or melted into something wonderful and new.

  13. Thanks for the w/e assignment Mary. Just perfect. The label popped into my mind so quickly, it’s so ingrained in my consciousness. I will work hard on letting this go. How great I would feel about myself without it!
    That is a precious picture of your sweet dog and his little friend!
    Have a nice w/e, Cindy

  14. My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness- Dalai Lama
    this quote speaks volumes to me …

    Thank you Mary, kindness starts with me ?… a different
    concept than the old -record/tape/cassette/cd …I have
    recorded in my childhood attic (mind)…

    Have a wonderful spring weekend….

  15. I loved passing on a little bit of kindness today – my son is in Asia for two more weeks, but his garage is/was a disaster – all it needed was to be organized and swept up a bit, and I also had the happy privilege to give a ton of lovies to his two dogs, Frankie and Miss Pippi Bean. It is approaching 100 degrees here in Arizona, so I knew this was the Last Chance! to get it all together so both his truck and his girlfriend’s car can be pulled in at night into the 2 car garage. Well, Mr. Husband, cautioned me before I left about ‘how hot’ it would be and not to ‘over-do’ myself, but you know, the funnest things are done in surprise! His sweet girlfriend will pull in tonight and voila! all sorts of space! Mary, thank you for adding Elton John and Terri, I so am so with you, what we lack in physical proximity, we make up with total closeness of the heart! Love to all the White Feather Flock, – xoxoxo

  16. Just spent the day (4/21) -Earth Day -re-decorating my front yard with a water fountain and new plants, enlisting a recalcitrant husband helping flush drain spouts, and just plain having a ‘dirt filled day’. I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me. I wanted to share the wealth. (If I was more adept at techno stuff, I’d follow this up with a picture, but I haven’t quite mastered that yet. But Mary infuses me with hope eternal, so one day I’ll have photos!!!

  17. I sometimes feel my purpose in life is to be the “alter” label. I seem to be just a hair off from what people feel is conventional. Not enough to be weird, but just enough to say, hey, all is not what everyone seems to think…

    1. I can relate to this, Judy. Been this way since I’m old enough to have memories. I’ve always been the signpost for “Alternative Row.”

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