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Esther always finds comfort

In 12 days, we will be leaving for Mexico. I’ve been doing a lot of planning; looking at the Mayan ruin sites, calculating driving distances, reading reviews of local restaurants and rental car companies and deciding how much money to have converted to pesos beforehand. I am a planner. I’m good at it, and I really like it, but I also need to be aware when my inner voice says, “You’ve moved from having fun investigating, into fear and worry that you’ll forget something; won’t pack the right clothes, or have the right gear, leave detailed enough instructions for our pet/house sitter, or the instructions will be so detailed that they’ll be confusing….the list will not end unless I stop it. It’s as if my conscious mind (calling itself “responsible”) is desperately trying to stuff my life into a little box; one that is neat, safe and tidy.

When this happens, it is time to step away and re-orient myself to what is important about the trip. My “purpose” on this vacation is really no different from my purpose everyday, and that is to remember who I am, to remember that I am here to awaken to the Love that is inside me, to shine that light of Love, and to look for it in all that I meet in this great trip called Life.

When I’m afraid or worried I am unconsciously looking for what is wrong. If I don’t catch this, I’ll start attracting those energies and will end up having a rough ride instead of a relaxing journey. Fear, concern, or worry are all contracting, small energies. They are self-centered to the extreme, and are good indicators that I have forgotten that there is a huge, benevolent, Loving force running in, through and around me (and everyone else) and the only thing that I need to do to feel a part of it is to drop the negative thoughts and look for the love, connection and happy coincidences; to allow myself to be swept along by the arms of Love and to enjoy the trip!

A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us“. John Steinbeck

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  1. Dear Mary,
    I am already picturing you having wonderfully exciting adventures during your trip to Mexico!
    And chuckling as you describe your process of preparations. Before a trip I always manage to whip myself into a bit of a worried frenzy wondering if I’ve planned everything properly without forgetting anything important. The height of ridiculousness arrives the night before departure when I long to be able to eat breakfast,and wash the dishes before I go to bed, so I won’t have to do that in the morning—especially if we have an early flight to manage.
    Best wishes for smooth relaxed preparations.
    From Fran

    1. Your, “eat breakfast and wash the dishes before I go to bed” line made me laugh out loud Fran!

    2. I had an aunt who packed herluggage and changed into her traveling clothes the night before going on a trip. Then she sat on the couch and snoozed during the night. She was up hours before it was time to leave so that breakfast could be served and the dishes washed. Once she and my uncle came to the place where they were to meet the tour bus only to find it wasn’t there. Someone else on the tour came along and told them they were so early the bus wasn’t due for another half hour. Otherwise, she was a wonderfully carefree person.

  2. I so admire anyone who is a natural planner. It does not come naturally to me, but when necessary things get accomplished. It sounds like you are at the “time to relax” part Mary! I love what you said about remembering who you are and awakening to the Love inside, then shining that love outward. Such good words to tuck in your bag along with sunscreen and swimsuit. Let your trip take you away! Love the quote too.

  3. I know the feeling of overplanning, of the paralysis that can come with too much informationi and not enough imagining. A trip should reflect the flow of life, and I have no doubt that yours will do just that. The John Steinbeck quote is wonderful — thanks.

  4. Time to relax now and think of all the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, sand, surf, delcious meals, days of play and adventures to be had – they are all awaiting you and need not a whit of planning. The sun will rise right on time, the sun will also set at day’s end, and all you have to do now is step into the flow of Mexico! Bon voyage dear Mary! Jump into the adventure with wings spread wide!

  5. Once years ago I got to go back to my beloved Kauai, where I had spent many summers working and playing. At last the magical moment arrived, and the plane touched down in Lihue. After a day or two, I realized I was constantly thinking of the NEXT spot to return to, rather than enjoying where I actually was.

    Somehow, a “Be Here Now” realization came to me, and I resolved to love every minute where I was, not where I wanted to go next. That return to reality has been with me since then, though when I get back to Portland semi-annually, I usually have to remind myself to be where I am when I am the first day. Then it’s great. So just enjoy each moment, Mary, and flocklettes (and flockers)!

  6. “When I’m afraid or worried I am unconsciously looking for what is wrong. If I don’t catch this, I’ll start attracting those energies and will end up having a rough ride instead of a relaxing journey. Fear, concern, or worry are all contracting, small energies. They are self-centered to the extreme, and are good indicators that I have forgotten that there is a huge, benevolent, Loving force….”

    Wow! Those words resonate – quite loudly Mary – and thanks for putting that on the front page today – It seems a lesson that I must learn over and over again – If I notice I am holding my breath, it is a clear sign to me that I am in that frame of mind. Thanks again for your candid honesty…. oxox

  7. I always go through similar thinking and feeling regardless of how often I travel. But…then… I love that moment when I sit in the car, on the way to the airport, knowing, well, if I forgot something, I can always pick it up if I need it! I sigh deeply, take a deep breath, then the real anticipation begins! Mike and I are planners too. But we always leave a day for ‘anything he wants to do’ and a day for ‘anything I want to do’…so we try to balance our planning with some spontaneity too! Even if on ‘my’ day, it is sit on the beach, that is OK! Mexico
    is calling your name, Mary…Vaya con Dios!

    1. I love the thought Kathye that if I forget something, I can always pick it up (I figure the only thing that I would not have fun shopping for is a bathing suit, so that is going to be packed in my carry on!)…thank you for your uplifting insights

  8. 12 days and counting! How exciting for you! When we travel our mantra is “We’ll just blow with the wind.” And it’s always exciting! (The best was when we got back from Newfoundland with 45 cents between us!)
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog Mary.

    1. I love your spirit of adventure Cindy and thank you for the good wishes!

  9. This is so exciting to have a trip to plan and look forward to. Sometimes I think part of the fun is the anticipation and planning. Have a wonderful, relaxing time Mary!

    1. I so agree with you Deb …it is like extending the trip if I can focus on the fun part while planning!

  10. In less than a fortnight
    You’ll be on your way.
    With history and family
    You’ll share a great stay.

    You take all our best wishes
    But, alas, you’ll be missed.
    Come back healthy and tan,
    And satisfactorily fished!

  11. You don’t need to worry about the pet sitter! Your babies are in good hands – take that off the worry list! Just focus on how warm and wonderful it will be when you get there and that Luke & the Kitties will be so happy to see you when you come home tan and relaxed!

  12. So happy you are going to have a special trip soon and I hope you will have a wonderful, relaxing, and memorable time. Once the planning and packing is all done and you’re on that plane, I bet you’ll be able to let go and enjoy it all! Have a great time!

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